Review of Armenian Street Heritage Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

During our 3 days 2 nights trip to Penang, Georgetown, we stayed at Armenian Street Heritage Hotel and this hotel is a love hate relationship. Here are some Pros and Cons of staying at this hotel.




  • Clean, new and comfortable
  • In the middle of Georgetown heritage central, 3 minutes walk to see the street art of the boy peering at the hole and short walk to bicycle rental shop
  • Less than 10 mins walk to a cluster of old school shopping malls
  • Extremely value for money, booked through Agonda and only paid SGD58 per night (inclusive of booking fee) for a double room
  • Small in house eatery, massage parlour and 24 hours mini mart
  • Good wifi available in room


  • Air Con takes a while to cool down
  • Corridor of hotel not air conditioned
  • Only 1 key card for each room, I suspect is to save on electricity, otherwise, most people will leave the key card there the whole day and leaving the air conditioner run the whole day
  • No telephone or fridge in room. My guy needs cold water 24/7, so we had to buy cold water from the mini mart instead.
  • Generally quiet and peaceful on most days, except that it is near a Mosque which will sound the prayer chant 5 times a day. Not for light sleeper as I was woken up by the prayer at 5.30am on both mornings. But the rest of the group were not affected.


View from our room at 5th floor.


Open concept corridors which is not air conditioned.

Like I said, this hotel is a one which I have a love hate relationship, I love the location, the comfort and the value for money but there are a few things which can improve. But for SGD 58 per night, I shouldn’t be complaining. Will I stay here again if I’m back in Penang, sure, why not.

Carton King @ Cingjing and random shop @ Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

Back to random posts on Taiwan, one of the interesting shops which you can get souvenirs is at Carton King. As it’s name suggests, all the items in this shop is made of carton or paper! We were supposed to visit the sheep at Cingjing farm but it was raining in the morning and we had to seek refuge at Carton King which is also at Cingjing.


Little house made of carton.


Little carton animals in a mini zoo.


Various city highlights made of paper!


Benches made of carton which can hold my weight!




Guess which one I pick!






I love rocking horse! They even have one for children and I saw a nice Dad lugging it back for his child.


These are my favourites! Musical Box! But the prices at Carton King is the most expensive, they marked up above the usual recommended selling price. I bought one and found that a shop in Sun Moon Lake is selling it cheaper! I resisted to get another one but when I went to a old street I found it on sale! In the end, I got another one for myself. OMG. Cute wooden stuff is one of my Kryptonite.


Look at these! They are adorable and original creation from a Taiwanese under the label – Wooderful Life.





In the end, I got these from Carton King for my future imaginary home! Haha.


This is featuring Alishan!

These are the ones from a pretty shop at Sun Moon Lake!





Favourite Spots in Georgetown, Penang Malaysia

Other than exploring Georgetown for Street Art, there are a few interesting spots to have a quick stopover!

I expected Georgetown to be much more bustling, imagining it to be a huge tourist attraction with lots of shops and all like our Joo Chiat in Singapore. But to my dismay, it is really quiet and peaceful with only a few shops spread around the town. This could be a good thing to preserve the heritage there.


Here are my favourite three spots in Georgetown:

(1) Owl Shop and Cat & Dog

There are rows and rows of shophouses in Georgetown, there are some which are worn out and many which are well preserved.

At the most bustling street in Georgetown sits two pretty little shop Owl Shop and Cat & Dog (Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi along Cannon Street).


And at the Owl Shop, I spotted the Owl chopstick holder I bought in Taiwan! When I was in Taiwan, I only managed to buy 5 instead of the intended 6. I thought it must be fate and destiny to see it again, but the price put me off. It costs RM15 each (approximately SG5.60) and I bought it in Taiwan for only $2! Now, I regret every bit of not buying it! BAH.


Love this brown owl chopstick holder!



At the Cat & Dog Shop, we also spotted these pretty pretty Peranakan theme magnets! These are my favourite buy and I got 4 for myself! Wished I got more for my friends! These are very unique as I couldn’t find them at other place! Apparently the store owner created it themselves and they owned 2 shops on the same street. The other time I saw it is at the Peranakan Mansion which is much more expensive.


They also have these!

