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Shortlived Happiness.

Great. For the first 14 seconds I was happy. “Finally! I have something to look forward to in a few years time!” 37 milliseconds later. “WTH!”.

Women ‘happiest at 28’
Researchers discovered women feel most confident and happy with their love life and body shape shortly before they reach 30. It is also the period in their life when they enjoy the best sex – but the happiness is relatively shortlived. Because by the time they have turned 30 they start worrying about growing old and developing grey hair and wrinkles.

– Extracted from

VOIS. Manicure.

I was supposed to meet my friend this afternoon for lunch at 1230pm but because of some miscommunication I thought it was 12pm. Anyway to cut the long story short, my friends got there at 1.15pm. -_- Instead of baking myself in the sun or touring the only decent store – Cold storage for 1 hr and 15 minutes, I went for a manicure.

VOIS Pte Ltd
The Village Centre
3 South Bouna Vista Road, #02-15
Singapore 118136
Tel: 6778 0050

VOIS[Picture Credit:

VOIS is having a weekly promotion, deluxe Manicure at $12 (Originally $25) till end of this week, and that was just what I needed! It was awesome.

What is good!

  • Friendly service!
  • Enjoy a relaxing massage on the massage chair!
  • Choice of coffee or tea!
  • Good manicure skills!
  • Extremely good hygiene! [They change their filers and buffers for every new customer! The staff asked if I will be coming back for their services in the future, I answered probably no because of the location (definitely not because of their service). Instead of snubbing me, the staff then asked if I want to keep the filers and buffers (for free!) since I will not be back. How awesome!]
  • Promotional price at $12 is awesome! The usual price at $25 for full (not express) manicure with simple hand massage was good too!


Conclusion: If not for the location, I will definitely be back!

A pleasant and surprising gift from God. Thank you Lord! I am quite bilingual after all!

My sis just said that I’m losing my waist. GULP.


I am going to make SbR earn some allowance for me just like how CW’s blog earned her first $1 (at least it’s a good start).


But the thing I dread is having SbR called Sound gross? Yes.

Maybe I should give it a try before I start paying for a decent host address. But some things will remain and that’s Somethingboutrenes.

Michael Jackson passed away at 50.

I, like what my sister said, am beyond words and am shocked.
R.I.P. Michael.



News Article:

My sister took after me. She became Sore throat Yirene during/after FOC. And guess where she is heading out to. Karaoke. Yes you heard me.

Followup Review on iNo Mobile

SbR’s opinion and review on iNo Mobile is valued (assuming they will continue doing so after this post) by Foresight Technologies (owner of iNo Mobile).

foresight technologies

I was utterly surprised to see SbR’s review on Foresight Technologies website. It was flattering to know that our review is taken seriously. However, as a good reviewer one has to present the most honest and objective reviews to his/her audience.

So here’s my follow up review.

After-sale Service Review:

The phone was faulty right after purchase and I was furious. Adding to my misery, their service centre wasn’t at the most convenient location.

However, to my surprise, their service staff was sincere, apologetic and really understanding. In the most efficient manner possible, they replaced my phone without any questioning and had it checked and tested on the spot. [I couldn’t bear to display my usual consumer-from-hell-look after meeting their staff.]

After-sale Product Review:

My granny loves it! iNo Mobile is easy to use, fuss free and extremely elderly friendly. My granny even bought a pouch to protect it! The once technology-fearing/detesting granny actually likes her phone this time round.

Key Learning:

When service failure occurs, this is the only opportunity to convert a wrathful consumer into a loyal-potentially repeat consumer.

bored bummer.


I’m bored and in a bad position.
Too bored to stay home, too broke to head out.

My mum uses MSN and Skype. She owns a Facebook account. Now she owns an iPhone.
My mum is cool. Sometimes I wish she is just old and fuddy-duddy.

Hmm. Maybe not.

If the bridesmaid curse is true…

“Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride.” Holy molly.

