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The Milestone of Twenty Nine.

I was looking through the highs and lows of 2009 and here are the monthly highlights for the year 2009 in SbR and my life. HAH.

December: Sang and recorded a song at one of the “famous” recording studio. Nope, I didn’t cut an album. I was the background singer for our company’s new song. HAHA. WTH

November: Thrice a bridesmaid, never a bride. I was twice a bridesmaid in November (Cousin’s and Rachel’s) and was a bridesmaid (Maxine’s) in December. If my groom ran away from the altar, I know who I should look for!

October: Celebrated our fourth year anniversary with the launch of the Kissable Series by Serene & Hers coupled with his pretty gift and the awesome dinner at Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant.

September: Farmville was such a hit among the FB community in 2009 and it wouldn’t do any justice to the creator if I didn’t feature them in my list. So in September I was a Farmville addict. First I ranted about it then I joined in the fun.

August: SbR found new sponsors (who are extremely kind) to host SbR on an independent platform. It was a pleasant surprise!

July: The beginning of the controversial post about Reuse, Reduce, Recycle  of Proposal Ring which led to a string of hurtful comments and a lack of trust in freedom of speech. In addition to the controversial post, July is the month which marked the ending of my glorious educational achievements and the beginning of an exciting work life.

June: I signed my debt-free life to HDB in exchange for a debt-ful life.

May: Went on a mini grad trip with him to South Korea and it was awesome! Visited so many, many, many places!

April: I bought the Largest Asset of my life!

March: Handed up my thesis and welcomed Freedom with my arms wide opened!

February: The lowest period of my life and SbR’s while fighting a losing battle with the unspeakable devil of thesis.

January: Experienced the painful process of job hunting. It sucks big time!

My 2009 started off really lousy but I’m glad it became better! Now, I can’t wait for twenty ten! 2009 is a crazy year but I’m sure 2010 will be an awesome year! Happy New Year!

An Antique in a Toyshop

The title of this entry summarized my Butter experience.

Rave: I love their playlist! It’s after all R&B!

Rant: There were too many SYT (Sweet Young Things) in the club! Don’t they have age limits these days? Most of them looked underage! Especially the skimpily dressed skinny girls! I felt like an antique walking in a toyshop!  What’s worst? The queue was horrible! Some of my friends queued for two hours just to get in! Thank goodness we were on a guest list!

I was told to not go on a Wednesday (cause antiques got to work the next day) and to avoid school holidays! BAH.



Having said that, the company was great! I had lots of fun with the SSSS + G girls, catching up with Cat from London (soon to be Catherine Chong-Goh), Yiqian, Erwin, Ian, Colin and ging-gang and the poor boys Miah, Shaun and Shawn who popped by but couldn’t get in!

“But I felt the night was awesome – girls in black (that’s us), vip entries, random aussie guys, the game 5/10, jugs of alcoholandmixers, alot of dancing, many good friends!” – Quoted from Sue Ann

Christmas Poppers.

I’ve never seen a Christmas Popper until Steph bought us these! We gathered in a circle with our arms crossed, one hand on our own popper and the other on our friend’s popper. Counting one to three, we pulled the popper and “BOOMZ”. I swear we were almost cult-like and we definitely draw too much attention to our room.

me and popper

I love the mini-explosion and the excitement of popping a popper but the little gifts given to us were just too silly. Inside my popper, I got a keychain, a paper crown and a lame joke, “Why do cows wear bells? Ans: Because their horns broke.” BAH.

us and popper

It was fun nonetheless. Thanks Steph.


We were all thrown into a small room for our new project. The tiny room became our second home and we decorated our home with random nick nacks.


It ended up looking like an altar with the six “tablets” on the shelf. HAH.

Postnatal Tummy.

OMG. My sister said I’ve got a Postnatal Tummy. GRRR. Weighing scale don’t lie, she is telling the truth. I’ve put on additional 2 kg and it’s all probably going to my waist.


Going to get Buttered up coming Wednesday to count down to New Year’s Eve’s Eve! Do say hi if you’re around!

Christmas Tree.

My family does not own a Christmas tree but we hosted a house party for my relatives last weekend. Together with my Dearie we came up with this. HAHAHA.

xmas tree

It may not be the most Christmasy Tree you’ve ever seen but you have to acknowledge our creativity given limited resources! HAH. We had lots of presents under our Christmas Tree! In a few weeks time, we can turn this into Chinese Characters in preparation for Lunar New Year! HAHA.

Last Christmas.

This was long overdue ever since my post about my Secret Santa! Thank you Steph for the pictures!

xmas party

xmas party1

Me with the Random Gifts

perpetual puzzles

Zhen Nan with his perpetual puzzles!


Waimun with her lamp!


Victor with his retirement fund bank and money plant. HAHA


Steph with her musical tin cookies and disco lamp!