(2) Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop

No. 133, Jalan Burmah, 10050 George Town , Penang. Malaysia., 10050 George Town, Malaysia






We also stopped over for some yummy pastries and glass bottled herbal drinks! The drinks are savior under this heat.

(3) China House

153, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, 10300 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

My resourceful also research a list of cafes in Penang and we found one which is within the cycling distance for a quick breakfast. In the day, it is a cafe and at night, it’s a bar! There are many cafes in Penang but they are spread all over the town! The cost slightly lower than having Brunch in Singapore but I would say it is cheap. The food and vibe of the place is most likely targeting expats and tourist! But I must say the food is good. It was also a great respite to get out of the heat after cycling!







Their Big Breakfast is good! The handmade beef patty and lamb sausage are simply delightful! Yums!


Their carrot cake is not bad either. Not the best but good. It could be that we had so many days of street food and anything else is great! Haha.

Street Art hunting in Georgetown, Penang Malaysia

Another must see attraction and must do activity in Penang is street art hunting in Georgetown! The street art in Georgetown is made famous by Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist whose ‘Mirrors Georgetown’ for Georgetown Festival back in 2012 became a huge hit. This encouraged many other artists to express their creativity on the streets!

We first walk around the Georgetown after checking in at nearby Armenian Street Heritage Hotel but the weather in Penang is insanely hot and humid! Thereafter, we toured around Georgetown via a mini van because of my aging Grandma and parents. But even though it is comfortable to escape from the heat, it is too cumbersome to climb up and down the van just to take photographs. Finally, on the last day, we rented a bicycle and did a quick tour around Georgetown. Most of the shops and bicycle rental shops in Georgetown open at 9am and the rental is really cheap at RM8 – 10 for the whole day! In the end, this is the best mode of transport to explore and hunt for the street art! Many maps are available at our hotel lobby and you can probably find 80% of the street art with the map.


I was never good at netball or form of sports. Heh.


Step by Step lane! What a cute name!


These 3D pop up ones are my favourite!





Many big ones like these!





My favourite! I’m such a (act) cutie! Haha.

Pinang Peranakan Mansion, Penang Malaysia

One of the highlights of our Penang trip is visiting the huge Peranakan Mansion. For readers who don’t know about Peranakan’s culture, it will be a delightful place to visit.


“The Peranakans, also known as the Babas and Nyonyas, was a prominent community of acculturated Chinese unique to this part of the world, especially in the Straits Settlements (Penang, Malacca and Singapore) hence its other name, the Straits Chinese. Adopting selected ways of the local Malays and later, the colonial British, the Peranakans had created a unique lifestyle and customs which had not only left behind a rich legacy of antiques but its cultural influences like cuisine and language are still evident in Penang today.”

– Source: Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Unlike the one I visit in Malacca, it is inside a huge mansion and they allow phototaking and interaction with most of their exhibits. You are allowed to sit and take photographs with the furniture on display and the guide will also enthusiastically assist to take photos for you! The entrance ticket is a mere RM 20 (S$ $7.50) and we spent almost 2 hours there! It is huge! The one in Malacca is inside a shophouse which is a third of this Peranakan Mansion in Penang!


The owner of this Mansion bought it over from the government with the promise to restore it. There are many artifacts which were donated from the original family who stayed at this mansion and there were pictures showing its previous dilapidated condition after surviving World War 2.

Even though the mansion does not belong to the original family now (who mostly migrated to the states and UK), they still own a small Ancestral temple (shown below) at the back of the mansion. According to the guide, the family hired a few staff to take care of the temple and when any of their descendant come back to Penang, they will be back to pay respect. They will also be back to pay respect during major Chinese occasions. According to the guide, the mansion was once surrendered to the Japanese during Japanese Occupation, but in exchange of the house and all the antiques in the house, the Japanese will leave their ancestral temple untouched.



According to the Chinese beliefs, the place where your ancestors laid is exceptionally important as a good location with excellent Fengshui will bless their future generations with harmony and prosperity. The original family who stayed here was headed by a very successful Tin mining business man, in order to continue this harmony and prosperity, the Ancestral temple must be protected and maintained.



