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Posted eight entries in a day. Enough is enough. I’ll stop right here! HAH. Actually I’ve got a few more to share with you guys, but I’ll save it for another day!

Goodnight World!

Doraemon in Town.

Sis! Doraemon was in town! HAHA. I wonder how they manage to find someone so tiny to squeeze him/her into the costume!


We were at udders and their icecreams are liquor -licious! HAHA. I believe my alcoholic sister will love them!

Family Day Out at Sentosa!

Remember a while back, I took part in NFC’s National Family Celebrations 2010 through Nuffnang’s Blogger Family Pledge Movement? Through the contest, I won a set of Luge and Skyride tickets and another set of Hippotour tickets for my family! Since my brother is having his ‘O’ level examinations and my sister is away, I shared these tickets with my grandma, aunts, uncles, niece and nephew! [This post is uber long with tons of pictures!]

My parents went to pick up my cousin and her family so we had to take the Sentosa express! Our first time on the Sentosa express which is no different from LRT or Disneyland’s monorail.

Arrived at the carnival earlier than expected!

Off lazing around at the beach while waiting for the rest!

I love beaches!

Having icecream to beat the heat!


First the luge then the skyride!

On your mark!


I agree!

The skyride!

Dylan was kind of nervous when handling the snake but boy, he is a courageous one! I bet my sister can’t do this!

I kissed a Merlion!

The heat is crazy! He had to get a SUPER BIG GULP!

Then we hopped on a Hippo bus when my other aunts and grandma came along!

We had a long but fun day!

Family outing is not really his cup of tea and I was a little guilty dragging him along! Thank you baby! I can’t promise I won’t drag you into this the next time but I really do appreciate your effort! Love you!


Seat Reserved Tissue

I thought this is really cute! HAHA. Very apt. Very Singaporean.

If you think the carpark warden doesn’t protect his butt when he gives you a ticket, think twice! This uncle Mercedes parked right on the double yellow line and worst, he is blind enough to not see a warden loitering around five metres away! The warden took at least eight pictures or more from all angles! Long enough for me to snap a picture of him “hard” at work! HAHA.

A whole lot of posts coming right up!

Today has been a long day! We went Sentosa, took the luge and skyride, hangout by Palawan beach, took the Hippotour, hang out by Siloso beach, meet up with part of Tabeem and Taitong (who I’ve not met for almost a year!)! Going to post up the pictures when I’m alive. Oh. And I literally hit my head this morning. HMPH.

It’s a holiday and I woke up at 730. What is wrong with me!?

Source: x-xSarahx-x

Happy Holiday Friday!

Bimbo Talk.

You won’t believe what I overheard from a bunch of young ladies at the mall yesterday. Does bimbo exist? A sure yes!

Bimbo Talk #1

Girl A: You know I heard that some people choked on tofu!

Other girls: *Gasped* REALLY? OMG!

Bimbo Talk #2

Girl B: My sister doesn’t eat vege.

Girl A: Oh no! Die! Her vein will choke!

This is the ultimate!

Bimbo Talk #3

Girl B: You know… all food has got… erm… goodness in them? Like, fish… it tells personality. If guys don’t take them. They are jerks.

SIGH. I hope these girls are not representative of our nation’s young ladies.

Dorothy Perkins Fashion Night Out: SATC2

Sue Ann took part in Dorothy Perkins’ Fashion Night Out contest and won a pair of SATC2 sneak premiere tickets (all thanks to her bestie – Lai Yee! Thank you babe!). Before the movie, I was treated with awesome shopping experience at Dorothy Perkin! Have you ever gone shopping where there are guys serving you canapes? HAHA.

Look at my arms. GRRR.

SATC2 was awesome! AWESOME! It is a MUST for all SATC fans! Ignore the poor reviews you see on newspapers (I heard ST Life gave it 3.5 / 10!) and magazines! You have to watch it! It’s hilarious! I won’t say the plot is the best, but just watching the characters, relieving the good old days of SATC makes me smile! The experience was especially unique when you watch it in a theater filled with SATC fanatics! Everyone cheered, “ooohh and ahhh” and laughed at the same scene! Go watch it!

Sue Ann loves sweet popcorn! I love them too!

