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Apple giving out apples.

It’s fruits day today! So Apple is giving out fruits today! They give out fruits every Wednesday. Guess what fruit they gave out? Lol. Apples! And mangosteen. I heard many companies do this! Nice~

Donut Peaches

If you think the donut craze is dwindling, think again.

J.Co, Donut Factory and Muchie Donuts are some of the bigger names in the local donut industry with many other smaller players. But all the way from the states, a new player emerged. A healthier choice, a donut bursting with vitamin C!

It’s the Donut Peaches! I came across it at Cold Storage and thought it was pretty cute. Hmm, technically, it originated from China and was introduced to the US in 1869. Haha. donuts everywhere.

Note: You can certainly tell that I am super bored at work and that my blog entries are getting “bo liao” as the days went by. It’s not because I’ve got nothing to work on but I’m just getting bored.

That’s my boss.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Steve Jobs

Spring is here not.

I woke up this morning. Feeling kind of cool. Spring is here. Flowers bloom.

Oh wait. It’s not spring yet. But the sight of these flowers along the street just makes me smile. I can’t help but to stop and take some photos of it.

Friends who read my blog during my exchange will know how I go gaga about flowers. Even thought these flowers only last for a day or two, the beauty that last just that day or two will suffice.

Congrats Sis! (I hope she won’t read this.)

My sis got admitted to NUS! Woot! NUS Business School! Woot! Suits her. But but but…she also got offered to do Masters in Public Policy.

Er… She can be a bimbo at times. She loves to dress up. She spends at least an hour to dress up if you are lucky. You won’t spot her in messy hair or big t-shirt and shorts when she’s out of the house. Not even to the market downstairs.

So, when a bimbo tries to get involve in making government policies ……

I don’t know.

She is just really weird. Her brain is wired in an interesting way that she can possess both intelligence and bimbo-tic personality. It’s not mutually exclusive in her case. I still love her though!

Had a conversation with Harry just now.
Harry: Eh, so your sis is going to join us in the outing in the future?

Me: Er, no, she’s a little anti-social and shy, she don’t like to meet new people.

Harry: Or you just want to keep her away from Colin and Erwin?



Chicken Pau


Ate a pau before lunch today cause I was feeling so hungry. I got it from our staff café. It’s a Teriyaki Chicken pau. I thought the print on top of the pau was damn cute. It’s a little rooster. Lol.

Why not Bananas?

A conversation about silly stuffs with my junior from CDSS.

Jackson says:
oh’re working at apple!
serene ★ says:
Jackson says:
lol..that reminds me of my friend..
Jackson says:
he said
Jackson says:
“why not, bananas?”
Jackson says:
serene ★ says:
hmmm, cause apple is cooler than bananas?
serene ★ says:
it’s weird if i go, “hey, i’m interning at bananas, you know the computer brand.”
serene ★ says:
“yeah, bananas”
serene ★ says:
sounds quite bad no?
Jackson says:
lol! i think i will probably think you’re interning at a zoo
Jackson says:
feeding monkeys

So You Would Come

Before the world began
You were on His mind
And every tear you cry
Is precious in His eyes
Because of His great love
He gave His only Son
Everything was done
So you would come

Nothing you can do
Could make Him love you more
And nothing that you’ve done
Could make Him close the door
Because of His great love
He gave His only Son
Everything was done
So you would come

Come to the Father
Though your gift is small
Broken hearts, broken lives
He will take them all
The power of the Word
The power of His blood
Everything was done
So you would come

No Sex

I have no freaking idea why are these sex terms linked to my blog when people search for it! URGH.

This blog is purely clean and fun and there are no sex related entries.

Note: Please exit this blog immediately if sex is all you are looking for.

A side note: I went Hillsongs United concert today and had great food and company for supper! I’ll probably share more of it the next time when I’m feeling more alive. It’s 2.12 am now.


I am going Butter tonight! WOOT! TGIF!

I feel like dancing, dancing.

The Five Love Languages

Read Lydia’s blog and was really curious what my love languages are…

My primary love languages are probably
Quality Time and Receiving Gifts.

Complete set of results

Quality Time:   7
Receiving Gifts:   7
Words of Affirmation:   7
Acts of Service:   5
Physical Touch:   4


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don’t understand our partner’s requirements, or even our own. We all have a “love tank” that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz

Shayne Ward – Breathless lyrics

A perfect song for marriage proposal! Enjoy!


If our love was a fairy tale
I would charge in and rescue you
On a yacht baby we would sail
To an island where we’d say I do

And if we had babies they would look like you
It’d be so beautiful if that came true
You don’t even know how very special you are


You leave me breathless
You’re everything good in my life
You leave me breathless
I still can’t believe that you’re mine
You just walked out of one of my dreams
So beautiful you’re leaving me

And if our love was a story book
We would meet on the very first page
The last chapter would be about
How I’m thankful for the life we’ve made

And if we had babies they would have your eyes
I would fall deeper watching you give life
You don’t even know how very special you are

Repeat Chorus

You must have been sent from heaven to earth to change me
You’re like an angel
The thing that I feel is stronger than love believe me
You’re something special
I only hope that I’ll one day deserve what you’ve given me
But all I can do is try
Every day of my life

Repeat Chorus x 2

Revenue generating ability of my blog – $1 per week

In Digital Life today, there was an article that featured local bloggers who are earning some decent amount of advertisement revenues from their blogs. It was mentioned that Dawn Yang is earning an average of $5000 a month and these figures are largely based on the hit rates/banner click rates that their blogs managed to attract and maintain.