We also saw many bats residing in the temple and according to Chinese beliefs, when bats choose to live in the house, it brings fortune in good luck as bats in Mandarin is 蝙蝠 which sounds like Fortune 福. So do not chase bats away if they pick your place!


In the mansion, they also showcase many authentic jewelries from the Peranakan culture. Those tiny bags are made with Gold and we wonder what can the ladies back in their time carry in those tiny bags. According to the guide, back in those days, the ladies only carry handkerchiefs in their bag and the gold bag is more to flaunt their wealth then anything.


There is also a showcase of their tablewares which were influenced by the British during when they colonized Penang.


An exhibit of those hand crafted beaded shoes. Back in their time, a Nonya (a female Peranakan) must learn how to sew and make their own beaded shoes before they can get married.


The second floor of the mansion showcases more of their living lifestyle.



My family, both young and old, greatly enjoyed this place and it is a must see when you visit Penang!

Dreams & Confetti, Great World City

I’m so going to have a huge backlog of travel posts! I’m not done with Taiwan and I’m heading to Penang this weekend and Gold Coast end of the month! Rawr!

Let’s talk about something other than travelling! We headed to Great World City for movie over the long weekends and there is now another reason for me to head there! Other than I Wanna Go Home, which sells pretty home decor items at a reasonable price, I chance upon Dreams and Confetti !




They sell many pretty cake stands, party ware and decorations and also rent them out too! But more importantly, this shop which is less than 2 months old in Great World City is the exclusive distributor of Rosanna Inc!

Rosanna Inc has many lovely porcelain wares and if not for the fact that my imaginary home is far from reality, I would have cart home a lot more!





In the end, I got home this pretty pretty porcelain bunting which I couldn’t resist. I saw it before our movie and had to get it after movie. Heh.


We got the one which says, “Eat Well & Travel Often”, so us! Heh. How I wish I can fly straight to settle to lug all of them back! Haha.

Sky Lanterns at Ping Xi, Taiwan

A lot of visitors who tour Taipei will also pop by Ping Xi area as it is a few hours drive away. Many years ago, I once release Sky Lanterns at night at Ping Xi, even though releasing sky lanterns at night is more magical as the glow from the lantern is more obvious, releasing sky lanterns in the day is much more festive! There were a lot of people there in the day and many shops too! Unlike in the evening where all shops are closed and there aren’t as many people.




We picked a lantern which has 4 colours, and it costs us NT$200 (SG$9), there are those which is single colour at NT$150 or 8 colours at NT$350.







Minsu: 日月潭山季花園民宿, Nantou

Staying in 民宿 (minsu, homestay) is part of enjoying Taiwan’s hospitality culture and this uprising of ownership and entrepreneurship. Unlike AirB&B where you may be staying in a room next to the owner, a lot of these minsu are professionally managed with a touch of homely feel. In my last year’s trip to Taiwan, we stayed in 歐風小鎮 (Europe Villa) at Cingjing and Flower Happiness Bed & Breakfast at Hualien. In this trip, we stayed in 歐風小鎮 (Europe Villa) again to the delight of his family!



We also tried out a new Minsu which is driving distance to Sun Moon Lake and 九族文化村 (Aboriginal Village Theme Park) at Nantou.日月潭山季花園民宿 is another pretty minsu with a huge huge garden! Whenever I stay in a minsu in Taiwan, it made me want to sell off all assets in Singapore and setup a minsu in Taiwan too! I will then daydream hosting people from all around the world! Haha.

Here are some pictures for you to daydream too!












They even kept a fat turkey in here! I hope it’s not to fatten up for Thanksgiving Dinner! Haha.


Theres also a little hut for their 3 cats!


Two of their cats.


After taking a quick morning stroll at their garden, breakfast lovingly prepared by the owner is waiting for us! Look at the amount of food!






Look at that the huge garden behind us! I hope AirB&B can be legalize in Singapore and I can rent out 1 room in my imaginary future home to people visiting Singapore! Haha.

Sicao Green Tunnel (四草綠色隧道), Tainan

In Tainan, other than feasting oyster after a learning boat trip, and drinking coffee after squeezing through those narrow doors, there are many other places to visit! However, most of the places doesn’t take up a lot of time and thankfully, we got a tour guide driver who can drop up and pick us up at whenever we need!