Irvin & Faith
08 December 2007

meiyi wedding

meiyi wedding1

Marcus & Frances
Upcoming: 21 November 2009

marcus & frances
Ian & Maxine
Upcoming: 10 December 2009

maxine & ian

To break the curse, I’ll need to catch the bouquet during Ian and Maxine’s wedding. So girl, please remember to throw your bouquet in my direction! HAHA.

Money section of ST – Jun 23 09, Page B17

“Troubled banks raising pay to retain top talent: Report”
“Bailed-out RBS to pay chief $23m: Report”

The bankers won’t learn. What is freaking wrong with them?

Yes yes. The poor bankers received lesser amount of bonuses because of all the regulation the US government placed on them. Oh poor thing. While thousands and millions are losing job because of their misdeeds, banks decided to up their basic salary to retain these supposing “top bankers”. WTH. Isn’t it time (for the bankers) to focus on the long term? Focusing on how they can get this economy going (in a right direction) instead of mulling over which bank/company is offering them a fatter compensation package?

I’ve picked up badminton again (after about 6-7 years). I was once in my secondary-school-class team. HAH. Once. But. I’ve never made it to the quarter finals. HAHA. This is going to be part of my new exercise regime. 

Snapfish Freebies!

Everyone (me especially!) loves freebies! So when Snapfish (photo sharing and printing site) dropped me an email telling me they are giving away 20 free prints with free shipping I was thrilled! I will use them for my Korea trip!

Snapfish awards you with 10 free prints when you register! I’ve dropped my friends the referral email and both my friend (10 free prints!) and I will be rewarded! So, if you want me to drop you a referral email too, simply leave a comment with your email add!


order summary

Win SbR Win!

You must be wondering what my previous blog entry is all about. It’s actually a small competition (organized by Singtel and Nuffnang) I took part together with Cheng Wei out of boredom. Our motivations? The top winner gets to bring home a MacBook and $200 cash prize! The other prize wasn’t too shabby either!

1st Prize: MacBook + $200 Cash
2nd Prize: IPod Touch
3rd Prize: $500 worth of SingTel Shop vouchers
Consolation Prizes: 16 x $50 Cash

Let’s all unite in prayers for my winning! HAHA.

I wish I had web access here…


[Photo Credit: Mr Smiley, our guest writer]

With the durian season hitting Singapore in a fury, it is hard not to spot these royalties in our tiny island.  BUT the best durians are still the untainted ones, the ones growing in a pure, natural environment, untouched by evil pesticides and innocent sounding grow-durian-grow chemicals, the “Kampong” durian. To get your hands on these delicacies, one has to brave through the woods, fight off mosquitoes and snakes, and stay awake throughout the night. If only internet connection is available along Upper Changi Road where durian trees can be found, those mosquitoes killing hours could have been “constructively” used in youtube.

“Live Life Online Anywhere with SingTel BroadBand on Mobile Youth Plan! Visit for details.”


category cloud

Looking at my category cloud I realized more categories are needed for random posts instead of chucking them all under “Miscellaneous”.

The category for this post? Miscellaneous. Damnit.

Thank you Iora.

A while ago (probably 3 months ago) Iora, a local women’s fashion retail chain, gave $50 vouchers (with no minimum purchase required) to some female students (cause it was while stock last!) in my school as a form of goodwill and with the purpose for students to tide over such difficult time.

I was one of the lucky beneficiaries! After purchasing a blouse and a necklace with the $50 voucher, I felt it is only appropriate if I express my appreciation to them. Here goes, thank you Iora!


Shopping. Drugs. Same same but different.

One shall not succumb to temptations. Shopping is the equivalent to the modern day drugs except that the consumption of which is allowed and encouraged by the government agencies. Gosh.

Yesterday was a “ME” day and I busted $100 on clothes.


kate spade

Today is a “Huge Sale in Kate Spade Online” day and I almost fall into temptation.

I was reminded by my sister the amount of money I owed Mama Bank / BF Bank / HDB Loan and the CPF Board. Sigh. Maybe next time.

My Big Fat Toes.

Warning: Unsightly photo of big fat toes ahead.

ugly toes

My nail polish just fell out. In one complete piece. WTH. Time for another session of pedicure. 

Disgusting? Yes. Bored? Oh yeah.