L’Oreal (delayed blog entry)

The latest updates. L’Oreal internship ended last Friday. It was definitely fun. With lots of freebies and learning opportunities of the cosmetic industry, life is not too difficult there. The average age of the employee in L’Oreal is perhaps 28. It’s a young and vibrant environment with dressy people all around. Yes, a glamorous job you think. The jobs behind the scene are not all pretty. Imagine packing strips, packing products, packing goodie bags and carrying huge boxes in a shopping mall. Yes, that’s what it takes in the industry. Determination and some muscle. I’m definitely not complaining because it’s all part of the jobs. It’s not all boring during my internship. I got to visit MediaCorp studio and met Jean Danker for our radio advertisement voiceover, met Young and Desiree during our roadshows and made some friends in the company.


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26 responses to “L’Oreal (delayed blog entry)”

  1. Allen Wang says :


    I found your blog by searching “internships at L’Oreal” through google. I was wondering if you could tell me about the selection process that you had to go through before getting picked as an intern. Did you speak to a representative at a career fair or just apply online? I’d really like to work at L’Oreal for my summer internship and I’m just trying to find out as much as I can about the company and their hiring process.

    Thanks a lot! =)
    -Allen Wang

  2. serene says :

    Hi Allen,

    For my internship at L’Oreal, the NUS BBA Career service asked if I was interested in their internship. And my reply was a yes, and so they sent and recommended my CV to the friendly people in L’Oreal. After that I went for an interview with the brand manager that I am working under and VOOLA I got the internship. This was really a lot on the luck, as I was in Canada when they called for an interview schedule and they were very willing to wait for me to come back, which was approx 2 weeks later. It was also because they needed an intern during a weird period. The usual summer internship starts in Early May, and I am only back in Early June, and they’ve yet to find a candidate then, so I am really lucky.

    For my friend who got into their 6 months internship program, his interviews round were more tedious. He went through 3 interviews, 2 rounds with different brand managers and final round with the GM/marketing manager if I am not wrong. However their interview round is the least tedious of all the major FMCG companies. From what I know, they may use case study during their interview but that is unlikely for an intern position. They are often not looking merely academic grades but people who are willing to learn, to get their hands dirty, work long hours, determined and independent.

    I hope all these helps.


  3. bob says :

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  4. wendy says :

    hi there! i googled summer internship and found your blog. Same as the Allen, i’ve been wanting to intern at loreal even before uni started. Was there an interview for you, and what do they ask at the interview? (for u and/or your friend)? Any tips on how to score an intern with them since it’s rather cometitive? thanks!

  5. serene says :

    Hey Wendy,

    I think L’Oreal is looking for the following type of candidate

    (1) Outgoing personality
    (2) A passion for marketing and the Cosmetic industry
    (3) Great communication skills
    (4) Strong academic results

    The questions are rather predictable.

    (1) Why do you want to work in FMCG/Beauty industry?
    (2) What are your strength and weaknesses etc
    (3) Use 3 words to describe yourself etc etc

    Hope this helps. :)

  6. Mandi says :

    Hey Serene, I’m also the same, i’m going to be studying cosmetic science BSc in London this year, and applying to do the sandwich degree, i really want to work for L’Oreal i also googled L’Oreal Internship and found here! I just want to know more details about your experience, did you have to get a 2:1 in order to get the internship in L’Oreal because that’s what stated on their website, and which position did you do? >.<‘ was it overall a worth experience and did they employ you after your internship? And what else was involved in that job role?
    So sorry about all these questions but they would def help me alot within the future. Thank you so much. Mandi

  7. somethingboutrenes says :

    Hi Mandi,

    I think they would prefer an individual with 2:1 and above but i guess if you are strong in other areas they might just consider you. But yes, academic results give you an edge above other candidates.

    I was a marketing intern, helping Maybelline to launch a new cosmetic product. So i was basically involved in roadshows, retail promos etc etc the coordination work etc. It was definitely worth the experience as (1) it gives you a general idea on how the FMCG industry works, (2) it gives you an idea how L’oreal works (3) to see if you are truly passionate about it and am really keen in this area (4) all the excitement, fun and freebies involved in the launch helps too! :)

    They didn’t employ me after my internship as I was only in my 2nd year then and i’ve got 2 more years to go before i graduate then. But they employed my senior who interned there for 6 months. He was really impressive and the managers love him. haha.

    Basically, in my job role, i was assisting the brand manager. So she had to take care of the marketing part of the brand. There are many brands under l’oreal so basically, she takes care of promotions, advertisements, sales promos, freebies designing among other things.

    No worries Mandi, I hope this helps. :)

  8. Mandi says :

    Hey! Thank you for answering my questions! I really appreciate it, as i’m not as ‘bright’ as other students i have to work really hard in order to consider a placement, i won’t be applying till year 2011 i think i’m starting 1st year of Uni this year! hehe ><‘

    I really want the experience of working for L’Oreal it would be amazing best feeling ever i have the passion and enthusiasm but i’m really worried i won’t get into L’Oreal, as it’s the only company i want to get into =(

    Did they have to assess you as well? Does your Uni help you get into the company you want as much as they could? it’s just so competitive!

