Review on Marie-Jo Et Ses Deux Amours (Marie-Jo and Her Two Lovers)

I hereby declare; “I love French movies!”

This show was rather intense. You can really feel how torn Marie-Jo was when she had to make a choice between 2 loves of her life.

Her husband, Daniel, is one who shared her past and life with. They created a stable family and a beautiful and smart daughter. He is the man who is deeply in loved with her and was not angry with her when he found out about her affair with another man. He was depressed, devastated and confused. He even tried to share his wife because he wanted her to stay.

Marco, a very charismatic guy and Marie-Jo was very happy when she was with him. Marco made her feels young again. Rejuvenated, happy and in loved.

Both men loved Marie-Jo a lot and so did Marie-Jo. You can feel how sad she was to make that decision. I can feel her pain.

To cut the story short, I’m going to reveal the ending here.

Marie-Jo went out on a boat trip with Daniel. Daniel accidentally slipped and hit himself on the head. He then fell into the sea in a semiconscious state. Marie-Jo tried saving him but to no avail. She then decided to die with Daniel, hugging and holding his hand and drown herself too. Both of them died.

Sigh, I hate sad ending.

Overall, the music was good, the acting was intense and the scene was beautiful. Just that the ending is way too tragic and I hate sad endings. Otherwise, it’s still a good show to watch.

Ratings: 3.75/5

Note: It is strange that it is rated as PG in Singapore! There were numerous sex and nudity scene involved! It should have been M18 or something! I’m glad I’ve watched it with one of my girl-friend to save me from feeling awkward and all.

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One response to “Review on Marie-Jo Et Ses Deux Amours (Marie-Jo and Her Two Lovers)”

  1. Moi says :

    I found this film incredibly frustrating, I must say. Couldn’t stand the daughter and I thought Marco was pretty wooden and Marie-Jo selfish, despite being torn between the two men. It left me wondering if she really wanted either of them. The actor who played Daniel was excellent.

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