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CW went HK for conference and got us girls these presents!



I love the keychain! She knows I love travelling and hence this keychain. The only trouble I’m having is, I already have a TV-man and a cross with my bunch of keys!


Orange Peeler.

Remember a while ago I blogged about the “Top Most Disgusting Habits of Singaporean Supermarket Shoppers”? I need to add another entry to this list!

17) Love to peel oranges, try them and dump them back to the fruits launcher.


Totally gross! YIKES.

Sinful Indulgence

Attended a customer loyalty company event last weekend and as usual, tapas, wine, desserts and Chocz were served! I drank a glass of champagne and 2 glasses of white. Mmmm.

At the end of the event, we had lots of Chocz, desserts and tapas left and our marketing manager was so kind to let the girls (Me and the other girl) bring home all the leftover Chocz.

I was the happiest girl that day and it’s not the effects from the alcohol.


Forty Five dollars worth of Chocz

Retirement Party.

Sue Ann resigned from her job and it’s her last day today! To celebrate her freedom (her job is a pure social suicide!) we held a mini “Retirement Party” at CW’s place! Ate yummy Peranakan food CW bought from Ivins and watched bitchy movie – Mean Girls – over snacks! We had lots of fun and laughter!



happy retirement sue ann


This group of friends is very special to me, because of the stories we shared, the support we gave each other and the effort in coming together despite our hectic work schedules. Love you girls!

Too tired to blog. Upcoming (in the next few days)…

  • Ronald & Rachel’s Wedding
  • Wedding Favors I
  • Sue Ann’s Retirement Party!
  • I got some free Chocz!
  • Gifts from CW
  • Music / Cheers recording at Studio

… To be Continued.


I went for Baby Shanice’s full month celebration and realized I didn’t take any photos with the baby girl! HMPH.

winston and family

Congratulations! (Photo from FB)

shanice & joelle

Sister’s Love.

Overheard Joelle (Shanice’s elder sis) saying this.

“Mei mei looks like me. Pa pa looks like me!”


A Hectic Weekend

Busy with their wedding.

Went for a baby full month celebration.

Met up with the girlies for sue’s retirement party.

Legal Technicalities.


Photo Credit: lreversel

I can drive a manual car. Legally.

I cannot drive a manual car. Technically.


History_by_bluepawjoyPhoto Credit: bluepawjoy

I realized my blogging style changed a lot over the years. I used to blog like one of those pimply teens writing on and on about their life (which no one gives a damn) or as though I’m chatting online with Lola my invisible friend (using annoying shortcuts /poor English/ and “…” after every 8 words).

Why the sudden realization?

Some readers clicked on the archives dated 2006, read a page and stopped right there, while others who clicked “Older entries” read on till page 38.


My lackluster blogging history is embarrassing.

The Musical – Victor/Victoria (2009)

IMG_0525A Price to Pay.

IMG_0527A million miles away

IMG_0534Victor , Wai Mun and Me!

IMG_0537Victor and I

Watched Victor/Victoria on Tuesday with Victor and Waimun and it wasn’t too bad! Laura Fygi is sensational! Even though it wasn’t fantastic (because Broadway was way better), I still love their coordinated dance moves set in the 1930s and its non-slapstick humor. My favorite character – Norman Cassidy – King Marchan’s peroxide-blonde, spitfire girlfriend (acted by Australian actress Nicole Stinton) is hilarious! In her first few scenes, you would want to slap that dumb blonde but after a while, her airhead personality tickles the hearts of many.

vvAirhead and King.

“In “Victor/Victoria”, Fygi plays Victoria Grant, a struggling British singer looking to fulfill her dreams in 1930s Paris. She agrees to play a female impersonator (a drag queen) – Count Victor Grazinski – in a swanky nightclub in order to get noticed and becomes the toast of the town. However, things get complicated when a gangster falls for “her” (a drag queen) and Victoria has to choose between love and her passion.”


balloons_by_little_pretty.jpgPhoto Credit: Little Pretty

I know, it’s Thursday, but it’s a public holiday tomorrow so who cares! TGIF!

Gummy Bears. Paper Bears.

Saw these exhibits along the underground walkway towards Esplanade and they reminded me of my sister. She loves gummy bears! Sis, good luck for your accounting paper tomorrow!



