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Train Station


We visited the train station at Tanjong Pagar! It feels as though we were transported to the 1960s!



He claimed that the coffeeshop there serves the best Teh Tarik! HAH


I love my green fingers!

In just three days I will be out of here! Welcome to Taiwan! I’ve not packed my bag yet. SHAT.

//A few posts coming up!

It’s only Wednesday! Hurry! Another week to my long awaited Taiwan Trip! Shit. But I don’t have any nice clothes for my trip!

Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Having watched the movie after reading the book gave me a different insight from my earlier encounter with “Eat, Pray, Love”. I enjoyed it and it is a beautiful travelogue with a life story! It tempted me to seek liberation in this robotic life and ignited the burning desire to travel again!

Italy, Rome


She was there to seek the appetite for life and the scene left me salivating for the food and made me want to visit Rome too!



She was there to gain a spiritual life and I was a tat disappointed with the Ashram featured. I expected it to be up in some mountain and far from the city where there was nothing but peace and tranquility.

Indonesia, Bali


I love Bali (and Barley)! It is beautiful and I’m a little embarrassed for not visiting this tiny island given that it is so near us!

6pm. The magic hour.

If you want your man to grant your wishes, try asking at 6pm.
If you want to ask for a promotion, try asking at 1pm.
If your man argue with you at 3pm, wish him luck, cause women usually win an agreement at 3pm.


If you ask me if you should believe in such studies? My experience in my thesis research told me to take it with a pinch of salt. But for the fun of it, why not? HAH.

nuffnang_bid = “cc2264b000f96c2e5fe3797afb26020f”;

Snip. Snap. Munch.

//I’m having difficulty naming this post. I wanted to call it Pet Emporium but it has nothing to do with the food featured below. I wanted to call it a day out with Barley, but she was in the glass room most of the time. It wasn’t exactly a food hunt or food trail as well, since we sort of chance upon them. HAH. The title ended up really random. Opps.

We brought Barley to the groomer – Pet Emporium – this weekend! The owner, Samantha and Sheryl – an identical twin – was really friendly! It’s always nice to see young entrepreneurs! Instead of pursuing a boring life in an accounting career / education after her diploma, they decided to open a pet grooming shop together! Coolio!

The four lhasa puppies running around their store is a bundle of joy! They are really adorable and Barley wasn’t too happy when she saw me playing with them! HAHA.

Just because she looks fluffy all the time, it doesn’t mean she is fat! In fact, Barley is skinny!

Picture 198

One of those unglam moments! I need their powerful hair dryer for Barley!

Picture 183

They are very adorable. Hyperactive and always jumping and bumping into one another. HAH. Didn’t manage to grab a picture of them staying still. HAHA.

While waiting for Barley, we ate at the famous scissor cut rice!

Picture 199

Picture 199

Picture 200

It looks like crap but it tastes really good!

We also chance upon this Foochow’s pancake-like dish and it was too good! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and the prawn, oyster and meat in there were heavenly!

Picture 185

Picture 188

Lipstick from eBay

I bought lipstick jungle from eBay! With $5 I got a book in good condition and I just saved a tree! Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Picture 189

The seller is sweet to wrap it up in a nice gift wrapper! It feels like a belated birthday present!

Picture 191

Ettusais Wonder

My sister recommended this a few weeks back and I have been using it for more than a week. It has been very good at clearing acne spots! Within 2 – 3 days, the spot disappeared! This is better than The Body Shop’s tea tree oil collection! I am just wondering what’s in the magic gel!


Medicated Acne Clear Spots Superior

How it Works:

A transparent gel to give emergency care to areas where pimples appear. Refreshing moisture is absorbed quickly, calming the skin and treating pimples. It also prevents new pimples from appearing!

Now that this product works, I am wondering if the one below is equally good! I need to lighten the scars! Girls! Any idea?

White Serum Dual Effect

Concentrated care for treating and lightening blemishes and acne scars.

How it Works:
Containing the goodness of the white shooter, this serum works overtime to deliver intense care to your blemishes and acne-prone areas.

How to Use:
Apply a little on areas of concern with your finger tips.

I love Barley!

