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Restaurant Chako
134 West Coast Way
Hong Leong Garden Shopping Centre
Singapore 127064
Tel: 67763919 / 67764613

The last time we visited Restaurant Chako was in Feb 2009. More than a year later, we visited it again. It was just as good and as expected the wait was terribly long (at least 45 mins to an hour) but well worth it. You can view my review here back in 2009, the points are still valid other than their new improved menu which comes with English translation. Hah.

We went bowling with our CEO. How cool is that? He treated us to Waraku and we treated him to a game of bowling. HAH.

Barley’s Staycation.

Barley is in the house! My house! She is on a staycation! She is here to stay for a week! One entire week! Yippee! Oh, but my sister is suffering from some anxiety attack. I hope she will get through this week stronger and overcome her dog-fearing self! Haha.

She is really mischievous! I sat on the sofa and she jumped right up! I had to bring her down thrice and scare her with a “newspaper-rod” to make her stay grounded (literally). Oh, can anyone recommend something to whiten Barley? She is turning brown! GASP. HAH.

I hate going to gym but I love the feeling after workout. Hah

Source: Dilbert

Some people don’t like babies not because they scream and salivate all the time. HAHA.

I’m tempted to categorize this post under “Earth Friendly”. HEH.


Kotex is launching a new product and I was shocked. I was more “WAH LAU” than “WOW” when I first heard of it but be sure to find out more and wait patiently for the launch happening on 9 September 2010! I think this is fun/funny! HAHA. I love interesting products and marketing campaign.

After the initial “WAH” I think Kotex’s loving effort in making the painful moments more endurable in the month may just pay off! You can go register in here and request for free samples for this new product! Be sure to quote the wow code “YNTB”! Have fun!

Pretty Cupcakes.

I adore cupcakes! Looking at them makes me happy! But sadly, most of the cupcakes look better than they really taste. Boo.

Vending Machine.

Sure, we’ve seen the usual vending machine dispensing drinks, toasted bread and cut fruits, but this is the first time I came across one which dispenses Gardenia breads! HAH I was amazed!

“Oh wow” you may think sarcastically or “What’s the big deal?”, Japan is far more advance in this area.

So tell me, what would you wish for to have it dispensing in a vending machine?

I have a few random post coming up! Stay tuned!

It’s the first time I fell asleep with Barley in my arms! It took me a lot of courage to do that for fear of her affectionate licking and his nagging. She is warm, furry and so huggable!

On the other note, I think I pampered her too much because she loves to sleep on her back and asks for tummy rub! It’s one of her unglam moments! HAHA

If someone stole your bicycle…

… what would you tell him/her? We saw this and thought it was hilarious! HAHA.

Photo taken with his iPhone 4 in the middle of the night. Not bad yeah.

Super Babies.

I am not a fan of saliva drooling babies! I prefer toddler but through A Beautiful Mess, I came across the most creative and amazing baby photos ever posted in Modern Kiddo. Gosh. Here are simple photos with some mind blowing ideas.

My personal favourite is the girl with the balloons. Simple yet sweet!

No to Punggol

I had to go to Punggol for a work-related short stint. This experience left me more certain why living in Punggol is a major no no. No offence to the residents in Punggol but here are three personal reasons why I’ll never want to stay in Punggol.

(1) It is in the middle of nowhere. Unless you frequent Dhoby Ghaut (which I don’t) or work in Outram/Harbourfront (which I don’t either) I don’t see any reasons to stay in Punggol. In order to travel to visit Barley in the East, I had to take the God-forsaken LRT (Light Rapid Transport, which I’ll rant more later) to Punggol MRT, take the North-East line to Serangoon, change to Circle line to Paya Lebar and eventually get on to East-West line towards the east!

(2) There is nothing except HDB flats. Nothing else except open field (waiting to build more HDB flats), HDB flats (which is so close to each other gave me – an individual suffering from Claustrophobia – a major headache just looking at it) and construction sites building more flats!

Granted they have shopping malls but a crappy mall like Punggol plaza with nothing worth shopping except FairPrice can drive me crazy!

(3) There have crappy LRT services.

These are nothing like the ones in the west! The station has no indication displaying the expected arrival time; the train is stuffy with loud announcements going on and on.

Sigh. I hope I’m not turning into one of those cocky easties even before moving over cause I don’t really like them either. HAH. Shit I think I just turned myself into a public enemy for people living in the east and north-east. HAH. This I’m assuming if there are people alive reading this. hehe.


I was at Raffles Place on Friday to support our management staffs as torchbearers in YOG! It was fun! I think the support runners must be very fit given that they had to run along the different torchbearers and still look good for pictures! HAH.

Yan Yan.

Yan Yan is one of my favourite childhood snacks and it still is one of my comfort food! Tried this Mango flavoured Yan Yan I got to say, I prefer my Yan Yan in Strawberry! HAHA

Annoying Orange.

Both my sis and bro recommended “Annoying Orange”. It’s this freaky, absolutely annoying and cree[y kind of funny talking orange. You got to watch it! Cruel as Cucumber is my current favourite. HAHA.

Anyone wants to go horseback riding together?

National Dog Walk & Carnival 2010

Barley just told me she wants to go to this event!

My Great Sponsors.

When celebrating my birthday, I also need to thank SbR’s kind and generous sponsors CW and Lennel. Exactly a year ago (here, here, here), they surprised me with, an independent domain just for SbR! It was a pleasant surprise and one of the best birthday presents I ever received! Thank you sponsors! I love both of you! I am forever indebted to both of you! HAHA.

// CW, we may need a new sponsor logo since you’ve moved to a new webbie!