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The Long Awaited (long) post for my Bangkok Trip

Tiger Airways service was fantastic. URGH. I was being sarcastic here. Our 7am flight got rescheduled to 12 pm and we receive no notice or announcement or whatsoever. Imagine waking up at 4 am, reaching the budget (bus) terminal at 5, waited for another half an hour or so, and only upon asking the counters about our flight, we were then told that the flight got rescheduled. The reason? Some (unexplained) operational issues. WTH. The staffs were unapologetic and they just told us matter of factly that’s just how things work at Tiger.

So people out there, never, NEVER take Tiger Airways. My experience with Jetstar was way better.


While waiting, we did random stuffs and had a grand tour from T1 to T3.

Loikrathong Festival


“ “Loi” means “to float”. “Krathong” is a raft about a handspan in diameter traditionally made from a section of banana tree trunk, decorated with elaborately-folded banana leaves, flowers, candles, incense sticks etc. During the night of the full moon, many people will release a small raft like this on a river. The festival probably originated in India as a Hindu festival similar to Deepavali as thanksgiving to the deity of the Ganges with floating lanterns for giving life throughout the year. According to the writings of H.M. King Rama IV in 1863, the originally Brahmanical festival was adapted by Buddhists in Thailand as a ceremony to honour the original Buddha, Siddhartha Guatama. Apart from venerating the Buddha with light (the candle on the raft), the act of floating away the candle raft is symbolic of letting go of all one’s grudges, anger and defilements, so that one can start life afresh on a better foot.”

– From our trusted source,

In Rome, do as the Romans do. So since the Thais are celebrating this festival, we joined in for the fun of it.

Pat Pong


This picture summed it all.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar


It’s great shopping here if you are looking for some interesting art pieces or home accessories but I must say the prices are at the pricier side compared to other markets/malls. The food stalls served some good food too!

Birthday Boy


Sigh, if only I know Macromedia flash, then you will be able to see that if every picture here were placed in a sequential order, his head is actually moving in a funny manner.



“Vertigo is unlike any other bar-cum-restaurant in the world: some 61 floors above the streets of Bangkok, this open-air rooftop lounge grants views that simply take your breath away. Stylish, sophisticated and reaching for the clouds, there is no better place for a romantic tête-à-tête, glamorous cocktail party or fashion launch than this. Indulge in barbecued seafood, champagne and a wide selection of cocktails, wines-by-the-glass and non-alcoholic drinks. ” –

A roof top bar with good crowd, superior service, and an alluring ambient serves cocktails at a very reasonable price.

Shoshana Restaurant


This little restaurant hidden at a corner of Khao San Road was fiercely recommended by Amanda who frequent Bangkok as often as us taking the train in Singapore. Ok, I exaggerated a little over here but this girl should seriously be awarded the Thai-Bangkok Ambassador title.

This place serves some enticing and reasonably priced Middle Eastern food. It’s truly a rare gem and an excellent recommendation.

Note: The hunger in me resulted in me gobbling up my food before the camera was taken out.

Bed SupperClub


A replica (aka ripped off) of the original Supper Club in Amsterdam. We went on a quiet Thursday and Jason almost fell asleep. After all, it’s a BED supper club.

Wat Pho


Wat Pho also known as The Temple of the Reclining Buddha. A tourist should always visit some cultural and historical sites instead of merely thronging through the malls and markets.



Chatuchak is not merely a shopping paradise, but also a petting zoo! I was hoping to find something more exotic like alligators but the rarest species I found were lemurs.

What were the Thais thinking? Having beetles and squirrels as pets??

Khao San


Caucasians, backpackers, street walkers, boozes, cheap and clean massages, hair braiding, banana pancakes and fake IDs! An exhilarating place to be!

If not for all the nerve-racking meetings I have with the interviewers and my thesis professor, I will probably try braiding some of my hair.

Ok, the banana pancake is not exactly the same pancake we all know, the soft, fluffy ones in Mac Donald’s. It’s more like banana prata but it’s still good nonetheless.

The Most Common Phrase?


The most common phrase used by the Thais?

(1) Can I have a new piece? “Same Same”
(2) What size is this? “Same Same”
(3) Free size? “Same Same”

He loves this shit.


Inexpensive, awesome, thirst-quenching and brain-freezing road side ice coffee.


