Our mama told us we can secure a good job after obtaining our degree…

– Not true in our current context. Graduates were not spared either. 

Some old news we kind of already know after meeting friends who graduated last semester at career fairs. They too had the same motive – to secure a job. Now, all they want is a job. Not a career. Depressing.

Grads among worst hit as jobless rate increases By Aaron Low

GRADUATES are hurting the most among the growing pool of jobless Singapore residents battered by the economic crisis. The number of out-of-work degree holders more than doubled last year to 14,800 [THIS NUMBER HAS NOT TAKE US INTO ACCOUNT] in December, from 6,200 a year earlier.

They joined an expanding group of unemployed residents – comprising Singaporeans and permanent residents – whose numbers rose from 56,100 in September to 69,900 in December last year.

– The Straits Times, Mar 17, 2009

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