I enjoyed this short boat ride in Sicao Green Tunnel. It is a romantic ride and a picturesque green tunnel where it is formed by the mangrove tree naturally. Friends who loves photo-taking will love this place! One tip, get in the queue early to get a front row seat to get the best view. Otherwise, get the last row seat, you also get many chance to take beautiful pictures of the trees meeting together forming a tunnel and the reflection on the river. Wow. A simple ride but beautiful ride. Even though I don’t quite remember the names of the 4 types of mangrove tree introduced as it is all in Mandarin.


According to Travel King, here is a short excerpt:-

“Sihcao Green Tunnel in Tainan was once a salt canal. 750 meters long and 20 meters wide, the canal was used to transport salt products from the drying field to the storage back in the days. The rich habitat of the mangrove the canal cuts through is the wetland environment with the most variety of species and plants in Taiwan. It is now organized into a tourism canal for visitors to examine and experience this well reserved wetland.

…The Sihcao Green Tunnel takes you into the canal to examine closely to the plants and the species along the way. The 30 minute raft ride through the well preserved mangrove with greeneries covering the sides and rare species resting randomly in the woods is very relaxing.” – Travel King



The hat is provided for sun fearing people but a fear of head lice prevented me from taking one. Heh.


This boat is called a raft and it has it’s own reason. Because the boat does not have proper seats. We were all sitting on a stool! Haha.



Can you spot little crabs at the side? It’s white and orange!



This is the best picture I took and I had to risk hitting my head on some branches! Haha.

Narrow Door Cafe 窄門咖啡, Tainan

After the crazy oyster feasting at Cigu Lagoon (you can read in my previous post here), lunch is far from our mind but we certainly didn’t mind stopping by for coffee and thus made an impromptu stopover at a cafe. For our cafe loving Singaporeans, this cafe will be a novelty not because of their coffee but because of where it is location.

Hole-in-the-wall cafes like these aren’t many in Singapore, especially not one stuck in an old building. This cafe, Narrow Door Cafe, has the narrowest entrance to a cafe I’ve ever seen. If you didn’t notice, you may walk right past it without realizing it.


2F, No. 67, Nánmén Rd
Zhongxi District, Tainan City, Taiwan


This is the entrance, right there, and in a way, it is also unofficially discriminating people on the not so skinny side. We walked in holding our breathe and sucking our stomach for fear of an unimaginable embarrassing moment or worst, scoring an abrasion on our fat arms.


The entrance is not wider than half a metre and undoubtedly, such location will not pass the test of our SCDF (Singapore Civil Defense Force), can you imagine what will happen if there’s a fire? Haha.

But nonetheless, it is an interesting find!








Alishan Sunrise, Taiwan

Last year we visited Alishan and on the first day, we enjoyed a light drizzle and had the entire forest to our own. Read more here on our previous forest walk last year. This year, blessed with no rain, we had to share the forest with 2 large tour bus group which disturbed the forest’s tranquility and beauty with their loud noise.

We also missed the Cherry Blossom season in Alishan by almost 3 weeks and all that is left is on a tree or two.




Despite not having to enjoy a peaceful forest walk or the full bloom of Cherry Blossom flowers, we were truly blessed to enjoy clear sky to enjoy sunrise! Here are some photos to showcase a little of the actual magnificent view of the sunrise at Alishan.

Here’s a little tip! When catching the train, do get on the first trip and proceed to the last cabin! Because the last cabin is the cabin closet to the stairway towards the viewing platform and once you get off to the platform run to the front! There will be a guide there to tell you which angle will give you the best view as it varies from season to season!


We had to wake up really early at 3.40am to be ready for the first train at 4.30am. Look at my sleepy face without makeup on!












At some point in time, the sun is so bright that you just have to look away!


After watching the sunrise, there are some booths here selling hot french toast! The best after the cold long wait!

Oyster Farm Tour in Cigu Lagoon, Tainan (七股潟湖龍海號+烤蚵)

In this trip, we visited Tainan and unlike Taipei, Tainan is laid-back and you hardly see much vehicles or people on the street. We visited many places in Tainan but the highlight was definitely the tour to the oyster farm in Cigu Lagoon!



We took the Long Hai Hao Raft where they tour around the living habitat of the Taiwan oysters!



