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Qianhu Fish Farm: Fish Spa

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Last Sunday, my family went to Qian Hu Fish Farm for the “fish spa” aka many small fishes biting away your dead skin on your legs. Initially it was very ticklish but after a while we all got used to it. They charge us at $10 per person for the first half an hour. Of course at such a price you can’t expect too much from them in terms of ambience or services but they did manage to create a reasonably soothing environment with music and water feature in the middle of the pool.

Blurred vision

Been going through some rough time again…

But I’m glad that my family loves me so much, suddenly I felt loved… I was telling my dad the other day I may consider studying for PHD after uni and just now, he told me to go for it and not worry about the course fee. He told me that he’ll try to come up with the money no matter what. I was really touched. Suddenly I felt guilty for neglecting my family at times.

Went out with Lydia just now. Thank you babe for listening.

Blurred vision whenever I thought about it… But what my dad told me made me felt loved again.