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Belly Dancing.

Belly_Dance_series___1_by_eval_munchkinSource: eval-munchkin

Just when I thought my belly found her home, a place where other tummies embrace her size, my legs, hip and shoulder refused to cooperate.

Breakfast. Beer. Brunch.

We met thirtysix-f over weekend for a mini flaunt and catchup session at Cedele.

I have weird friends. She drank beer in broad daylight when we’re having all day breakfast! She’s not even German! Granted. Her boyfriend is French. HAH.

sharon lau


Yummy Wedges!

green tea latte

Green Tea Latte! It would have been better if it’s ice cold!

my baby

I miss him!

photo (1)

Totally adore their All Day Breakfast!

White ants.

The white ants ate their company while their staffs tried to kill them. HAHA. White ant destroying which company again?!

white ant destroying co

Sing in good times and bad.

hear our praises1

Had a great time last weekend at church! If you can’t pray in bad times, sing then!

He is in Munich. I am so jealous. Grr.



Decided to go Boho today! HAH. My skin is fried this morning! It’s all red!

Changi Village Nasi Lemak

I love Changi Village Nasi Lemak! Instead of going for the most popular stall, my boy opted for his all time favourite from Sri Sujana! It’s yummy! Love their chicken wings! Very tasty and well marinated!

international food stall

Crazy queue at the International Food Stall!

sri sujana

His all time favourite!

nasi lemak

I can’t get any happier! It’s TGIF!

___Jump____by_Darkness_ITASource: Darkness-ITA

Eleven Hours


Read Eleven Hours by Paullina Simons and concluded that I’m still a chick flick lover! I read it within 2 days because the suspense of a thriller proves to be too heavy for my heart. The read about a poor pregnant woman getting kidnapped is tormenting. Don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely a good read. It’s exciting, thrilling, freaky and gosh, Didi Wood (the pregnant woman) is one brave soul.

P.S. I certainly didn’t expect this book to fall within the collection that CW bought for us girls! HAH. Surprised.

Yay! I just kicked The Project’s ass during my Kickboxing class! HAH. According to my imagination, The Project is a old and lumpy man! It’s an awesome way to release the frustrations faced in the day! BollyBlitz is fun! I love Bollywood!

I’m enjoying my workout routine of high intensity workout during weekday and low intensity workout during weekend!

Please pray that I can get off work on time tomorrow just so I can go kick some ass at Kickboxing class and shake some booty at BollyBlitz. I am in seriously need for divine intervention.

IOU: She Owe Me.

My sister wrote this on my wall.

wall msg

Just to remind my sister, I’m still holding on to the IOU she drew for me. HAHA. According to the current credit card interest rate of 24.455%, I think I’m expecting a medium size bag when she’s back. HAHA

AR from yirene

My initial disinterest for The Project has evolved to dislike and now to self-destruction.


Had a company event at Shenton Way today and I am so glad I don’t work there. PHEW.

Lovely walk.

I didn’t know this place existed …

Picture 011

Make a guess where this is!

Picture 008

It’s not in Malaysia.

Picture 010

Picture 018

Picture 019

The next picture is a giveaway.

Picture 015

Picture 022

I love taking walks especially on boardwalk. Hee.

Shu Jing’s Wedding

church wedding2

Was at Shu Jing’s church wedding! I love weddings!

shujing wedding2

With some of the previous batches of MTs!


The 8th batch of MTs and their partners.

9 in a car

ZN’s car can fit nine of us!

Shu Jing, may your marriage be a blissful and blessed one!

P.S. Wedding talk overdosed? I’m sure there will be a lot more coming. Maybe I need a The Wedding Edition by SbR blog. HAHA.

Michael + Wendy 183

I saw Xiaxue‘s ROM video and thought it was really beautiful! Forlino is amazing! I’m definitely checking it out someday! Have a blessed marriage!

Fishermen’s Wharf

Had Fish and Chips at Fishermen’s Wharf and we think beer goes best with it!

fish and chips

Beer, as in root beer and ginger beer. HAHA.

photo (2)

For the whole day, SbR is always “temporary unavailable”. HMPH.


Beijing___Summer_Palace_by_JaiccaSource: Jaicca

My company did well this year so they are bringing us to Beijing in April/May! I love incentive trips! I love holidays!