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I’m still here. I’ve lots to blog about but I can’t seem to sit down and start writing.

Maybe tomorrow.

Puffy Eyes.

I cried so much my eyes are puffy.


No. I’m not in a middle of a breakup. No. No one I know died. No. My imaginary goldfish is not dead.

Yes. Silly me cried my heart out for a sappy movie.


Note: I am not turning SbR into a movie review blog. Will talk about the movie later.

Unstoppable Marriage (2007)


“Sweet and easygoing Eun Ho grew up in a normal middle-class household with a strict and traditional father. Willful plastic surgeon Ki Baek was born into a wealthy family, and has the ego to match his income. Their two worlds collide quite literally when they meet through a paragliding accident. It’s a classic case of opposites attract as they fight, falter, and fall in love, but their incompatible families are determined to break them apart.”

Synopsis extracted from Wiki

This film bears certain similarities to girls-gone-crazy-drama Boys over Flower except in this show, the guy is much nicer and there were less heartaches and more funny moments.

It was hilarious, sweet, gorgeous, charming, and oh his smile. Right. I’m still talking about the show and not the lead actor – Ha Seok-jin – who is coincidently equally hilarious, sweet, gorgeous, charming and oh his smile.


Right. About the show. You will love this film if you are into Korean dramas minus the wait and suspense in a typical TV series. This is after all a 115 min film. Released in 2007, this film was also adapted into a TV series.

I love shows with a happy ending!

A dollar well spent! I’m a happy girl!

Backed from work!

I saw my sister making silly stuff for someone special. This reminded me of something. I’m in deep trouble! His birthday is in 2 weeks time! HELP!

Lomo for Me?

I have a thing for Polaroids and Lomo Camera. I love the vintage and random effects created and the many surprises you get after developing the film.

pumpkinpatch_2(Source: Rockstar Diaries)

BlackBird Pics

(Source: Flickr / Filmsnap)

Ohh. I love the sound of film. Who on earth still uses the sexy-sounding films these days with the existence of practical and tech-ky sounding SD cards, thumbdrives and digital file transfers?!

BOO. The saddest part? I’ve got a equally practical and tech-loving man who believes in photoshop. HMPH.

Are there any kind souls out there who is willing to thrill me with one of these during Christmas!?

holga(Source: Peggy Chang)

Note: Filmsnap, now you know that I’m kind of interested in lomo cams but with my depleting bank account and a mission to conquer the world, I doubt I would have any excess cash left for a pretty lomo cam. Gosh. I’m such a deprived little girl. Maybe you can be the kind soul mentioned above and I’ll write a free advertorial in return! HAH.

Home. 4pm.

Work. 10 pm.


I love how unpredictable my job is.

Cheap Thrill.

I bought two movies (DVD & VCD) from a bazaar sale at a mall this afternoon. They were clearing their old rental movies and I got them at $1 – $2.50 each! HAH. Being a movie junkie and an individual who detests the idea of watching movie uncomfortably over laptop, I am a happy girl with my cheap finds.

There’s only one reason why I picked these two titles (Unstoppable Marriage and American Dream) out from a mountain of old random films. Cute guys. You can’t go wrong with eye candies. HAH. I love Hugh Grant, he is so charming and the cute Korean guy on the cover totally stand out from the other movie titles with floppy-hair-male-leads from the 90s.

I ran 21 and walked 19 (units of measurements)! Aren’t you proud of me!

Julie & Julia (2009)


I didn’t know who Julia Child or Julie Powell was before this movie. They aren’t exactly popular in this part of the world. But I love blogging and I love food.

In the film, Julie finds comfort in cooking and while searching for something to focus her mind on, she decides to cook and blog her way through all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” in 365 days. Linking two separate stories told by two different books over different eras but circling the same subject and theme, Julie & Julia is born.

Despite wondering ever so often if anyone other than her mum reads her blog (P.S: Hello! Anyone out there reading SbR?), Julie completed the mission she set for herself. That is quite a feat!

I won’t exactly say I adore this film but it left a nice tingling feeling. Julie Powell’s blog featured in the movie can be found here. You can also read her current blog here.

Note: Isn’t it amazing how the Internet is like the world’s mega brain, capturing past happenings / forgotten blogs? I once randomly found my first blog address and I must say, I was rather embarrassed with my juvenile writing style. It is unlikely that I will feature it here unless SbR ran out of interesting topics and had to resort to such self deprecating methods. HAH


I love picking up stuffs from Borders! Now, would you please excuse me, while I go keep myself busy with these finds?

Brown Brothers.

Remember in one of my earlier post I raved about how awesome Brown Brothers Zibibbo Rose is? It’s still as good as I first tasted it! It is also unbelievable cheap! It was $23 – 25? But I spotted it at one of the FairPrice stores going for only $19.90! YUM YUM.



He loves it.

Lunch Box.

I am bringing a lunch box tomorrow.

My lunch?

