Eco-friendly reusable bags, Channel 8, 10pm, 29 May 2010

Many people are unaware that many recycled bags are not biodegradable and if they are disposed of in large quantities, they may cause more environmental problems than plastic bags. When the ‘Bring your own bag’ campaign first started three years ago, only 3% of shoppers brought their own bags to supermarkets. Subsequently, the number rose to 10% in the second year. Although recycled bags are considered environmentally friendly, they are difficult to dispose of if they have imprints on them or are stained with oil. Moreover, it is more expensive to produce these recycled bags, as compared to plastic bags, leading to greater wastage. However, these recycled bags are deemed environmentally friendly as they can be reused and that prevents wastage. They can help to cut down resources and protect the environment if they are better utilised.

I need to rant about this.

People, stop hoarding those reusable bags when you have no intention to reuse them or to stop taking plastic bags while shopping!

Company, stop giving out these bags as goodie bags! It’s nothing but wastage when people are not using them!


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