These paper bears made of old storybook pages are also too adorable to resist.





If he can stand, he will definitely be bigger than my tiny friend. HAHA.

The Scarlette @ Isetan

My favourite blogshop – The Scarlette – collaborated with Isetan again! WOOHOO. This time they launched some beautiful collections at Wisma Atria. Thankfully I went there with him, otherwise I would have to drink water with bread for the rest of the month.


Me: Ooo. This is a cute dress for work.

Him: Hello. Remember you don’t need this for work?


Me: Ooo. This is so pretty. Sexy.

Him: Hello. Focus. You’re here for a purple dress for XXX’s wedding.


IMG_0514My second bridesmaid dress this month. (Can you see my side kick? HAHA)

In the end, I bought this from their past collections at a 30% discount. Their dresses ranges between $48 and $70 after discount. The Scarlette Originals are designed by their in-house designers and manufactured exclusively for them.



If you didn’t managed to get your hands on their Front Row Collection at Isetan Wisma Atria between November 19 – 25, you may try to get them online or at their next Front Row II launch at Isetan Scotts December 10 – 16.

aa-01_kelly_blackSource: The Scarlette

I personally love Kelly! But my hips are too wide for their ‘S’ and boobs are too small for their ‘M’. HMPH. Irritated.

P.S. Amanda, Nathalie is quite cute and she bears indescribable resemblances of you.

Upcoming posts.

  • Shopping at The Scarlette @ Isetan Wisma
  • Victor / Victoria
  • Random photos

Boo. I have so much to write about but I just don’t have the time.

Party @ Dempsey House

sue ann

Happy Birthday Babe and thank you for the birthday lunch you organized for us girls! It was great!

The birthday party was at Dempsey House in Bettany Davis Room. It’s a beautiful place!

inside house

What a pretty place!

girls trying to cut up the sandwich

The girls trying to cut up the “bigger bites” while I stared and looked stressed.

snapper fish


S, CW, S, S

CW you need to change your name. Maybe Suzy, Stacey, Sandy or Something. HAHA.

yummy cakes

Yummy Strawberry Shortcake!


The Finalist.

after party ice cream 2

The after party ice cream session at illy, Sixth Ave.

afrer party ice cream

Thank you love!

Photo credits: Sue Ann.

He is on leave today. I am on leave today.

We decided to run some errands for my friend’s wedding coming Saturday.

E.g getting my bridesmaid dress. HAH.

Jumbo Nuts.

I saw a bunch of jumbo nuts today. It’s huge (probably 4 by 3) ! It’s American! It’s way too big to consume!

It’s a bunch of jumbo walnuts from FairPrice! HAHA.


This is totally random. 

Divorce Cakes.

The world is getting weirder as people are getting more liberal. I personally feel that to certain extend marriage is sacred and I do not encourage divorce but I have nothing against people who are divorced. But divorce cakes?!


Even though the baker – Fay Millar, claims that her cakes are not meant to be spiteful but are fun and celebratory, but looking at the designs I can’t help but imagine a bunch of people torturing the edible figurines of their ex-husband / wife like a voodoo doll in their celebratory mood. Right. Not spiteful at all, just pure innocent fun.






Haha. But I must agree some designs are hilarious, very creative and rather quirky but others are plain evil. I guess this is yet another smart entrepreneur tapping on a growing trend.

Warning: Please do not try to imitate the figurines above.

View the entire collection here.

The Wedding: Banquet.

yirene and their picture

This board with the cute couple became a phototaking destination. HAH.


My dysfunctional but hilarious family.


A beautiful couple. HAHAHA. Some may noticed that I’m holding the bride’s bouquet of roses, that’s because I “caught” the roses when the bride threw it.


Technically, I was the one who touched it before it landed on the ground. Remember my dysfunctional body parts which refused to coordinate during my netball match? Catching is so way out of my natural ability. HAHA.

bride and us

The beautiful bride.

Guess who else was there?




cw and lennel

My sponsors! Haha. A small world indeed huh?

The Wedding: Solemnization.

It was supposed to be a beach wedding at Sentosa but it was raining that evening! The joyous occasion was surely not dampened by the rain!

happy couple


It was all mushy, touching and solemn when they exchanged their vows!

It’s all legal now! WOOHOO.

… To Be Continued.