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Big Fat Elephant Sitting on my Stomach


I am suffering from indigestion! I ate Burger King at 2 pm during my service marketing meeting and because I was so busy and hungry I ate the burger very quickly. Imagine a big fat elephant sitting on your stomach or a hippopotamus rolling around your stomach. Yes that’s how I am feeling now. URGH! After researching the causes and symptoms of indigestion I am positive that this is what I am suffering from!

Indigestion is a condition that is frequently caused by eating too fast, especially by eating high-fat foods quickly.

Excessive acid accumulation in the stomach.
Overconsumption of alcohol
+ Overeating

Symptoms of indigestion are as follows:
A pain or a burning feeling in the upper portion of the stomach
+ Feeling sick to one’s stomach; nausea
+ Feeling bloated
Sometimes uncontrollable burping
Feeling feverish
A bitter taste in the mouth from stomach acid coming up into the esophagus.
+ Rumbling in your stomach.
+ Sense of fullness after eating
A feeling as though something is lodged in the esophagus
Pain and discomfort at the xiphoid region
Sudden chills, comparable to those felt during fevers.

Internshipless me

Received an email from BBA career service and I am depressed. I’m still internshipless.

Dear students

As the exam period approaches, we hope you have secured your summer internship by now.

We are pleased to share with you that a number of our business students have successfully secured front-office internship positions with various global institutions, including ABN Amro, Barclays Capital, Macquarie Group, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Bain & Company, HSBC, just to name a few. Our heartiest congratulations to all of them! Their efforts have finally paid off!

As for the rest, don’t despair! For those who are waiting for a reply, please make sure you are contactable via phone or email, as you may be called up by the recruiter to attend an interview. If you have been rejected, do not give up! There are still a number of internship opportunities available for you to apply. You may wish to make an appointment to see your career counselor so that she could guide and pace with you on your application.


Our best to you,

From the team at Biz Career Services

I am despaired and rejected… but I CANNOT give up!

Maids in Singapore = Commodity?

My house keeper (aka maid) was sent back to her agency yesterday by my mum and immediately after that a new maid came. The reason my mum insisted on sending her back was because she was too “blur”, slow, unhygienic and rough.

I will have to agree that yes, she can be a little blur at times but I would attribute that to the miscommunication she had with my family members.

Imagine someone from Indonesia where English was not her first language. Imagine someone who originated from some villages who had little contact with the rest of the world. Now imagine this person having to work in a foreign land. To make things worst, imagine her facing all these barriers in addition to a bunch of fast speaking Singaporeans rambling in a seemingly weird language known as English or more precisely Singlish.

If I were in her shoes, I would have been terrified.

Now imagine this situation worsening with my family members. She is faced with a quick tempered “Madam”, a naggy “Granny”, an aloof “Little Brother” and some other family members (my Dad, my sister and I) in her working environment.

I will seriously check myself into some psychiatric therapy program! Ok maybe not, but this is really crazy!

So in my opinion, I think she is not all that bad and it just takes some patience and understanding to clearly, patiently and slowly communicate the tasks she is required to complete.

That is not too difficult. I once baked an Oreo Cheesecake and engaged her assistance while doing so. I communicated with her rather slowly and the cake turned out fine. There was no shouting or frustration involved throughout the process. Sigh. I guess she was really unlucky that Singaporean owners (especially my mum) are really picky.

To add on to her misery, the average salary of an Indonesian maid working in Singapore is S$230 to S$250 a month. That’s pure exploitation. I guess maids are really being commoditized in Singapore.

How can one’s life be commoditized simply because of the lack of opportunity in life?