  • 1 piece of boiled chicken breast
  • 1 bunch of boiled broccoli
  • 1 bunch of boiled baby carrots
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • 1 banana
  • 1 bunch of whole wheat biscuits

Great. Now that I’ve listed them all out, it doesn’t sound that little. I see myself binge eating on Saturday. HAHA. Procrastinator is my middle name, please do provide some moral support. I’ve got a XS dress to fit. URGH.

My Ungrateful Butt.

For once when I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and get my saggy butt moving this was the response.

Me: Ok I’m going jogging later.
Him: ?!!

How encouraging. But I totally deserved it. I merely jogged for 15 minutes and walked for another 5 minutes. Forget about the jogging stats (I know most people measure their progress in KM. HMPH.) and let’s move on to the less glamorous part of jogging.

Initially I was all dressed up to go burn the fats sitting on my ungrateful butt and thighs, but soon realized I look more like I’m going for a swim then a jog. I should thank the Romans for inventing mirrors in the 4000 BC (According to the all trustworthy source of knowledge – WikiAnswers )


I ended up looking like a middle aged lady all ready to burn her long-overdue-postnatal-fats. GRRR.



Our IT department recently sent us an IT security bulletin which aims to advise users to create a password which is easy for him/her to remember but difficult for others to guess.

SHUCKS. Now everyone knows that my password is 34C16848. HAHA.


Thank you Sue Ann for the earrings from BBK! I love it when retailers put in extra effort in their branding and packaging even for simple products like this. Call me superficial. HAH.


Urgh #1: I was asked to represent my division in our netball tournament. If only they knew about my dysfunctional family of body parts (My hands, legs and brain don’t exactly communicate)! URGH.

Urgh #2: My friend bought me a bridesmaid dress (I heard it’s pink, flirty short and it’s a tube dress .) with a huge flower hair band. The worst thing is she bought me a XS size. I was never a XS even if I only eat broccoli and drink nothing but water from now till December. URGH.

Urgh #3: I need to go on a serious diet and exercise regime but being gluten and a major procrastinator I doubt it will start anytime soon. URGH.

Supermarket Shoppers.

During my recent grocery shopping trip, I met some of the most disgusting supermarket shoppers who inspired me to write this entry. I started with six points with an aim to present the “Top 10 Most Disgusting Habits of Singaporean Supermarket Shoppers” but ended up with 16 after I sent them to my friends. I am sure with our concerted effort we can definitely extend this list! Any others?

1) Love to tear rolls of plastic bags as though it’s toilet paper
2) Love to decorate the store with a Xmas theme in mind by stuffing unused plastic bags everywhere
3) Love to squeeze, poke and throw fruits, fish and meats alike
4) Love to hide unwanted products all over the store
5) Love to play treasure hunt in store by digging for “treasures” found in the deepest end of the shelves
6) Love to grab extra plastic bags before they leave the store (What’s with this PLASTIC NATION?)
7) Love to bring home the trolley when all they pay is $1
‘8) Love to stand at the samples tray and eat and eat their “lunch”
9) Love to leave their trolleys in the middle of the aisle and walk elsewhere
10) Love to read and read magazines, even tearing them out of their covers (HELLO “NO BROWSING”?)
11) Love to queue at express queue when they have got more than ten items
12) Love to tell the cashier they forgot to take something and keep other customers waiting
13) Love to conveniently forget to weigh things and make everyone wait at the cashier counter again
14) Love to get two people to queue in two queues
15) Love to open up body wash/ shampoo bottles to smell and conveniently again not close them back causing serious leakage on shelves
16) Love to steal testers when put on shelves without any metal chains

Ho White.

Ho White and the Seven Dwarves’ beer advert angers Disney


A beer advertisement featuring a raunchy version of Snow White has reportedly raised the ire of Disney.

The x-rated advertisement, for Jamieson’s Raspberry Ale, depicts the fairytale heroine blowing smoke rings while lying in bed with seven semi-clad dwarves. In this Disney dystopia, Snow White has been renamed “Ho White”, while the loveable dwarves Sleepy, Happy and Doc are rebranded Filthy, Smarmy and Randy – supposedly to represent different types of drinkers.


Advertisers often forget to view the ads / products / services from the eyes of the consumer. To them it’s a harmless joke but to the consumers it is a vulgar and cruel act of destroying the perfect image of Snow White from their childhood memory. If they did this to Ariel – my favourite Disney princess – I will surely write them a hate mail. HAHA.

The Presence of Gravity.

The following conversation is based on a nasty experience my aunt had with a reputable facial / spa chain (HINT: Ci__Spa).

Aunt: So how’s my skin condition so far?
Beautician: It’s alright.
Aunt: Any signs of skin sagging?
Beautician: AIYA, unless there’s no gravity in this world, your skin will surely sag!
Aunt: O_O

You can imagine the rest of her experience. Don’t even ask about the nationality of the beautician, I don’t want to be a nationalicist but this lady is definitely tactless to the max.

I love Heels.

I love peep-toe heels, especially those with a personality!


I’m a happy girl.