Las Vegas – The Strip

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Las Vegas, a Sin city indeed. It was later renamed as Entertainment city. LV is right smack in the middle of a desert and it’s extremely sunny with only 0.17% of clouds up in the sky. Haha. The night scene was gorgeous with lots of lights and beautiful buildings. We saw Rio Hotel’s “air parades” and dance performances, Mirage’s man-made Volcano and Bellagio’s musical fountain. The air parades were interesting and the volcano was spectacular. The musical fountain show was huge and I still think it’s kind of similar to Singapore’s Sentosa Musical fountain.

After the night tour we went for a musical performance called Jubilee. No pictures were taken due to the nature of the show and out of respects for the performers. Now you must be wondering what the show is all about. Hehe. It’s a topless musical performance. It’s not extremely good and we paid like $69 each for the tickets. Not all movements were well coordinated and I can tell the differences in their dancing ability between normal dancers (fully clothed) and topless dancers. Perhaps the topless ones were feeling cold or were unable to concentrate compare to the non-topless ones. But some of the topless ones were rather good especially the lead dancers for some scene. One of the Act featured history from the bible portraying Samson and Delilah. Other Acts were Titanic, Retro and some weird costumes and all. Other than the boobies the more interesting part of the shows was the backdrop of the stage. It changed in every scene and it was extremely grand. The show did not just use a plain 3D backdrop but one that was “operational” with backdrops moving and beautiful lightings and all.

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