The boat captain invited some passengers for hands on experience!


You see that ball of rock looking stuff? That’s how they farm the oysters in the Lagoon! When you pull them out, TADAH, there are a whole lot more below the first ball!


This is followed by the much anticipated oyster feast!




The oysters are smaller than those farmed in Australia and even though I am not much of an oyster fan, I stuffed more than 15 oysters in my face. They were so fresh that by eating it as it is after a simple grill over charcoal brings you on an oyster high. BBQ Oyster with a little Wasabi is my favourite!

Slurps. I’m salivating right now.


We also ordered a grilled fish which the staff helped grill to perfection! This was one of the meals which we really eat our hearts out!


For a mere NT $ 330, which translate to slightly over SGD 14, we had unlimited supply of oysters for an hour. Don’t understand that 1 hour, one of us armed with 2 cans of Heineken, ate almost close to 50 oysters.

Yang Min Shan: Calla Lily Season and Xiao You Keng

Comparing to 2014 Taiwan trip with my family, there are about 40% places of interest which are repeated compared to this year’s itinerary. Hence, I will not be sharing the places by Day but by some of my favourite places which we didn’t visit last year. If you are keen to find out where we visited last year and this year, just go click here.

During our trip in April 2015, we visited Yang Ming Shan, a dormant volcano, which is in the vicinity of Taipei. Even though we missed the cherry blossom season by a month, we are blessed to be right there in the middle of Calla Lily Season!



Calla Lily season starts from March to May and it is where many Calla Lily farms open up the area to the public at Bamboo Lake (Zhu Zi Hu). The owner of the farms reaps most of their business within these 2 – 3 months, harvesting Calla Lily and collecting entrance fee. There are some farms which open to public and earn by selling the flowers. Visitors can pay NT 100 for X number of Calla Lily handpicked by the visitors. As for the farm we went, we paid NT 150 but the farm do not allow visitor to pick the Calla Lily to ensure there are a lot more for viewing. Out of the NT 150 entrance fee, NT 100 can be used to buy flowers already prepared for sale or for food and drinks. The reason why we picked this farm is because we went during the mid season and because of their strictly no picking rules, they have a lot of lilies left unlike those farm which allow visitors to pick them.

For once, this place looks better than it is here in photos!



Gosh, I look like I’ve got a beer belly in this picture. Heh.



On top of visiting Calla lilies at Yang Ming Shan, we also popped by Xiao You Keng which is a small area where you can smell sulphur and witness hot steam coming out from the ground! It reminded me of Hell Valley in Hokkaido which we visited last year! It stinks really bad.


Brr, it’s extremely cold and windy. Look at my awkward smile. GAH.



Self Planned 11 Days 10 Night Taiwan Family Tour Itinerary

I’m back! It has been three months since I last blogged, like huh?! Where did those three months went? I just came back from an 11 days 10 night self planned road trip to Taiwan and I’ve a lot to share!

Similar to last year’s trip to Taiwan with my family, we engaged the same guy who is our tour guide/driver/ part time photographer for our trip, Mr Chen Zhong Xi (Xiao Xi)!


We shared with him on some of the locations we intended to visit, while he planned the rest of the itinerary, proposed the hotels and recommended various local dishes to eat along the way. For his service, we paid him NT$ 61,500 (approx SGD 2,700) for the 11 days of transport in a mini van for 6 of us! He is definitely not the cheapest driver around because is also a licensed tour guide and a photography enthusiast.

He is not a chatty person, but someone who is reserved, responsible and yet sincere. So if you are looking for someone to plan your itinerary for your family and drive you around Taiwan, you can contact him! He can communicate in English via email and whatsapp too! Find more of his details in the file or drop me a note.

Here is the itinerary for our trip! –> Taiwan Trip _Finalv2

Drop me a mail if you can’t seem to download the file, I can email it to you. If you follow my older posts, here is the post on the itinerary for our last trip back in 2014.

Just click on the Taiwan tab under Category on the right, and you can see more details and attractions of various sites!



We celebrated Queen Laurel’s First Birthday yesterday and she is really too cute! Love her cheerful and curious personality! I can’t wait to see her grow up to be a sassy little toddler, conquering her little adventurous world!