The awesome goodie bag!

Thank you Sue Ann for sharing this awesome movie treat!

My Sister’s Pledge.

A while back, I made a pledge in collaborations with NATIONAL FAMILY CELEBRATIONS 2010 (NFC 2010) under Nuffnang‘s Blogger Family Pledge Movement and now my sister has got something to say! Here’s a pledge from my crazy little sister!

“I pledge to prioritise my family above my friends when it comes to spending quality time. I pledge to chat with my grandma daily and compliment her on her cooking (to encourage her to cook more often)! I pledge to talk to my parents more often, other than the normal TV/dinner time slot. I pledge to organise more family outings and engage the whole family at it. I am sure I can pull off a BF (bitch fit) if any family member refuses to cooperate! HAHA! I pledge to be an understanding and helpful sister to my younger brother who is still in a tricky, growing up stage. Finally, my sister. I pledge to go shopping with her more often and be less critical of each other. Yeap, that’s all. Looks easy but it sure takes much effort! Wish me luck!?”

– Yirene

I totally miss and love her! Come home soon!


Organised by the National Family Council, National Family Celebrations is an annual event which celebrates and reinforces the importance of families and family life. This year, Singaporeans are encouraged to make a personal commitment to their families by being a part of the Singapore Family Pledge Movement.

To provide opportunities for Singaporeans to follow through on the pledges to their families, there are a myriad of activities under the NFC 2010 calendar – which will interest the young, the old, and everyone in between! NFC 2010 will be held from 25 May to 26 June 2010, and this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Celebrations. For more information on NFC 2010, visit

Translated Menu.

Wai Mun sent this to us and we all had a good laugh. These are some menus found in Chinese Restaurant in China. I think they used Google translator.

Here are some classics. HAH.

Just bought a secondhand book today! I can’t help buying chick flicks! I’ve got tons of books (7 unread books) sitting on my table arranged according to my preferred reading order yearning to be read by me. HAH. I’ll probably need a garage sale to get rid of all these books before I move to our new place next year!

Sam Walton – Made in America

There are many authors who wrote about the powerful, brutal and crafty Sam Walton (and Wal-mart as a whole) but little about his values, visions and rationales he had for Wal-Mart and America. After reading his autobiography, Sam Walton to me is just a human being like any others, one with aspirations, one who inspires and one who has a soft side like anyone else. He is definitely not a scary old man leading a colossal corporation which many painted him as.

This book is a great read and everyone, managements, entrepreneurs, employees alike should read it!

The Old Brown Shoe

We were at The Old Brown Shoe for their fish and chips and cider! Totally love their cider! Their fish and chips was a little too oily for our liking!

Strongbow cider! Yummy!

Our fish and chips came wrapped in newspaper!

30th Anniversary of Pac-Man

Do you remember playing Pac-Man game on the old computers in your younger days? I do! Whenever my mum has to work in the office during weekends, I’ll tag along just to play Pac-Man at her colleague’s computer! Now, you have 48 hours (or less as the second goes pass) to enjoy this game on Google homepage! Their first ever interactive illustration! Awesome!

“Web users can still perform a search through the Google home page, but those who want to play the game have to click on the “Insert coin” button. Clicking that button twice allows you to play a two-player game, with one player taking the role of Miss Pac-Man, and controlling her progress using the W, A, S and D characters on the keyboard.

Google said it had commissioned the doodle, its first ever interactive illustration, to mark the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man‘s release. Google said the launch of Pac-Man marked “a significant moment in popular culture”, and said that web users had 48 hours to “re-live the nostalgia” of the 1980s by playing the game on the Google site.”

Happy Birthday ‘Whine’ Mun!

I’m glad despite all busyness at work we didn’t forget to celebrate each other’s birthday!

Happy Birthday ‘Whine’ Mun! HAHA. is a local based online store which sells imported (mainly Korean) pretty little knick knacks!

One of my readers – Cheryl – asked where Stephanie got those pretty ballerina stamps from, so I thought I might as well share them openly here as a post in case some readers missed out on my comment reply. I totally adore the Ballerina, Fairy and Mountain Bird series! Pretty! Thank you Stephanie for sharing with us! Hee.