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Interesting Characters

I was sent on a mission to one of the Apple reseller with the task to observe how reseller works and to also learn to sell the products to the customers.

The logic behind this was…..

Boss: “After all you’re in the sales department, you’ve got to experience some kind of selling isn’t it?”

And so the intern went. Armed with the Apple Product Professional Certification and 5 weeks of using a MacBook Pro I attempted to sell the products. But little did I know, my “qualification” was incomparable to the zai salesperson, John.

The 2 days experience was rather interesting. Met lots of interesting characters …..

Interesting Characters #1

2 Malay uncles who owned PowerBook (the older version of Macbook) and visited the store almost every single day to pick up some more skills about Mac products.

John: Eh uncle, hello here again.
Uncles: Ya. Thinking of buying iMac or MacBook pro.
John: Uncle, MacBook Pro now is only $3088.
Uncles: Ya. Now much cheaper ah.
John: Ya uncle, now don’t buy wait for what. Last year you see it’s $3XXX. Now can buy already uncle.

John told me the uncles visit the store almost every other day for 1 year already. And they never bought anything.


Interesting Characters #2

A “friend” of John who purchased products on my first and second day and he is visiting John to buy some other things on Monday.

A product a day makes the man happy each day.

Interesting Characters #3

3 Japanese men in search for the iphone.

Japanese Man #1: Eh….got i—Pho–Ne?

Me: Sir, iphone is not in Singapore yet.

Japanese Man #1: NOooooooo….. NOT in Sin-Ga-Pore?

Me: Sorry Sir. No. It will only arrive in September. :)

Japanese man #1: Sep-Tem-Ber?! Nooooooo. Hoooooorrrrr

Me: [-_-“] ……LOL

And he walked out in great disappointment and disbelief.

When you found someone you like – love boldly.

Dynamic Tower

This tower rotates with the power of the wind. Very cool. Thankfully it’s not built in some typhoon prone location. Otherwise, people in the building will get dizzy when their level is spinning like a top?!


Thanks Jane.

Had great dinner and great company! Thanks Jane for the present! She also got me a chopstick for hair. Haha. :)

Ms Flabby

Yes summer is here. People are going for summer holidays. They want sexy abs, flat tummy and all. But I’m still stuck with Ms Flabby. I’m so not discipline when it comes to exercising.

What’s with heels that give you blister? Maybe they should start giving out free plasters with every shoe purchased. Hmph.

Old-school cookies

I found this old-school cookie shop at Ang Mo Kio during lunch. I love them.

Am I turning materialistic? Cause I have no idea why my lovely cookie tins look like gold bars after I’ve edited them. LOL.

When a guy keeps causing a girl to cry and chooses to stay only because she is in tears… He has no idea how much hurt he had already caused despite his stay…

//Friends I am not going through a breakup or anything. Just a thought that was inspired through a conversation with my friend.

if a man doesn’t bring you joy, make you a better person or simply doesn’t enhance your life. ditch him.

cause as a woman, you don’t need a guy for anything else

Travel plans

I planned so much for a holiday this summer and I’m finally going for one.

These are the plans that didn’t come true.
(1) Korea with my sister but the tour agency cancel on us
(2) Bangkok with my sister but my internship was supposed to end on the 1st August and she can’t wait
(3) Phuket. Urgh. Not enough interested parties.
(4) Vietnam. Not enough interested parties.

So in the end, I’m going Hong Kong. (I’ve finally booked the tickets) Shop and eat. Shop and Eat.

Half Day Off.

My boss is going on half day after our workshop today (1pm) …

Boss: Eh where you all heading to after the workshop?

Dorothy (Dot) and I: Back to office.

Boss: Do you really have to go back?

Dot and I: Ya. We left our laptops there.

Boss: Oh, I was about to give you girls a half day off then you all can leave from here (Tiong Bahru)

Dot and I: Oh! We can go grab our stuffs and go. ☺

Boss: ☺ Interns don’t have such privileges. Haha.

I: -_-“

Boss: Just kidding.

WOOT! So I am writing this blog at home at bout 3 plus 4! Nice.

i tore my top today, and my sister said, “Eh, I think you’re like the Hulk!” Grrr….

Synchronize email accounts

This is how I did my setting on the mail program to synchronize my NUS email to work email. Not sure if it’s the same for Windows, but try it!

Shauntology 9:37

Ah ha! My friend. That’s what I’m talking about. But alas, who you see
is not me, but yourself. Thee cannot see from thy heart what innermost
felt is. Cos blessed are the hearts that can bend, they will never be
broken. But if there is no breaking, there is no healing. And if there
is no healing, there can be no learning. I am proud of you my friend,
cos your learning begins today. It is time you let go and be free.

-Shauntology 9:37

Having Colbie Caillat’s bubbly as your alarm clock ringtone proved to be a disaster this morning. Yikes. 

10 ways to kill time or to look busy during your internship

1. Visit the ladies/gents

2. Fill your water bottle

3. Visit the café to buy kopi, milo, toast etc.

4. Take online courses or flip some manuals if applicable

5. Surf the company’s website all in the name of learning more about the company

6. Synchronize school email account to the work email program so that you can send out emails not related to work e.g for CP

7. Conduct online research for your own personal use , e.g investment tools available, air tickets etc but open the window really small and leave many other work related documents open

8. Type your blog on a word document so that it looks like you are doing work

9. Put a lot of documents on your desk, messed up your hair and look really stressed.

10. Open an excel spreadsheet and just stare at it. Look stressed and as though you are thinking really hard.

I love-hate my sister.