I love Bangkok! I surely hope that all the protest and riots will stop soon so that the rest of the world can visit this lovely place which used to be known as the “Land of Smiles”.

The Door leading to Narnia

During one of my friend’s adventurous exploration, they found a door in business school to Narnia. A mysterious land filled with wonder…


The door in disguise of a stairway. One would expect this door to lead to a dark flight of stairs up the building just like any other flight of stairs.




When the door is opened, you are in Narnia. The door leads you to a land with stone bricks walls and stones tablets looking like the graves from the 18th Century.

Wow… Narnia…[*slap my legs]

Stupid Narnia. It should be called Narnia the Feasting Ground for the Mozzies.

At this very place within 10 minutes, my legs were filled with 7 mosquito bites. What a feast, a blood buffet!

At this very mysterious land, I was also introduced to an interesting plant, the CB leaves.


CB leaves, where CB is an acronym for a female genital organ, are commonly found in the forests where our nation’s young hot-bloodied men train during their national service. The name of this leaves was derived from the 0.00001% resemblances of the leaves coupled with the wild imaginations of our young men with raging hormones.

Sigh. What are we doing to our future leaders of our society?

COE is now cheaper than a Big Mac meal.

My parents just got their jumbo-mambo moving machine changed into one that is both pocket and environmentally friendly. On top of the expected future savings in terms of petrol expenses and monthly payments, a bigger savings came after the results of the surprisingly cheap COE premiums. Now the news is COE premium is now cheaper than a Big Mac Meal.

“Certificate of Entitlement (COE) premiums for the small car category (1,600cc and below) have hit rock bottom in the midst of softening demand. It crashed to an unprecedented $2 – an almost 100 per cent decrease from the previous price of $10,455.”           Wed November 19, 2008,

My mum is a happy girl with this extra savings for her business (ahem shopping) trip in Shanghai.

We are one of the lucky 1851 bidders!


Off and away in Bangkok till seventeen november two thousand and eight.

Green Alert circular excerpts

Recently, our school has being very active with a recycling project in campus and with that being my pet interest I did not delete those mails without reading them. The follow up inspection results were hilarious.

Excerpts from our school circular,

In general, there is an improvement in recycling activities on campus as evident through the increase in the correct types of recyclables in every recycling bins. However, it is observed that people have a tendency to throw plastic bottles into the ‘yellow’ recycling bins meant for aluminum cans.

4. Bins in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences have the highest level of segregated wastes.


5. Recycling bins in the Faculty of Engineering have the highest level of contamination. These bins contain wastes that cannot be recycled or recyclable wastes were thrown into the wrong bins. For example, Styrofoam food containers in “Paper” bin, paper cups in “Plastic” bins and “Can” bins.


(1) Students from the faculty of engineering can’t differentiate the materials of the wastes. Styrofoam is not paper, it is not even biodegradable!
(2) Students from the faculty of engineering can’t read. Plastic, Paper, Cans.
(3) These students don’t give a damn.

Sigh. Life is not just about algorithms, numbers and machines.

In life we lose some, we gain some.

That’s life.

Hearts of Hope

I love it when you put in the effort in something you believed in and it paid off. 

We are all working for a cause, a cause worthy of our effort.


Patient Care Centre (PCC) was launched in 1996 to provide assistance for patients living with HIV/AIDS. Located at the Communicable Disease Centre (CDC) in Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), the centre helps them cope with their conditions by providing financial and moral support, and by encouraging them to continue playing active roles in the workforce

Hearts of Hope is a collaborative social entrepreneurship effort between TTSH and the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, aimed at boosting patients’ confidence, enhancing their skills and creating sustainable livelihoods for them. They attend workshops to acquire handicraft skills that they use to craft beautiful products, and we support them by marketing the products and establishing various sales chanels.

Adapted from

CHANGE is what will happen

It’s all Blue! It is a clear win. Obama won the election and John McCain conceded the election. For the first time, I am actually touched by what McCain said. He spoke with sincerity despite his lost.

Watch John McCain’s concession speak at CNN live meanwhile, let’s cheer for Obama’s win!

Emergency Warning

Thesis is now declared as a sensitive topic to be discussed in public. Tensions rising among thesis students and violence outbreak may be seen.