Picture 194

Squashing her face is an expression of love.

Picture 195
She loves to hide behind this white chair. Maybe she thinks she can turn whiter when she hang out with white things. HAH.

Picture 190
Watching her sleep makes me happy! (This lucky girl gets to sleep in my room with the air-conditioner on when she is at my place!

I’m in a blogging mood today. Stay tuned.

// I got a bad news. Let’s all pray for Frosty (bff’s boy) to stay strong!

I can actually smell the haze this morning. This is bad.

Take that Tiger!

I love it when marketeer fights back with witty and humourous lines. HAH. Clearly I’m not a fan of Tiger Airways.

AirAsia bares its claws
via Straits Times Interactive – LATEST NEWS on 10/19/10

AIRASIA took another swipe at Tiger Airways yesterday, days after attacking its proposed tie-up with Thai Airways as ‘a bunch of white guys’ running an Asian airline.

In a clear dig at Singapore-based Tiger, the Malaysia-based airline ran full-page advertisements in The Straits Times and Business Times with the tag- line: ‘If Tigers were meant to fly, they would be born with wings.

Kitty Adventure

My friend gave me a $20 Sanrio voucher not knowing of my lack of excitement for kitties without mouth! Dragging my mystery friend along, we walked around for almost an hour at Takashimaya’s sales bazaar only to be told that this voucher can only be used at their concept store.

We picked these up during the one hour hunt at the bazaar!

The purchase decision was tough and the lack of choices did not help.

For the items to be selected, it has to be:-

Affordable and worth buying: The items are generally exorbitant with the cheapest item starting from $2.90 for a simple folder to over a hundred for a teapot!

Discreet: Being spotted with some cutesy item in the public is definitely not my style!

Practical: I don’t need anymore knick knacks especially when I’m moving out early next year!

We headed over to their concept store and spent another hour deciding what to get. After almost an hour, I overheard a young lady who decided to purchase a Hello Kitty Wedding Guest Book at close to $60! Being a practical lady who fails in Math, I sold the voucher to her at $15! I gave $5 to my mystery friend (HINT in one of the pictures) who kindly tolerated my indecisiveness for two hours! The $2.50 per hour is lower than/equivalent to the minimum wage according to him!

The young lady was in awed that I couldn’t find anything I like! She squealed (not kidding) in delight for her luck and exclaimed irritably on my inability to decide on anything! My lack of sensitivity once again put me into an awkward situation when I said “Oh. I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty!”. I swear she almost killed me with her side glare but quickly resumed into her cutesy self thanking me repeatedly!

P.S. Sorry babe! I didn’t use you voucher to purchase any cutesy stuff but I guess I made the girl happy! Hah.

Blogged from iPhone

New Read.

I realized I’ve been spending too much waking hour surfing and playing games on my phone. I’ve decided to pick up reading again and am glad I work near a public library! It is a great time passing place during lunch! Picked up two books from Madeleine Wickham (aka Sophie Kinsella!) and another one by Birdie Clark!

What’s with the haze!

// I saw a grumpy expat with his pants accidentally tucked in his socks.HAH

Greedy Barley

Wondering what greedy Barley is looking at? Nope not us but Magnum Gold! It is good but not awesome. HAH.

Tick tock tick tock. A few minutes to weekend! Yippee!

Benefit of Barley

Here is one reason why Barley will stay with us even when I have kids in the future! Mummy, take that!

Dogs may help with allergies

from Straits Times Interactive – LATEST NEWS

NEW YORK – LIFE with the family dog will give young children hours of loyal companionship, cherished memories – and, in some cases, possibly even better health.

A study in the Journal of Pediatrics says that children with a family history of allergies may be less likely to develop eczema, an allergic skin condition, if they live with a dog when they are younger than one year.

Diana Mini Love

diana mini

I’m glad I found Diana Mini Love to guide me through this mini journey! Created by Elle, she shared many lovely photographs taken with the mini, techniques to perfect our photography skills and introduced us to other Diana Mini loving bloggers! If you are a new Diana Mini owner, you will surely find this blog useful! It motivates me to brush up my skills and I’m all excited to finish a roll of film to see the results!