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When people stop shopping, other people lose their jobs. So there is no moral high ground to be gained by abstaining from felicity.

— Anna Wintour, Vogue’s Editor of Chief


Girls, now you’ve got a greater reason to go enjoy some guilt free shopping. 

Book a flight to send Flabby-me away

I’ve scheduled to send flabby-me away in two months time.

This time I’m serious.

It’s not through cosmetic intervention. It is neither through popping pills nor eating pathetic portions of boiled meat and vegetables. I’m using the traditional methods. I’ve signed up for kickboxing lessons. (Ian, you will be glad I did. HAH)

This time I’m serious.

I am going all alone. My sister who don’t mind co-existing with her flabby-her is not joining me.

You will see a brand new me in 2 months time.

I prayed long and hard last night that I will have a happy and smooth sailing day today. My motivation behind this prayer? A meeting with my thesis Prof and you know how stressful it can get. She texted me to postpone our meeting at six.fortyfour am.

In the end. I spent my day with my boy who just came back and bought me Vogue and Glamour.

A very blissful day. Prayer answered.

Now. I certainly don’t look forward to my scheduled meeting with my Prof.