Jing wei with his salad recipe book! The vegan! HAHA


We had to end our party early because a Grinch stole our Christmas! BOOO. The Grinch was outcast from our party with a black box over his face! HAHA.

All because of this stupid guy, my baby had to go back to work at 8pm on a Saturday. HMPH.

Al Qaeda link in failed plane attack?

WASHINGTON (AFP, Reuters) – The suspect in an attempt to detonate an explosive device on a Delta Airlines flight outside Detroit is thought to have al Qaeda connections, Representative Peter King told CNN. The 23-year-old Nigerian, who was subdued by passengers and flight crew, “did appear in a database as far as having a terrorist connection,” King said in an interview. King is a Republican member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

He was aboard an Airbus 330 carrying 278 passengers and was subdued after he attempted to ignite a device as the plane was preparing to land in Detroit, an airline spokeswoman told AFP. “My understanding is … that he does have al Qaeda connections, certainly extremist terrorist connections, and his name popped up pretty quickly” in a search of intelligence databases, King said.

US boosts air security after possible airliner bombing attempt. President Barack Obama on Friday ordered increased security for air travel after a man reportedly attempted to bomb an airliner flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.


Jogging_by_menaliePhoto Credit ~menalie

Went jogging / walking at ECP this morning and realized my legs are weaker than I thought. HMPH.


Source: Dilbert

After being posted to HQ and started working on the new system for a week, I think the consultant we hired is from Dilbert’s company. GRRRR.

Singapore Philatelic Museum


We went to the Singapore Philatelic Museum and they were having a Christmas Day Open House! That means the entrance is free! I love museums! It’s not just about stamps but it also features the history of Singapore and postal services around the world! It’s a colourful place and I had a lot of fun!


You know you’re the Queen when you appear on a stamp.


If you missed the Christmas Day Open House, they’ve got a New Year’s Day Open House coming up too!


Christmas Presents.

Here’s a list of my top 3 Christmas presents received this year!


A “Polaroid” camera! Technically, it’s called a FujiFilm Instax 200 but that’s so geeky.

My practical and geeky boyfriend who believes in Photoshop and digital imaging bought me an instant camera! How awesome is that?! It’s almost unbelievable! I love it!


The camera is so huge I can use it to whack any perverts and send him to La La Land! HAHA. He chose this model instead of Instax Mini because the photo quality is supposed to be better and he loves the wide film size instead of the card size photos! I love it! How many times did I say I love it?? I can finally start clicking around and surprise myself whenever the images appear in the blank card. It’s almost like magic! My new hobby will probably burn a hole in my pocket especially when every click is a dollar sixty five. OH MY!


An Account Receivable – Burberry Bag – from my sister! She drew this for me and I am praying hard my account receivable will not turn into a bad debt waiting to be written off. HAHA. I love you sister! I will surely miss your craziness and randomness when you’re away in Sweden!


A little present from Myself! A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.


Penguin published a collection of popular classics in a no-frill format made from 100% recycled material sold at $4.90 available at Borders Bookstore. Other recognizable titles such as Little Women, Sherlock Homes, Dracula and Happy Prince are also available at $4.90! I am giving Penguin 2 thumbs up for being environmental and pocket friendly!

Merry Christmas


Photo Credit: *mach0uilli

Merry Christmas to all my friends and readers out there! May this New Year be filled with lots of blessing, love, joy and health!

Chipmunks & Chipettes.

Watched the Gala Premiere of Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 yesterday all thanks to the free tickets from my company!


The storyline was mediocre but the Chipmunks and Chipettes were way too adorable! I was given four tickets and my sister’s friend Marcus came with us too!

gala premiere

Just got home from Christmas shopping. Busted close to $250 in a 3 hours shopping spree and I’m just 80% done. HMPH. Thankfully I’m on half day leave tomorrow! It’s almost Christmas!

Winter Solstice Festival.


Yesterday was Dongzhi Festival (or Winter Solstice Festival) a festival traditionally celebrated by Chinese. During Dongzhi Festival, families come together to make and eat Tangyuan (or glutinous rice balls) which symbolize reunion. So being Chinese, I had my share of Tangyuan too!

Brie & Wine.

His colleague just came back from France with Brie at 1.79 Euro and Wine at 5 Euro! OMG! Anyone going France soon? HAHA.

News of the day

  • My brother brought his girlfriend home! He’s fifteen. The girl is skinny. Source:
  • I hate waking up at 6 to reach work at 830. In response to my rant, CW welcomed me to the reality. URGH.
  • My favorite mug went MIA. I have a feeling my maid broke my mug but she claimed she has never seen it before. GRRR. She thinks it’s a symptom of me experiencing overactive imagination disorder.

I love Sushi Teh.




Always good. Never disappoint.