A place bursting with the richness of history, cultures and food.

Hero Records

Very old school. I like.

St. Francis Xavier’s Church


“Built in 1849, the church is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier, also known as the ‘Apostle of the East’/ St. Francis Xavier is well-remembered for his missionary work spreading Catholicism to South East Asia in the 16th Century.”

Christ Church


“Built since 1753 with Dutch’s architectural ingenuity. The highlights are ceiling beams constructed without joints, brass Bible, tombstone written in Armenian and ‘Last Supper’ in glazed tiles”

The church was closed when we got there. Depressed.

Baba and Nonya Heritage Museum



This was the exact house that Little Nonya was filmed. We saw the well which Yue Niang was dumped into, the stairs and dinning area, the kitchen and all. But we were not allowed to take any photos. Too bad.

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice


Jalan Hang Jebat at Jonker Street

Unlike any ordinary chicken rice, this chicken rice comes in the shape of balls. Those balls are not fish balls but chicken rice balls. The balls gave out a very rich chicken rice aroma that was very soft when you bite it. Those balls are definitely worth the wait.

The “Highlight” of the Day

All those places that we visited were recommended by our camp committee and one of the attractions caught the eye of my little brother. The “Eye on Melaka”. He was mesmerized by it when we first saw it from our hotel room.


View from our hotel room

“Eye on Melaka – A ferris wheel similar to the Singapore Flyer, offering you a view of the Melaka River. Entrance fee: Adult RM5.00. And on the map it is a walking distance from our hotel.” – stated in the recommendation from our camp committee

Wow… cool, Singapore flyer at 5 Ringgit!

So after shopping at Mahkota Parade, we got into a cab …

Us: Uncle, we want to go Eye of Melaka. You know the ferries wheel?

Uncle: Ohhh. The turn turn one? Ok. RM 15. [Using his fingers to draw circles repetitively, the taxi there doesn’t run on meters.]

Us: Yes yes. Uncle. The turn turn one. Ok can.

The car stopped in front of a huge ferries wheel.


Picture taken from a random site

Us: Eh. This is a ferries wheel. [Checked.] Very big. [Checked.] Just like the Singapore flyer. [Checked.] But it’s nowhere near our hotel. Hmmm. [In fact it is at a very isolated location and there were no cars in sight. It’s about 930pm and not wanting to risk it, we decided to stick to the Eye of Melaka.] Eh. Uncle, we want to go to Eye of Melaka. The one near Bayview Hotel. On Hang Tuah Road there.

Uncle: Oh. [speaking in Malay] This eye of Malaysia.

Us: [Don’t understand a single world he said.] Eh, uncle, how much ah, go Eye of Melaka. How much?

Uncle: RM 10

Us: Oh ok ok. Go there.

So, that cost us RM 25 to go to this freaking Eye of Melaka. It better be good.

The car stopped. And there we were. Eye of Melaka.

Us: Oh. Uncle. This one? Eye of Melaka?

Uncle: Ya la. [The uncle snickered]

Picture taken from some random website

Us: O….K…

Sigh. Having spent RM25 to reach our destination, a business student who refused to apply the “Law of Sunk Cost” decided to go ahead instead.

The RM5 experience?

Bad. Boring. Slow. Stupid techno music. Oh. Funny. My little brother was really scared. -_-“ Great fresh air.


Trying to make the ferries wheel looked really huge

After the second round…

Me: Eh, I think third round should be the last round. Let’s get out of here.

Sis & Bro: OK!

We started grabbing our bags and our butts were all ready to take our flight …

But the door never opened. The wheel never stopped.

Sis: EH EH EH!!!!!!!! [Waving and pointing hysterically.] We want to go out!!! [Yes, she shouted. -_-“]

The sickening-guy-who-enjoyed-looking-at-us-being-humiliated: One more one more.


What is wrong with their tourism board?
Eye of Malaysia – Melaka and Eye of Melaka?!?!?!

The experience? His face tells it all.

Another silly act by my little brother…


That’s apple juice by the way

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