Last Supper

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We had our “last supper” yesterday. The last gathering where everyone on our batch of exchange had in Vancouver. The place we went to had nice food, excellent ambience and splendid washrooms! I feel like a diva in their toilet! It’s almost like a club without the crowd! Ok, enough of the toilet. I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation to them in times of good and bad, in laughter and bickers (only Wenjing). Thank you all!

These are the people I would like to thank:-

Vanier Peeps:
Dawn: The one I went swimming with, baked cookies and doing other silly stuffs.
Joel: Almost always there for lunching, dinnering and slacking around in Vanier.

Gage Peeps:
The one who holds intelligent conversations and who simply loves to poke and slap people’s butt.
Wenjing: The always grumpy one but one who is also responsible.
Sharon: Motherly one, who is always so caring, understanding and hospitable. My savior!
Jimmy: Our social butterfly who is full of silly jokes yet also one with “yi qi”
Julian: The gentlemanly one who is also very vain. Julian = Cutting hair).

Fairview Peeps:
Sheryl: The blur and always sleepy one.
Beniah: Big Papa who is always protective and helpful to us.
Siu Kee: The quiet one who listens and observes more than anyone else.

Rits Peep:
The capable guy who is always doing project, and also a Mr Nice guy who knows how to treat a lady.

Thank you all! Enjoy your summer and see you guys soon in Singapore!

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