Chocolat et Vin

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Accompanying me in this lonesome night was “consumer behaviour” readings. I thought that’s how my lonely night will end. Till Joel came knocking on my door. “Hey! We are having a party at Dawn’s room!” “Huh???”

Shaun [Dawn’s boyfriend from France was here. Yes, he’s literary from France. But he’s not French. Haha. Singapore-an la! Exchange exchange!], he brought us nice rose vin [wine] and chocolat from La France! Fattening? Yes! Guilty? No! Delicacies!!!!

To Jason: Mon amour. Vous êtes à mon coeur. Dans mon esprit. Jamais une fois loin. Vous. Mon aimé. Mon coeur aspire à toi. Mon esprit s’ennuie de toi. O, mon amour.

Baby this message is for you. Interestingly, I used the Goggle translator to translate from English to French and the above passage was shown. Just to be sure of the message when I translate it back into English. This was what it shown. 

French to English:
My love. You are in my heart. In my spirit. Never once far. You. My liked. My heart aspires to you. My spirit is bored of you. O, my love.

My goodness!!! Translator suck! What I typed was…

What I typed:
My love. You are in my heart. In my mind. Never once away. You. My beloved. My heart yearns for you. My mind misses you. O, my love.

I am so not bored of you baby! Hehe….

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