Beijing___Summer_Palace_by_JaiccaSource: Jaicca

My company did well this year so they are bringing us to Beijing in April/May! I love incentive trips! I love holidays!


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4 responses to “Beijing”

  1. lbluewindl says :

    When you say “your company” and “us” you mean the ENTIRE company and ALL the staff? that would be omg.

    Ok i just went to find how much staff your company has. Apparently its about 6000. That’s not too bad. And way lower than what I was expecting ha.

    • somethingboutrenes says :

      All executives and managers! Non exec going to different places!! There will be 5 batches lo!

  2. lbluewindl says :

    wa must moderate one ar! K you can delete this comment since its gonna be nonsense anyway. I deliberately never write down your company somemore. Anyway I was looking at xxx, which i assume is what you’re talking about when you mention company. I thought got like 20000 employees or soemthing lo since you all got stores like EVERYWHERE. k la now that i think about it 20000 is too much.How many stores do you all have ar islandwide? got overseas operations? Ok you probably shuold reply this over msn or gchat ha. Hmm. I should be asking all this over msn or gchat. Oh well. Too late.

  3. somethingboutrenes says :

    Will reply on Gchat if I’m in! Lol. But not true we are not everywhere! Lol

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