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An ass@&$#

I know a guy he had a girlfriend of eight years. They bought a condo and they took wedding photos. They were going to get married.

I know a guy he had a girlfriend in Taiwan. He visits her whenever he is on a business trip to Taiwan.

I know a guy he had a girlfriend. She was his supplier at work.

This guy I knew is the same guy. He had these girls all at the same time. They co-existed without the knowledge of each other. 

He is an ass@&$#.

He broke up with the first two and kept the last one for himself.

Now he found someone new and he broke the heart of the third.

A forth girl appear. Stupid enough to think he is her world. The third girl is lucky. Cause now she knows.

Be strong my friend. Starts getting him off your system.

Breaking News…

A message that was forwarded by my mum.

Breaking News:

Singapore Health Authority Warming:
All men are advised not to suck X country’s girls’ xxxxxx as the milk may contain melamine!

It was a joke. Sent from my mum. I’ve got a dysfunctional family.

This rejected ad was probably criticized for telling the truth, the reality, the crude reality that people already knew but would prefer not to be reminded.


SLICE – flavored ice sliced into layers and garnished with various toppings. This is a popular dessert that has existed for 30 years in Taiwan, and is commonly known as 雪花冰 to the locals.
A friend’s friend is having a soft opening this Friday at Far East Plaza for their dessert store. Do check them out!

New iPod range

These iPods were newly launched yesterday. You can shake em to change album. Pick from a wide array of colours and now at a more affordable price tag. Wow. I’m amazed at the speed of technological advancement.

Her long lost friend…

I was supposed to look for less creative ads for my thesis subject pool, but I soon realised that most ads posted online are the creative ones. That’s why people even bother to post them up.

I can totally feel for the above ad. It’s as though my tummy found her long lost friend. Sadness…

The Luckiest Intern

I must be the luckiest intern on earth. Thank you bosses! I must say that iPhone is really user-friendly. If people like me, someone who has got fat fingers, can use it, so can you! haha.

Her magic fingers…

You should have seen the state of the pushcart before Amandina moves her little magic fingers to create this piece of art. Before the miracle, it seemingly resembled the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. But after her fairy-like magical blessing it was transformed into a piece of art where passerby admired in awe.

These pictures were captured by her little Elf’s tool that was armed with supernatural power allowing her to capture images of highly textured effects.


Supernatural power at work (thus explaining the effects)

Thank you Amandina and Eugene-Elf for all your great effort!