All because of this stupid guy, my baby had to go back to work at 8pm on a Saturday. HMPH.

Al Qaeda link in failed plane attack?

WASHINGTON (AFP, Reuters) – The suspect in an attempt to detonate an explosive device on a Delta Airlines flight outside Detroit is thought to have al Qaeda connections, Representative Peter King told CNN. The 23-year-old Nigerian, who was subdued by passengers and flight crew, “did appear in a database as far as having a terrorist connection,” King said in an interview. King is a Republican member of the House Homeland Security Committee.

He was aboard an Airbus 330 carrying 278 passengers and was subdued after he attempted to ignite a device as the plane was preparing to land in Detroit, an airline spokeswoman told AFP. “My understanding is … that he does have al Qaeda connections, certainly extremist terrorist connections, and his name popped up pretty quickly” in a search of intelligence databases, King said.

US boosts air security after possible airliner bombing attempt. President Barack Obama on Friday ordered increased security for air travel after a man reportedly attempted to bomb an airliner flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.


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