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His F***ED UP World.

This Caucasian man was found drunk and lying on the street of Orchard road this evening at 6pm.

Security Guard: Are you ok sir?

Man: F*** off!

Security Guard: Don’t drink so much next time lah~

Man: F*** OFF!

Security Guard: Ignored him and continued with his work controlling the traffic.

It must be a F***ED Up Day for him.

drunken man at orchard

I finally bought my CNY clothes. I hope my mum won’t frown upon my black and white assembly.


I have signed up for a 1.2k membership with Amore. He subsidized part of the cost and demanded my tummy be gone by the end of this year.

YAY. I am one step closer to my first Twenty Ten Resolution – To be lean and healthy. Procrastinator-self be gone!

If you see that I am blogging less, it means I am working my ass off at Amore. GRR.

Sister Day.

We had an awesome “Sister Day” planned out by Janet! It was fun and exciting!

First stop.

A simple meal at Old Town! Thereafter, we had to choose the second activities based on the given hints. There were 3 activities to choose from, “Option A – We will be happy”, “Option B – We will be very happy” or “Option C – Bitter before sweetness”. In unison we chose B!

girls with gift

Janet even prepared a  gift for all sisters! How sweet!

Second stop.

Option B led us to Nail Palace for a manicure session!! I love manicure!

faith enjoying mani

Faith enjoying her manicure!

our nails

Make a guess which is mine! HAH.

pretty nails

No prize for guessing it right! I love red lacquer!It elongates my fingers, makes my skin seems fairer and ooh I love red lacquer!

Last stop.

Ice cream! Seventh Heaven ice cream for seven girls! We each picked a flavor! Haagen Dazs never disappoints! YUM!

seventh heaven

handicap after manicure

We were practically “handicap” after our manicure!

eunice bday girl

We ended the night with a mini birthday celebration for Eunice! Happy Birthday Sister!

Thank you Janet for organizing our sister day!

Just added a stats counter which showed the number of hits since last August. How pathetic. HAH.


You must have heard about the woos and boos of the latest gadget – iPad – otherwise I’ll suggest that you relocation yourself to Mars! iPad was launch yesterday with much anticipation but instead of hearing cheers from fans, the launch left many fans disappointed. Some even started giving it names like “iPod on steroids” and even linking it to its “counterpart” iTampon. YIKES.

I love iPad! I mean, what’s not to love about the ease of reading blogs, surfing net and playing online games wirelessly and on a much wider screen with a 10 hour battery life. This means I won’t have to lug my 2kg laptop around looking for the nearest available power point to feed my electricity-guzzling machine! Isn’t that awesome! Alright! I must agree. Its name is neither sophisticated nor chic but surely the style and pleasure of using an iPad more than compensate its name?

ipad spoof

Source: youtube

Someone showed me this link, a spoof of iPad by Mad TV on youtube. It was disturbing. Guys seriously don’t understand the discomfort/pain we go through every month do they! Half the time I was squirming rather than laughing. YIKES.

Was supposed to get CNY clothes but came home with a bag and shoes instead!


Source: zaidimas

Easties, do join us for badminton at SIA Sports Club coming Saturday at 2pm if you are keen! Drop me a message / call!


elegance by kathleen tessaro
A frumpy, depressed woman (Louise Canova) metamorphosized into a confident diva in Tessaro’s novel, thanks to a 40-year-old style manual (A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux) found in a second-hand bookstore. An interesting novel which presented snippets of interesting style tips! I love Tessaro’s classy and witty novel and Madame Dariaux’s timeless style tips that are relevant (and sensible) till this day!

Here are some of my favourite tips featured in the novel!

On Accessories
“Be strict with yourself. Save. Economize on food if you must (believe me, it will do you good!) but not on your handbags or shoes. Refuse to be seduced by anything that isn’t first rate.”

“… some beauties are born, most of us are made. Make-up is a kind of cloting for the face, and in the city a woman would no more think of showing herself make-up than she would care to walk down the street completely undressed.”

On Weight
“I recommend that you weigh not just yourself but your priorities as well. After all, God made you the way you are and there is no point fighting nature to the extent that you alienate all your friends and family with endless rules and regulations concerning what you can and cannot eat. Being slender is undoubtedly elegant but neurotic self-obsession is NOT.”

I am so going to get my hands on Madame Dariaux’s style guide!

Little + Kilda

Amandina came up with a new site, Little + Kilda , to help hopeless shopaholics like many of us!

little kilda

“Ever bought something online that doesn’t quite fit? Or made an impulse purchase that you posthumously realized you would never wear? Little + Kilda is the perfect place for you to give your threads a new lease of life and free up some closet space!”

Little + Kilda

I love this idea and I saw some cute stuff from Little + Kilda! But they are mostly in minuscule XS size! HMPH. Amandina and sister are tiny people! I’m just hoping more of her regular size friends will go surrender some cute stuff too! And by regular I meant size S or M not XS! Oh. It’s supposed to help shopaholics to earn some quick bucks by letting go some of those impulse purchases but it seems that I will be on the spending end of this “business” model. HMPH. Oh. In case you’re wondering, she’s not earning any commission!

Shopping Horror.

