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Train Song

First it was the “Train is coming …” song then now the “Please move inside…” and “Give up your seat…” songs are freaking me out.

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SbR Giveaway: Tickets to Wild Wild Wet (Closed)

Dear SbR Readers,

I’m having a mini giveaway! HAH. In case you missed out on the wild and wet post, I have 3 pairs of Wild Wild Wet @ Costa Sands Pasir Ris tickets to give out! These tickets are to be used by 19 October 2010 and are valid for any 2 persons (adult/children). These tickets can be used for either Escape Theme Park (which sucks), Explorer Kids (for kids), E!Hub (no idea what is that) or Wild Wild Wet (not too bad!) !

Drop me a comment if you want these tickets and I will post/pass to you for free!

// All tickets are all given away!

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For the past few weeks and the weeks to come I will be running around island wide assisting frontline peeps to roll out a new system. One of the managers stuck my photo on the wall to inform his subordinates that I am coming. HAH.


Remember a while back I bought the recipe book “Japanese Home Cooking with Master Chef Murata” for Jason? Over the weekends he made chawanmushi! It was good! The idea and taste were there! Just that we need to get the proper chawanmushi cup and use aluminum foil to cover the top as directed!

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Barley almost got raped

On Sunday, we took Barley out for a walk at ECP and we met Jack (Russell). He was alone and was immensely attracted by Barley’s beauty. They hit it off on a good note with friendly sniffing and playing. Jack was kind of cute. A pedigree and seemingly docile – we tried to carry Jack. It was then he revealed his ferocious nature with a growl and a bite. He started following Barley and attempted to hump her. Hiding behind our legs, she was disgusted and was definitely traumatized. We called SPCA when his owner did not turn up after 20 minutes. We thought he was either lost or abandoned and our guessed was the latter given his unfriendly streak.

Just after we called SPCA, his owner – a friendly old man – turned up and explained that when Jack is aroused he turns violent and refused to leave. Jack is an old dog and the thought that a 56 year old dog (8 human years * 7) almost raped our precious teenage girl sickened us and made us felt even more protective over her.

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Cooking Mama

Faith came up with this competition as a CG program! As the reigning champion, we got to present something decent to uphold our title (or not lose face)! Our must use ingredient is fish!

cooking mama


Cookie Dozer.


I am hooked on Cookie Dozer. I know it is pointless and it makes me want to eat cookies, honey glazed donuts and pies whenever I’m playing this!



Barley looks so cute after shower!

Wild and Wet

ME: Hi Guys,

I’ve got another 2 more pairs of tickets to Wild Wild Wet and to be used by 19 Oct. Let me know if you are interested. Haha. ZN can bring Steph there if she has never been there. JW, you can go flex your muscles with your girlfriend. Vic, you can go with a guy to see girls or bring your potential gf. Steph, you said MK is too busy, so you should go swim at infinity pool. haha

P.S. WM, I will pass them to you on Friday.

JW: Is this place at Pasir Ris?

ME: Yap! I know you rarely get out of your kampong but you can treat it as a vacation! HAHA

JW: Very funny ah! No la its ok. I dun really like places like this. I only like girls who and not places which are wild and wet. But thanks anyway. Next time you know of girls who are wild and wet let me know?

ME: HAHAHAHAHAHA. ERM OK. I think when Barley is bathing; she can be rather wild and wet. After all, she’s a bitch. Interested? haha

// Dear SbR readers,if you are interested in the above mentioned tickets do drop me a comment! I’ll post to you for free!

Locked Hotmail.

Please do not send any email to my hotmail account. It is locked and when I tried to reset my password, the solution was sent to my locked hotmail account. Great.

Now I can’t access hotmail and MSN. I seriously don’t mind. Who needs hotmail when I’ve got gmail and since I don’t know/forgot 70% of the people on my list, I don’t really mind. There are FB, Whatsapp, and Gchat!


It feels great to wake up early to go marketing with my granny and spend the afternoon watching Dvds before heading down to chalet for a family BBQ and mini getaway!

Had a bad start this morning with ongoing email wars with people who doesn’t understand the frontline – the profit center.

But with encouraging words from my team and silly remarks to loosen up the tension in me all is well! During lunch, I met a nice hokkiem mee uncle who gave me discount because he recognized me and knew I’m working in the same building!

There is love in this world!

Yippe I’m on leave tommorrow and the day after! A long weekend ahead! Happy Thursday!

Seat Filler

Just played badminton in our SRC Badminton Tournament. I played mixed double and guess what! We got thrashed! Hah. We weren’t that bad, our scores were 21-9 and 21-14 or something like that. Guess what! We got through the finals cause there were only four teams and we need to fight for the third placing. I’m going to send the reserve to take over my space. Hah.

Mediterranean Diet.

I am trying out Mediterranean Diet. 70% of it.

The principal aspects of this diet include high olive oil consumption (NAH), high consumption of legumes (what’s this?), high consumption of unrefined cereals  (not happening), high consumption of fruits (trying!), high consumption of vegetables (trying!), moderate consumption of dairy products (mostly as cheese and yogurt) (will start now!), moderate to high consumption of fish (doing it now!), low consumption of meat and meat products (trying to avoid this!), and moderate wine consumption (okie!).


Barley was at my place last weekend and I let her sleep in my room! Totally love her! A happy and affectionate girl!

photo (6)


He introduced Me Radio to me. He owned a iPhone for less than two months, I owned it for more than three years, yet I don’t know about this! BAH. This iPhone app is too cool! It allows you to listen to radio (DUH), inform you of the singer and song title (which I can never remember) and best of all, give you the song lyrics! Opps. I hope I am not singing aloud when I’m on a train. HEH.

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I want Mini Shopaholic

photo (2)

This is on my To Buy List but I heard my sister is also interested in buying them! I shall wait. Hehe. I want The Carrie Diaries by Candance Bushnell too!

It was my plumber’s birthday day last week and I was made to create a birthday note by his sweet girlfriend, CW, HAHA.



One of my colleagues sent us a long announcement message for the arrival of his baby boy! In his message he included the baby’s weight, time of birth and date of birth! With so many numbers in his message, me and Steph bought 4D (a lottery game) for the fun of it! HAH. With two dollars each we placed a bet and made Singapore pools four dollars richer!

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