Archive | September 2007

Our distance

Have you ever thought how long the greatest distance is between two persons?

When two persons first who did not know each other, came to know each other, slowly liking each other and finally began to fall in love with one another. That is the closest distance between two persons. But when all of a sudden, you realized that one of them do not love each other, the distance will then become larger. This distance will be even greater than it was before, than before they ever met each other.

My heart hurts whenever I thought of letting it go, yet my rational mind told me its time. When nothing was like before, when you knew that someone whom you love deeply can never love you like before, it hurts. My heart is crying and I’ve never felt this kind of pain before.

I had a memory of the past. I remembered when I first cried in my bed, he promised to lnever let me cry again. A year later, when I cried countless times, I was told not to use crying as a way to solve problems.

Things changed, I have changed, and he has changed, maybe for the worst. I recalled how many silly acts I’ve done, countless. I recalled how he showered me with love, not ever.

Perhaps this is for the better. I’ve become a burden in his life. The chain which is choking him. Not the love of his life. We used to call each other “Baby” but now a simple “Heya”. I’m not the easiest person to love.

Only Jesus has that love to love such a person like me.

Time can build a relationship it can also tear it down.

Trust, the foundation of our hearts

Absence, of the cornerstone

Hurtful, words exchanged

Stormy, conversations in the night

Drizzling, in the heart of mine

Hopeful, for a rainbow at the end of it all