For her birthday, we got her 2 toys! I went shopping alone and when I took a picture and sent him my choices, he commented that I am bias as I picked toys based on my childhood preference. I didn’t realized it until he pointed it out! I picked it because I love lego and Polly Pocket as a child! I also love Playdoh and pretend toys like Kitchen sets (the irony of it as I can’t cook to save my life) !




Isn’t she the cutest!?


I so want to kidnap her home!


A small DIY dessert table!




Her smart mama also created a hashtag for her guests to share the photos taken! A great idea!

Lunch at New Ubin Seafood


Block 27 Sin Ming Road (behind Block 26), #01-174
Sin Ming Industrial Estate Sector A, Singapore 575680

For my sister’s birthday, we went to try out the much raved about New Ubin Seafood a week back. It is located in an Industrial Estate and it is hard to imagine how a restaurant despite locating itself in such a secluded place gets so popular. But it is no secret that Singaporeans love their food so we are very willing to travel around the island just for good food! The food is great and even on a Sunday afternoon, reservation is strongly recommended.

“New Ubin Seafood is a Singapore family run business offering fresh seafood and top quality meats, served in a unique array of Cze Char, Chinese, Southern Indian and other Asian / Western cooking styles. Our beginnings can be traced back to Pulau Ubin itself, where the restaurant first opened in 1986 on the island’s north shore.”

– Extracted from New Ubin Seafood Menu

Each individual dish is great but because we ordered a lot of “heavy” dishes, we were too full and bloated at the end of the meal. A bad combination of food choices though. Be warn! Heh.


One of the must tries which everyone on Facebook / Instagram / Blog recommended is their US Black Angus Ribeye Steak at $12 per 100 grams. It was cooked to perfection where we requested for it to be done in Medium. The meat is really tender.


My parents and grandma don’t take beef, so we ordered another Kurobuta St Louis Style Ribs at $38 for half a rack. The pork is good but not as good as the beef. Hah. I’m just biased. The meat is tender and doesn’t stick to the rib bone. The sauce is a little salty for my mum though.




We ordered Regular Sri Lankan Crab at SGD 38 each and enjoyed their Buy 2 gets 1 free promotion. We picked Black Pepper which is fantastic, Garlic Baked, also really good and Salted Egg, a mistake because my sister also ordered Salted Egg oysters! But otherwise, the Salted Egg Crab is good as well, they are not stingy with their ingredients, the amount of salted egg they use is really substantial. But the crabs are really small though.


This was a bad decision, perhaps it’s because we ordered 2 salted egg dish. The Salted Egg Oyster at $15 for a small portion is yummy when you take the first bite, but subsequent one it gets a little too heavy for us.

Would I go back again? I think so, their beef is great and I love their Black Pepper crab.

Little Brother’s Birthday Dinner at the Little Diner (no pun intended)

Little Diner
789 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269763
Phone: +65 6466 4088

My parents abandoned us and took off to Winter Wonderland in Harbin over the long New Year’s Eve holiday and tasked my sister and I to bring my brother out for his birthday!


After booking out of Tekong, he requested for Western meal! We decided that since he was being so braved and strong in army, we brought him out to Little Diner and ordered as much as we could to let him try out a wide variety of “western” food as possible. Do try to make reservation as they are really small and it gets filled up pretty quickly!


The food was great and I like that it is a cozy diner tucked in a quiet neighbourhood in Bukit Timah, which means we don’t have to squeeze with the crazy crowd in town.


Here are all the food we ordered!

Rustic Lamb Ragu $19.50, love the tender soft lamb which was cooked to perfection.

Mikey’s Fish & Chips $18.50, was good and my brother loves it.

How can we not have some greens with all the sinful dishes we had? Smoked Duck Breast Salad $13.50, the smoked duck paired with the salad was fantastic. Love that we added some greens to our meal.

We changed our fries from one of the dish to their much raved about Truffle Fries and it really good. I love that they are not stingy with their Truffle oil! Yums.


One of their daily special, beef chili’s or something but it was mediocre.


Another of their daily special, pan fried salmon and it was cooked to perfection! One of my favourite.

Version 2.0 Baked Mac & Cheese Royale $20.50 which is another delight with Truffle oil in there.