    I would love to go onto marketing/sales anyways thank you for your time! ^^,

  9. somethingboutrenes says :

    Hi Mandi,

    I think you should try to open up your choices to not just L’Oreal but maybe related industries too. Like with other cosmetic companies Estee Lauder or FMCGs. Haha. But I am sure if you can get to the interview, they will surely feel your passion, cause I can feel it!

    Yes. L’Oreal, Maybelline’s brand manager to be precise, interviewed me for the intern position. My university only helped in sourcing / posting up openings of internships. They did not exactly help us get into a company we wanted, but we have to compete with the other 2 local universities in Singapore. But I guess the training / interview practice / CV editing helps.

    The most important thing to secure an interview is to come out with a great CV with many co-curriculum activities (working experience, leadership position held etc) to boost up your profile.

    Maybe you want to refer to my older post which has my CV as a reference. https://somethingboutrenes.wordpress.com/2008/03/30/a-talented-marketing-student-looking-for-an-internship-position/

    Haha, I posted up my CV when I was looking for a second internship position for my third summer holiday.

    Don’t worry, you are only in year 1. Maybe for the next few holiday vacations, you can do some related internships in related industries. This will help you when you finally apply for L’Oreal. 

    Note: Just curious, which university are you studying at in London? Haha.

  10. Mandi says :

    WOW very fast responding! Thank you! I’ve just read your cv it’s excellent compared to mine, to be honest i live in North Wales and i’m sure you are aware that in Wales choices are so limited no cosmetic companies i can’t have the chance to ‘experience’ what the real industry is about =/

    I’ve applied to both London Uni’s that only does Cosmetic Science BSc which is London university of arts my main choice and London metreopilitan Uni, limited choices but OH WELL i only want to get into that field and nothing else! lol

    You’re cv sounds so professional thanks for allowing me to see it really helps, i actually would love to work with Estee Lauder isn’t that brand also under L’Oreal? >.<‘ omg i sound so noobie! lol.

    Hopefully i will get an offer in London university of arts, i’m still waiting for replies im 21 this year! i feel like i’ve messed up my chances sometimes im stuck in Wales! lol

  11. somethingboutrenes says :

    hahaha. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do well. You don’t actually need a Cosmetic Science degree to get into L’Oreal. You can also do business or marketing to get into their sales and marketing side. Good luck with your application!

    • LAvinia says :

      I’m Lavinia, Like other people I googled and here for Loreal internship.
      I wish to apply marketing internship in loreal uk. but I couldn’t get more information about internship loreal. but your posts and comments are so very nice and good to me. thank you so much ~~:D
      so, If you can, can you help me more? actually I want to help really.

  12. somethingboutrenes says :

    hi lavinia, my internship experience was 2 years ago in singapore. not sure if that will actually help much. :) how would you like me to help you? i guess most of the answers are already here in the comments but if there’s any other questions, i will try my best to help you. :)

  13. internquestion says :

    Hi, like many others here I found your blog while looking for more info on the L’Oreal Internship.

    I am interested in the Marketing one in China. Just wondering for the profile on yourself, did you add another other than you CV. Do you think presentation of the file is a factor or just keep it simple?

    What was the average age of the trainees in your program. I have previous sales experience, and i went back to school for marketing. Thanks

  14. somethingboutrenes says :

    Hi internquestion,

    sorry for the late reply, because i’ve moved my blog to a new add, the same post is here.


    but to answer your answer some of your questions based on my past experience, i think a neat and concise presentation of your CV with relevant information is essential. that will probably differentiate you from other thousands / millions applicants.

    the average age i would say is about 22 – 25? most of them fresh out of university or with 1 or 2 years experience.

  15. kasia says :

    Hi Guys !

    I wonder what do you have to know about cosmetic industry to make good impression ?? is there something I should learn before interview ( beside the obvoius) – do they ask : what mascara would you use/ why/ what does it contains or who is the owner of XX or who opened the biggest factory in UK. Any ideas what should I learn in general about the industry ?

  16. Sukhi says :

    Hi there! I was just reading your blog…I actually have a interview coming up for L’Oreal on Thursday its in Montreal Canada. I am extremly excited and feel I am well prepared, are there any tips of advise you can give me? Thanks!

  17. morz says :

    hiya im just wondering if any could tell me what the assessment centre process stages are, i know there is group work and an individual interview. but what else does it entail?

  18. mich says :

    Hi, I realised that loreal has employees whom all graduated from the top 3 Universities in Singapore..
    Do they actually hire any other graduates from private universities in Singapore say SIM? Please advise. Thanks.

  19. Venus says :

    Hi! I’m interested in applying to intern at Loreal as well. I tried googling for an email address to send my resume to but to no avail. Is it possible for you to share this with me?I would greatly appreciate it! :)

    • somethingboutrenes says :

      Hi there, this post was written in 2007, that’s almost 7 + years ago. Also, I applied through our school career portal at that time for an internship. Sorry, can’t really give you much info. :)

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