Most shoppers in Singapore are accustomed to first-rate shopping experience in most of our malls. Neatly stacked products on proper shelves are expected if not the basic of all shopping experience. Civilized people with elegance and poise walking along the aisle and fitting rooms are a common scene. At least this is my expectation when it comes to shopping in Singapore.

Never did I expect to be greeted with such chaotic mess during one of my shopping trip.

branded mess

branded mess2

Make a guess where this is!

Nope. This is not at a warehouse sale.

Nope. This is definitely not at a Pasar Malam (night market)

Nope. We don’t have street hawkers in Singapore like those in some developing countries.

You must be getting desperate. This is not at a WET MARKET!

This was found in Marina Square. Yes. You heard me. Marina Square -a reputed shopping mall at city centre.

branded outlet store marina

Whatever they are selling at the Branded Outlet Store, I am not going in there the next time, the people looked possessed.

Doraemon. Again.

doraemon cow

Cowwy D is enjoying my current read. HAH.

doraemon mouse

Who moved Mousey D’s cheese?!

doraemon cupid

I’m supposed to be a PIGGY D but ended up being a Cupidy D.

Speaking of Piggy D, MacDonald’s finally come to their senses that the Chinese Zodiac collection is incomplete without Mr Piggy D. Even though this year’s CNY falls on the Fourteen Feb, Cupidy D will always be a guest not a family in the collection. Mr Piggy D is irreplaceable. HAH.

piggy d

If you want a piece of Mr Piggy D, you’ll have to wait till April!

I can finally stop eating the unhealthy fast food for a little while just to collect these Doraemon which my sister adores. YAY!


A parcel is on the way to Sweden to help save a group of poor Singaporean students who are deprived of local delights. I know some people may find sending parcels overseas expensive and impractical but the warmth and love you send over is priceless.


First Layer: I am sure I can make some money if I distribute these to the various Universities with Asian students.


Second Layer: Amandina recommended A1 curry! A1 curry kit is too heavy so I got this instead! HAH.


Third Layer: Sister, I will use your Ang Bao money to reimburse these expenses! HAH.


Forth Layer: These prawn rolls are KING PRAWN rolls. You better shop with me in your mind!


Postage rate. $53.85. 1.99 Kg. Sweden.

P.S. Yirene these are precious supplies that should only be consumed in times of crisis! Remember to save some for CNY!

Beer and Stout.

Spotted an elderly couple drinking beer and stout during breakfast! What happened to coffee and tea?



Gaia Korean Restaurant
3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-10/12 Suntec City Mall
Tel: +65 6339 3313

P.S. I’m not experiencing Korean fever. Yes, I understand. There are too many Korean related entries – e.g Korean BBQ and BB Cream. I mean, what’s not to love?!






The food was good, not particularly mind blowing but definitely above average and rather authentic. The differentiating factor which sets Gaia apart from other restaurants was their commendable service standard! Being in the service industry, I understand the challenges service staff faces and hiring the right kind of people with the right attitude really matters.  Throughout my dining experience, their service team was exceptionally attentive, responsive and friendly. I have nothing but praises for their outstanding service.

Some SbR readers may remember one of my New Year Resolution is to write compliment letters for praiseworthy service personnel and so I did. I’ve requested for a feedback card but they ain’t got any, and so with paper and pencil I wrote a long note filled with praises.


Yay! One step closer to my Twenty Ten Resolution!


It seems that many people caught a certain Facebook virus. This virus automatically changes your relationship status to “Engaged”. HAH. Or so I think.

Pretty Edible Pretties.

I love chocolates. I love shoes. This can be perfect.

But I don’t think I will ever put these pretties in my mouth. It’s just so wrong.


“Frances Cooley, a cake maker, launched the range after discovering a vintage chocolate shoe mould in Belgium. She has developed a collection of individual shoes – including zebra stripes and polka dot versions – which she makes by hand in her own kitchen. … She said: ”People are wowed about them because it’s the perfect gift for a woman – chocolate and stiletto shoes put together.”


Gold Caviar.

I am a happy girl! Jw’s girlfriend braved the snowstorm in Korea to help get my daily beauty essential! Hanskin’s Gold Caviar Gold BB Cream! Thank you! I hope you’ve won the battle with the notorious flu bug you caught in the snow!

hanskin bb cream

I love Hanskin’s BB cream’s

  • Texture: It is smooth and feels light on the skin!
  • Tone: It doesn’t make me look like a Geisha but gives a slightly lighten but natural looking skin!
  • Coverage: It conceals naturally yet allows my skin to breathe!
  • Additional Benefits: It has whitening, anti-wrinkle and SPF 21 benefits all in one! (Or so they claim!)

Wednesday. Friday.

I like Wednesday!

If not for Thursday I would have love Wednesday like I love Friday!


Credit: PhotoMeHappy

Oh. I can’t wait to see you, Friday.

The Time Traveler’s Wife.


It is indeed a rare and startlingly original book. The extraordinary love story of Henry and Clare staged in a complex circumstance of Henry’s uncontrollable time-traveling genetic condition made my reading journey seems like a rollercoaster ride. It was intense and frustrating at the same time. Niffenegger made me want to fall in love, fall into an intuitive relationship without logic but with all my heart.

I think maybe, I already am?