All American Buttermilk Fried Chicken $18.50, their signature and it was really good. Their is a surprising buttery milky taste which blended well in their batter and in their tender fried chicken!

photo (1)

Happy 21st Birthday Roy! We are so proud of you!

Looking forward to 2015

It has been a while yet again since I last blogged, and 2014 zoomed past in a hurry which gave me no chance to bid goodbye! 2014 was a blast with lots of exciting holidays and I was surrounded with lots of people whom I love and care about. 2015 is one which I look most forward to with many exciting events lining up!


Here’s a quick preview of what 2015 is going to look like!


February 15 – A crazy period at work where it is going to be chaotic with lots of flowers, love letters and dong dong dong chiang (Chinese New Year music) blasting around! It is going to be a long 18 days of no rest day where we try to clear as much stocks as we can and help customers with their preparation for Chinese New Year.

21 May, 2014 10:55 pm

April 15 – Taiwan Trip with his family! This time round, we are bringing his parents to Alishan and Cing Jing Farm which we love and we will be visiting new places like Kaohsiung. It is apparently Cherry Blossom Season in Alishan and we are hoping for nice cool weather!

May 15 – A short getaway with my family to Penang for some street foods and heritage sites visiting! This time round, my two aunties and grandma are coming along!

July 15 – Perth and Western Australia self drive trip! Driving to visit caves and vineyards in Margaret river! If you have any recommendations on any must do, must eat or places to stay, do leave me comments!

August 15 – I am turning big THIRTY. OMG. I saw a health variety show which shared that women look best in their 30 as it is the time when they reached a balance between youth and maturity. BUT, immediately after 30, they start ageing quickly and going downhill. I was happy for a few seconds until I hear the second part. GAWR.

Nothing planned for the last quarter for 2015, but I will be finally settling some administrative stuffs after 3 long years.

It is going to be a great 2015! What about you? Any exciting plans coming up in 2015?

Greens from the “Sky”

Today, I was privilege to bring our Japanese friends to visit Sky Greens Farm, a vertical urban farming at Lim Chu Kang to learn a little bit more about vertical farming. This is one solution to farm some food for our growing population and definitely a great idea to add some greens in our crowded urban area! Hopefully this simple technology can take off and we can see more greens in our residential estate too!



Almost 4 storeys high!




Hands on experience to harvest the vegetables!


Our familiar Nai Bai!


Look at the amount of greens!


We had a tasting session too!

The BIG way to shop at Warehouse Club, Singapore

With so much news coverage and social media going on about the latest retail format in Singapore, it will be hard to miss the news on Singapore’s first membership-only retail warehouse – Warehouse Club – right next to Joo Koon MRT!

I remember visiting Costco in Sydney and Melbourne during our incentive trips, buying lots of stuffs and envying that they have a place to buy items in bulk which has great savings and random and exciting items! I remember buying big bags of chocolates, a set of Sharpie markers and a big owl soft toy at great prices!

When I visited Warehouse Club today, it really resembles Costco in Australia! There are many bulk-sized groceries and brands which we’ve not seen elsewhere. Also, there are many limited stocks items where it is mainly a hit and run! Items with shorter shelf life going for a steal, limited stocks with great offers!


Cute and colourful Heinz bottled sauces!


Hor Fun Party anyone? Plenty of green chili here!


Any serious chefs out there? Lots of herbs and spices!


1 kg Japanese curry sauce! Wow!


1 kg Korean chili paste!


Anything with mustards!


Everyone loves Nutella!



Hellooooo Panda!



Cheap butter and huge tub of cocoas, in time for festive baking!


This is something I’ve been hunting down for the longest time and I’m surprised the price is similar to the one in New York! Peanut Butter & Co! OMG. *hyperventilating*


50 cents a bottle snapple anyone? What you see is what is left.


In the end, I resisted all temptation and got these for my friends. A friend told me “A moment on the lips. Forever on the hips.” Oh gosh, the harsh reality and especially when you are inching towards the big 30. Yikes.

I wish they had greater and more exciting and impulsive non-food items like Sharpies, cosmetics/health and beauty items and stationaries! Till then, you really should pop by just for fun! A lot of determination to say no to those snacks!


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