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You mean I’m faster than technology?

“You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

Farmville. II.

I think I am doing pretty well at Farmville! My pathetic farm which harvests enough crops to feed a family of cats has grown into one which has excess crops for my neighbor’s family of dogs.


I’m both confused and thrilled about something; I didn’t know farmers rear baby elephants in a farm, together with pigs, horses, goats, sheep, rabbits and ducks.

Pretties in Wheels.

pretty bicycle
After seeing these pretties (from Bobbin, London) at Fashion Nation, I was left stranded with some disturbing image of Cat – the girl in London – looking grumpy and helpless after being dissed by the cranky old lady over at the post office following her catastrophic attempt in trying to send the paper-wrapped bicycle to a faraway place in Asia.


girl on a bike[Credits:]

I envy those individuals who are capable of looking stylish on a bicycle instead of looking like a countryman or a health freak in shorts a little too tight. With these pretties, looking chic would definitely be a lot easier than riding on a clumsy mountain bike. I will definitely cycle to work if someone gets me one of these!

Fann & Chris.

Picture 115

I love Fann & Chris so much I had to buy both copies to read all about their wedding. Great. My cool factor is experiencing some downward trend.

Love Declaration.

When she asked him “Why do you love me?” he – instead of reciting the superficial qualities as though answering a marketing essay question – should say “I just do, because it’s you.”


Before your goosebumps rise without MY permission, this entry is not a mushy declaration to my beloved but a mushy declaration to my love for blogging.

Don’t question why I enjoy blogging, I just do.

Epic Fail.

The results of our rosti making attempt? Epic fail.


Our pasta making attempt? Edible.


A Fashion Crime.

I’ve committed a crime that no fashionista would, picking comfort over style!


I am now a proud owner of Crocs – a pair of rubbery-nonslip-waterproof- lightweight shoes! These shoes are meant for my walking-intensive and hazard-prone working requirement/environment (I don’t work as a sweeper, in case you are wondering)!

The Ugly Truth.


I was evil enough to make my beloved sit through this crude, lackluster, stereotypical and horribly stale cookie cutter movie. My NON-USUAL bitchy-brainless-chick-flick-loving persona took over my USUAL caring-understanding-perfect-girlfriend self this time round (hah, who am I trying to fool?). I ruined the opportunity by picking The Ugly Truth over Inglorious Basterds.

Not just Sweet or Salty.

Cornery – The Popcorn Gallery
ION Orchard #B4-46
Tel: (65) 6884 6458
Fax: (65) 6884 6424

Butterscotch and Caramel, Green Tea, Wasabi, Black Sesame, Honey Mustard and Tandori Chicken are just some of the flavors of POPCORN at Cornery – The Popcorn gallery!


The friendly staff.


The flavours!

Who says popcorn only comes in sweet or salty?! I tried their wasabi flavoured popcorn over the weekend and it taste just like “lao hong” wasabi flavoured chips but good nonetheless.

Itacho Sushi.

Itacho Sushi
2 Orchard Turn
#B2-18 ION Orchard
Tel: +65 6509 8911

Itacho Sushi – a sushi chain from Hong Kong – is here! I love their soft shell crab hand roll and the various salmon sushis! The fact that you can order sushi in “each-es” is welcomed by the greedy and assortment seeking individuals like me!






Instead of writing your orders on the various coloured sheets of paper which is both confusing and extremely environmentally unfriendly, customers can order direct from the wait staff.


Etude House.


Etude house has opened another store in Ion Orchard and using the same marketing tactics in Korea, they started giving out freebies just to make you visit the stores. But, where are the cute Korean girls and boys?


I can’t predict the future but I know how my friend will look like in 30 years.


look a like

30 years later.

My friend will be glad to know that he may become an important person in the future if he believes in Mian Xiang (Face Reading). HAHA.

I read an article from about “20 Things to do before you leave University” and realized that I’ve only done 4 of those 20 things listed. Maybe the list was not applicable to our local context or maybe I should have stayed in school for a couple more years! Or maybe not.

Rain and Sunshine.


SbR needs some rain and sunshine to bring her out of the inspiration drought.

Drink Milk.

anlene chocolate milk

To avoid becoming a wrinkly old woman with a hunched back and brittle bones obviously suffering from osteoporosis, I’ve decided to start drinking milk heavily infused with calcium. If you hate the taste of fresh milk just like me, you can try drinking Anlene’s 19-50YRS HI-CAL LOW FAT Chocolate Flavoured Milk Powder! It tastes just like Milo!

Walk for the Lady in Pink.

I am joining the ladies from Breast Cancer Foundation in the Reebok Pink Ribbon Walk this October (3rd Oct 2009) at Big Splash East Coast Park in generating awareness for breast cancer! If you have missed the deadline for online registration, you can still register via cash registration at the Reebok Pink Ribbon Walk Race Pack Collection at Wisma Atria from 25 – 27 Sep 09.

Reebok Pink Ribbon Walk Race Pack Collection Expo Details:
Date: 25th – 27th September 2009
Time: 11am – 7pm
Location: Wisma Atria, Level 1

pink ribbon walk

Joining BCF in supporting this meaning cause is Reebok! As a bonus for all Reebok Pink Ribbon Walk participants, you can purchase 1 top + 1 bottom + 1 pair of shoes from the special Reebok Pink Ribbon Walk collection at only $100 (Usual Price: $204.90)!

reebok deals

So come join the girls in this meaningful walk for the girls!

‘I Do’ NOT want a MASS Wedding.

The ‘I Do’ Garden Wedding event was held today – 20 09 2009 – at the Singapore Botanic Garden. It is the largest mass wedding solemnisation event in Singapore with more than 150 couples participating in it.

I didn’t particularly like any of the decorated pavilion and the idea of being a mere statistic on your wedding day.



The only decent wedding decor.


Interesting Hanging Decor.


My favourite pavilion but it wasn’t used or decorated.


The worst decor ever. It looks like a mobile temple.

P.S.: Babe, I hope he got solemnized at this temple.

My dear friend in London – Catherine Chong – got engaged! CONGRATS!

P.S. : I need to talk to you now! You don’t just break the news using Facebook Message.

Beauty Sale.

L'Oreal CPD sale

I was at the L’Oreal Beauty Sale this afternoon and gosh I bought enough haircare products to last me for months. The event wasn’t hugely publicized (which was a good thing!) and everything was in an orderly manner. Here are the loots.


For the benefits of my readers, here are the prices.

  • Mix & Match Elseve Shampoo / Conditioner (250ml): 3 for $10
  • Bundled Elseve Shampoo / Conditioner / Treatment: $10 per bundle
  • Bundled Loreal Dermo-Expertise RevitaLift: $20 per bundle
  • Loreal Dermo Expertise Hydrafresh Eye Cream Gel: $10
  • Maybelline Perfect Concealer: 2 for $10

I am a happy girl with potentially smooth and managed hair!

Hot Doll for Dogs.

If you are sick of your HUMP-ady dog, maybe you want to get a Hot Doll for her/him.


  • Loves to dominate
  • Loves to climb on various objects


  • Shape and materials allow product to be stable, to grip on the floor, to be resistant and to have a soft touch

How thoughtful!

Their mission

“We want to introduce to dog owners and his companion finally a world adapted to their needs. “

Extracted from