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L’Oreal (delayed blog entry)

The latest updates. L’Oreal internship ended last Friday. It was definitely fun. With lots of freebies and learning opportunities of the cosmetic industry, life is not too difficult there. The average age of the employee in L’Oreal is perhaps 28. It’s a young and vibrant environment with dressy people all around. Yes, a glamorous job you think. The jobs behind the scene are not all pretty. Imagine packing strips, packing products, packing goodie bags and carrying huge boxes in a shopping mall. Yes, that’s what it takes in the industry. Determination and some muscle. I’m definitely not complaining because it’s all part of the jobs. It’s not all boring during my internship. I got to visit MediaCorp studio and met Jean Danker for our radio advertisement voiceover, met Young and Desiree during our roadshows and made some friends in the company.