I exchanged some smses with my sister this morning.

Yirene: Eh, can lend me your white singlet?

Me: Which one?

Yirene: The one that mum just bought for you.

Me: No. Cannot. Cause it’s new. I don’t want to lend you.

Yirene: Fine. Then next time you don’t wear my clothes that I only wore once.

Me: Oei. This one is new one le. I never wear before. In that case, your rule applies to you as well.

Yirene: Alright. ☺

About a few seconds later.

Yirene: Shit It’s unfair. Cause you wore the clothes I only wore once so many times already. So it’s unfair. I guess the rule applies to totally new clothes at the moment. So the clothes that you wore once before this day, is not counted in our new rule.

Me: I’m sorry sis. A verbal contract is done. You offered the rule and I agreed. Vice versa. So it holds. I don’t agree to your new amendments. So your offer is not accepted. Your new changes made are not valid. Old contact still holds. Oh. I think you wouldn’t understand. Oh well. You’ll learn it in year one in business law.

Haha. I can be such a bitch. I love-hate my sister.

My Friend is a Swinging Eligible Bachelor Series – Part 3 & 4

My sister asked, “Hey sis, where is Ian’s portfolio?” Hahaha. Someone is interested. So here goes.

Swinging Eligible Bachelor #3

Ian Chong. A pretty boy who participated in Biz Ad pageant 2004. His face so pretty that makes some girls jealous.

Ian is also a sincere guy who often provides help to friends in need. Even though he may grumbles a little but deep within his heart of gold is shinning all so brightly. He is also extremely caring who would insist in sending his girl ——- friends to their doorsteps without any ulterior motive. He displayed his thoughtfulness in a subtle way by keeping you company when you are bored.

A responsible man is a man indeed. Ian is also a great Christian who seeks and serves God with great passion and love for Him. I hereby present to you Mr Ian Chong.

Swinging Eligible Bachelor #4

Colin Yew. A man filled with energy and vibe. Linz possessed a body that girls would want to feel and guys would want to die for. The tan that makes milk chocolate feels inferior. Linz is also a true runner who completed the Ironman race and full marathon within a decent timing. He who seeks a lady who is willing to run in his life and dreams.

Besides possessing a healthy and hot physique. He is one who is driven and always finding opportunities to learn. Picking up golf and Spanish language are just some of his interests. Imagine him going “Te amo~~~~”.

A guy who once flew a box of chocolates with balloons up a girl’s window and made gigantic cards is definitely a descendent of Romeo with the blood of romance running through his veins.

A great guy and a faithful Christian may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Interested parties do leave your particulars behind and you’ll be expecting a call soon.

What the.

(1) I entered the lift and saw a cute baby in a stroller with her maid.

(2) So I waved and made funny faces at her.

(3) Then the maid said, “Say hello auntie.” I almost died. Hello what auntie!?!?!?!

(4) But I’ve got to keep my cool. I smiled. What the.

My Friend is a Swinging Eligible Bachelor Series – Part 1 & 2

I realized that most of my good close guy friends are all single (except Mr Harry who proudly belongs to Ms Tabi). So out of extreme boredom and love for my friends (after being inspired by the BBA blog that Helen posted for Colin), I’ve decided to come out with the “My Friend is a Swinging Eligible Bachelor” Series to promote my single friends whom I love and who are so going to kill me after reading these entries.

People whom I’ll be featuring are; Jeremiah (Miah), Erwin (Winz), Ian and Colin (Linz).

Swinging Eligible Bachelor #1


Jeremiah Tay. A night out with him will leave you yearning for more. He is filled with ideas, a complex being, filled with cheekiness and playfulness. You will surely not be bored when he is around.

Aside from his playful self, you’ll see a sensitive guy who is not only a great friend but also one who knows how to cheer you up in the bad times. He is also unpretentious (an original drumstick) and to put it simply “What you see is what you get.”!

He loves his family and he is definitely a filial guy! So with this, you can assume that he can be a great husband material too!

A romantic guy who is filled with passion for love and life is one you girls out there should never miss! You can definitely expect him to bring you out on a romantic dinner (and much much more) or do sweet little things like delivering your favorite food to you wherever you are.

Swinging Eligible Bachelor #2

Erwin Teo. A mind so intelligent – you wonder what his mama fed him. He is also extremely driven and together with his intelligent mind, you’ll be amazed at what he can do.

Winz is not only smart but a great listener too! You can just keep on whining and whining and he’ll never leave.

Besides his well developed left brain, his right brain is remarkable too. He sings and he plays the guitar and we girls just go “Awwww”. He is also extremely entertaining in the creative way. He makes you laugh, tear up followed by getting a cramp in the stomach.

Winz is a faithful Christian and also one that loves his family. A true gentleman, who holds your laptop, pulls your chair and steps forward to open the door before you reach for it. Not just that! He’ll text you to ensure that you got home safely and also to see if you are feeling alright during your low days.

Interested parties do leave your particulars behind and you’ll be expecting a call soon.