No to Punggol

I had to go to Punggol for a work-related short stint. This experience left me more certain why living in Punggol is a major no no. No offence to the residents in Punggol but here are three personal reasons why I’ll never want to stay in Punggol.

(1) It is in the middle of nowhere. Unless you frequent Dhoby Ghaut (which I don’t) or work in Outram/Harbourfront (which I don’t either) I don’t see any reasons to stay in Punggol. In order to travel to visit Barley in the East, I had to take the God-forsaken LRT (Light Rapid Transport, which I’ll rant more later) to Punggol MRT, take the North-East line to Serangoon, change to Circle line to Paya Lebar and eventually get on to East-West line towards the east!

(2) There is nothing except HDB flats. Nothing else except open field (waiting to build more HDB flats), HDB flats (which is so close to each other gave me – an individual suffering from Claustrophobia – a major headache just looking at it) and construction sites building more flats!

Granted they have shopping malls but a crappy mall like Punggol plaza with nothing worth shopping except FairPrice can drive me crazy!

(3) There have crappy LRT services.

These are nothing like the ones in the west! The station has no indication displaying the expected arrival time; the train is stuffy with loud announcements going on and on.

Sigh. I hope I’m not turning into one of those cocky easties even before moving over cause I don’t really like them either. HAH. Shit I think I just turned myself into a public enemy for people living in the east and north-east. HAH. This I’m assuming if there are people alive reading this. hehe.

About somethingboutrenes

A lady with many random thoughts and braving this whimsical world with a simple faith. In love with all things vintage and pieces with a story to tell. Loves blogging, enjoys Yoga and has an urgent need to travel to maintain sanity.

8 responses to “No to Punggol”

  1. lbluewindl says :

    Could you also please explain how the three reasons you give DO NOT describe Chua Chu Kang? Ha.

    • somethingboutrenes says :

      Please the area I stay is near bukit timah and bukit panjang area not the yew tee side and beside flats we have awesome malls with theatres and decent shops! Also we have awesome lrt services which tells the arrival time and comes at a frequency of 1-3mins.also with the new downtown line getting to orchard from my place will only take 30 mins! Haha so cck is way better then punggol!

  2. lyanna says :

    doesn’t matter. you’re moving to simei, which is as awesome as awesome gets :)

  3. lyanna says :

    and oh, we have reason to be cocky. HAHA.

  4. Richard Harris says :

    Now it’s 2016… they have the Waterway Point mall which is very big and convenient. New MRT extensions and new LRTs being built. New SAFRA just got built. Lots of development happening there, it’s crazy!

  5. Leon says :

    Was googling related to 2017 Feb BTO, Punggol & chanced upon this. To add Jet fighters noise.. Jet fighter noise… in punggol.
    I think I will stick to Bukit Panjang re-sale plan. whaha.

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