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My cab driver saw this HUGE dark clouds …

Him: I think we are heading straight into the rain

Me: Yeah, XXX always flood

Him: Can I drop you here? (in the middle of a highway)

Me: I don’t think so. Haha (laugh nervously)

Him: Then can I cancel the trip?


Professor Brawn Cafe with the Girls

I love meeting up with the girls. Great food at Professor Brawn Café at a great price.

Love it when the girls come back from holidays! I need a holiday too!

We are so blessed to have girlfriends with awesome boyfriends! Lennel got us girls these badges. CW is always purple and SA is always pink. Lennel decides to allocate who is Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Sunshine! The conclusion? I am Little Miss Giggles because he cannot imagine SQ giggling! HAHA. Thank you Lennel (I will be writing a thank you post soon, closer to date. hee)

*Picture of us girls*

It is quite rare we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves that night and this is one of those rare moments! HAH.

After dinner we headed for desserts and played a game with SA. A game to analyze and evaluate her love life. We called it “Learning Journey” (OK. We are not creative. Yawn)

Picture is intentionally blurred to protect the privacy of the various parties.

Great company. Great “real life” catchup session (we talk via email all the time)!

Love the girls to the bits.

She barks (a lot)

She has been really naughty recently. Barks a lot. When neighbor comes back (angry bark), when she needs to pee (urgent bark), when I visit (joyful animated bark) and when I pushes her face towards the ball multiple times (irritated bark)! HAH.

I love her (minus her barking).

Beauty Mistakes.

I found this “6 Beauty Mistakes that are bad for your Skin” list here and gosh, I scored a three and a half out of six! This is bad.

  • Exfoliating too much (yeah, I like the squeaky clean feeling)
  • Sleeping with your makeup on (this is a big no NO, even I know this)
  • Not using sunscreen (erm when I don’t bother with my BB cream which comes with UV protection)
  • Washing with hot water (mmmm, I love hot steamy showers!)
  • Using expired beauty products (I keep them till I use them all up, but I hardly use them, so gosh.)
  • Neglecting your neck (I love my neck and I do not neglect them!)


This week is our last week in The Office so we decided to get some cards for our mentors and managers. We also bought some kueh for the department and people who have helped us.

We even stick a silly picture of us in there!

It’s a mixed feeling having to leave The Office. More than half of my one year career is spent in The Office and it is part of my daily routine. I will probably miss it especially the company. But I’m also looking forward to the new challenges!

A guy just offered me a seat on the train! I hope he didn’t think I’m pregnant! It must be the two bags I’m carrying!

// Just when I finished ranting on SbR. A guy offered my friend (in another train) a seat. She thinks it must be a “Be Nice to Girls Day”!! It must be it!

The Letter

Just received The Letter which indicates the amount of increment and performance bonus! It’s not a lot of money but I’m grinning from ear to ear!

It’s drizzling. The taxi I’m in has a faulty wiper. It got stuck in the middle of his windscreen. He has been meddling with it for the past 13 mintues and he looks worried.


Out with Barley

Our first outing with Barley!

Wearing black while carrying her is a bad choice.

Dog lovers should bring their lovelies to these two places!

U Petgamart
11 Pasir Ris Farmyway 1, Blk A Aqua Fauna Centre S519355

Join as their lifetime member for $20 and your dog gets to swim in their 10m lap pool! We gave this place a miss as we were too worried timid Barley will suffer from heart attack with the number of big dogs in there!

Pet Movers
4 Pasir Ris Farmway II

Non members are allowed to use their dog wading pool and dog run facility! It is the first time we allowed Barley to run wild and free without the leash! When let off the leash she was a little apprehensive, not knowing where to go! After some encouragement, she went crazy! She ran around the lawn twice at a lightning bolt speed! I guess freedom never tasted sweeter! HAHA. Thankfully she is sensible enough to run back to us after some persuasion! Otherwise it would be a tough chase given her four legs and agility!

Starfruit Tree

I bet you have never seen a starfruit tree! His family has got one!

He is not Paul.

One of our consultants sent us this. He had too much faith with his system and that dude is definitely not Paul.

Break Ass.

CW sent this to us this morning. HAHA.

Mini Ang Ku Kueh

Found these mini ang ku kueh near our training centre. So cute!

An Adventure to Orchard Tower

A while back we had a wild night celebrating JW and Victor’s birthday! We headed down to Orchard Tower and visited Crazy Horse and Romeo! It was an eye opener! Never had I in my life seen so many ladyboys all congregated at a single location! Crazy Horse is not as crazy as it claims to be! Romeo is filled with testosterone masked with layers and layers of cosmetics! There are many who are really hot in terms of appearance (minus their voice and manner). I doubt I’ll ever step foot in there unless for a good reason.

Getting ready for a wild night before the visiting Orchard Tower.

Crazy girls.

Birthday Boys and Zhennan

All ready for a wild night! Actually the ladyboys were only interested in JW and ZN (especially JW)! HAHA. Erm it was a fatal attraction for JW.

Thank you Steph for introducing us to Bali! Thank you MK for the list of questions to ask the rehomer! Thank you Harry the previous owner of Bali for allowing us to befriend Bali! Thank you Jason for having the faith in us to have her!
Thank you Lord for all the blessings you gave us! May the Lord watch over Bali hopefully she won’t turn into a tyrant! May the Lord grant us and our family with patience and love!


It is official. Her name is Barley.

Bali barked.

She finally barked.

Three times.

His dad came home.

Neighbour came home.

I took out the leash.

She is extremely adorable and obedient. She sits upright when in her playpen like a prim and proper lady but when she is out of her pen; she jumps around like a child waiting to get out of the house!

A new friend – Bali

We found out about Bali (he is thinking of a new name for her) through Stephanie who found out about her through Pets Channel Adoption Listing.

We met up with Bali on Saturday and the rest is history.

A pretty Japanese Spitz who loves apple and is a happy, cheerful and playful little one!

Settling in in her new home and befriending her new friend who just like her, doesn’t bark. Heh.

Looking forward to celebrate her two years old birthday on 29 November!

// I thought maybe I should share a little story about Bali for my avid readers. Her owner has got two dogs a golden retriever and her! He is a PRC living in Singapore for ten years and because his parents want him to return to China he thought he should bring back his dogs. He heard about the quarantine his dogs have to go through if he is to bring them back and became very worried for Bali. Bali is a really timid girl! She is scare of strangers and she jumps at every loud sound. Instead of making Bali suffer under quarantine, he thought he should bring his GR which has a higher possibility of surviving in the cold room alone for a month. He then began his search for a new home for Bali and he found us.

Weekend Romantique

Source: Le Love

The last time I changed SbR header was 27 February 2009. That was more than a year ago. I need a new header. I’ll settle for this in the meantime while I look around.

Lelong Sale

My company had a lelong sale two days ago at our canteen! Bought a bunch of wines at $10 a bottle! Amazing!

Lunch at the Zoo

It is our last few weeks in the office before we each lead our own paths in the Frontline, we once made a promise that on the day that we leave the office we will go to the Zoo for lunch at KFC! Bringing forward our promises, we headed down to the ZOO!

I should not be eating this. He will kill me if he knows but since everyone is so excited about it, I shall not be a wet blanket! This moment is very rare. JW eating KFC. He last ate it almost two years ago and he doesn’t eat fast food! HAHA.

I was too full! But the rest enjoyed Ben and Jerry after lunch! HAHA. Wai mun loving her icecream!