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the girl at the traffic light junction

steph blog

I’ve wanted to share my work bff – Stephanie’s – blog with my readers! Her blog is one of my favourite read now! She is one lady who is fearless in trying new things, enthusiastic in life and  passionate in her favourite things! She recorded her adventure, inspiration and journey in life and supported many little meaningful projects here. Have fun reading!


French toast. Cinnamon dust. Maple syrup. The perfect combination for a lovely breakfast!

* I hate my grammar disability*

Lyanna – the English teacher – do something!

Christmas decorations are up for sale at Diaso! You know what that means? My favourite holiday is coming!


I dreamt myself squeezing out a pimple which resulted in a massive outburst and liquid flowing. The amout of liquid flowing out from the pimple is unimaginable. It probably made up 1/5 of my facial water content. Gosh. What a start to a Friday morning. TGIF!

Minutes writing.

OMG! I just got nominated to take minutes for our company’s mid year review. This meeting spreads over two days and will involve our Chairman, CEO and all other department heads. Have they seen my grammer? The worst thing is, the other guy who also got nominated sucks in his writing skills as well. Crap. I heard this is intense and it is expected of us to finish the first draft within a short span of time. Gah and it’s supposed to be a privilege.

*I’m engaging my mind to think positive at this moment.*


I finally succumbed to buying a Mini Diana lomo against his will! This will come in handy during our Taipei trip!

Welcome to Taiwan!

“Lomo is about becoming patient again, about enjoying the real process of shooting a photo with low stress and lots of fun.” – Andrew Standen-Raz, documentary filmmaker


Met a Shaggy dog during lunch yesterday and he reminded me of Scooby Doo.

Dog Tag

Being a practical dog owner that he is, we got Barley a dog tag. Not a regular dog tag but an “Army Dog Tag”. The tag with rubber protection cost us $5.50 and that is 1/5 the price if you get a fancy one from Pets Lovers. HAH.

It is supposed to be $5.50 for two tags; a round and oval one but the auntie who heard that I am giving it to a dog and required a particular layout of engraving, decided to not give me the second tag. How unscrupulous! Not that I need a second tag but how can she do that! HMPH.

Travel Rebound

We had many travel thoughts since three months back but because of our impeding wedding, we put off the idea to save some money.

Hongkong: His friend offered to bring us around showing us some local fanfares.
Vietnam: To purchase artworks of some rising local artist.
Malaysia: Yes. We were that desperate.

When you deprive yourself of something, you will get a rebound with an even stronger desire for it. We made an impulse decision, applied leave and booked the air tickets all within two days.

We are going to Taiwan! Welcome to Taiwan! We will be jet setting to Taipei in early November!

Psss// If you have any recommendation of must see / do / eat / stay / go, please drop a comment! We’ve not even booked the hotel and draw up the itinerary! HAH. I love spontaneous decisions!

Welcome October!

This October is going to be a blast!

Octoberfest @ Timbre!

Our fifth year anniversary!

Placing of deposit for our church venue!

Halloween party!


Blue grapes.

photo (4)

I saw a lady probably my age carrying a yellow school bus bag with spongebob square pants keychain. My face reaction, “This girl is weird!”.

This is not the weirdest; some people are just a natural fashion disaster!

photo (3)
Blue grapes slipper exists!

Gosh. I am such a bitch.


Was supposed to have a Friday date night but he got caught up with work. All I want is a dinner with him after a week of 7ams at work.