Quoted from the article;
“At NuffNang, co-founder Cheo Ming Shen said: “Bloggers just need to maintain a daily minimum of 20 different visitors to their blogs in order to bring in the dough….”


“…some of his members earn only $1.68 per week.”

Hmmm, after reading this article, I thought about the revenue generating ability of my blog.

Let’s see…

My average viewership ranges from 35 to 55 per day depending on how interesting and frequent my entries are.

Out of these, 10 to 15 of the viewers landed in my blog through some really strange search terms.

That leaves me with 25 to 35 hits when people actually click, searches, and open my link to look at my blog in their own accord.

I guess I kind of qualify for NuffNang advertisement membership? (I am so ignoring the possibilities of my very own friends or some strange stalkers who just keep checking my blog once or twice per day.)

Ok, let’s just take an extremely conservative approach of earning $1 per week (much worst than the poor dude who earns only $1.68 per week.) WOW. That means that I can earn much more than what POSB is currently giving me as annual interest ($6 per annum?)!

Hmm, maybe I should really try registering at NuffNang! If you do see some weird advertisement banners popping around my blog please do click on it as I’m trying really hard to earn that 1 buck per week!


I mysteriously gained 2 kgs! Urgh.

Sexy Time – Summer Holiday!

I am so going Phuket!

Note: I am now unofficially the Sexy Time – Summer Holiday’s program coordinator, villa booker, air ticket booker and yada yada… that means; I’m the “Bao Ka Liao” officer.

Why? That’s because I’ve got a fun and flexible internship and I’m punished for that! But I’m so enjoying it! Haha

I’m going swimming tomorrow and kickboxing on Wednesday! Time to tone up for the trip!

Serene Tan “The Intern”

This is how bored I was in the office today.

Description of the current situation of my office; (1) my neighbor blasting clubbing music from his Mac, (2) everyone just had chocolate cake from Awfully Chocolate and (3) no one is in a productive mode. LOL.


Anyways, I made this label during my first day of work to paste it at my workplace. Why? Cause everyone kept asking, “Who is this girl?”.

So ya, I printed the label, which reads, “Serene Tan The Intern”. LOL.

Guess what, after getting out of the office to conduct store visits, my label was ruined by some “interesting” and crazy people. The “Mar comm person”! He calls me “The Intern!”


Tactics used to gather information

In order to gather the required information from the market, these are some of the tactics that I’ve used today.

1. Smile and look really friendly
2. Befriend the promoter
3. Buy your new found friend a drink
4. Pretend to be a student doing research for school projects
5. Wear short skirt and tank top
6. Look like an interested customer
7. If all else fail, you have no choice but to look like a weirdo / stalker (Furiously taking down notes, observing (while trying not to stare) the environment or eavesdropping in conversations)

Gone Shopping.

I am going shopping all in the name of work! Woot!

First Day at work at Apple Inc

10 Things I love about my Apple internship so far.

1. Orientation was casual and informative
2. Everyday is casual Friday!
3. I get to use “my own” Mac Book Pro!
4. It’s not a desk bound job!
5. Flexible hours!
6. Friendly colleagues and bosses!
7. I get to play music from i-tunes without using earphone.
8. They provide competitive allowances.
9. I heard about the staff discounts, but I’m not sure.
10. I love the brand. I love Apple. Think Different.

Special thanks to all my sexy friends who asked how was my first day at work!

Thank you Jane, Erwin, Jeremiah and Ian for your smses! Sweetish!
Thank you Yiqian and Ly-dear babe for your MSN messages. LOL

I love my friends too!

The Hottie & the Nottie (2008)

At Santa Monica, there lives a hot girl and her horrendous looking best friend. It doesn’t take a brain larger than a peanut to guess who the hottie is.


Paris Hilton is one of the executive producers of this show and I seriously don’t know what’s on her mind. No wonder Grandpa Hilton decided not to give her a single penny.

60% of the show featured how gorgeous Paris is. Now imagine, “Paris jogging along the beach with her ponytail and boobs bouncing.” Or “Paris, wearing sexy bikini, posing on a boat.”

The other 35% shows how horrible her friend looks. Rotten toenails and teeth, untamed hair, oversized granny pants and more.

The only decent part was the 5% shown during the last few scenes. When the guy realized that he is in love with Nottie (who turned out looking really pretty after some cosmetic procedures) instead of Hottie. The sudden realization is the only scene worth looking at.

Rating: 1/5 (All for the 5% and the effort that Nottie put in to play her part.)