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I hate being stuck in a massive jam in the cab. It’s not the rate the meter is jumping. It’s the fact that it’s making me sick! I feel like puking and wish I can teleport home now! Bah.

Barley turns Two

We celebrated Barley’s birthday one day in advance! She will turn two (fourteen dog’s year) tomorrow and Jason’s mum lovingly made a carrot walnut cake for Barley! Our birthday present for her? A handy de-shedding tool! HAHA. You can probably tell we are practical dog owners.



She is terrified of the fire! HAHAHA


She’s so fluffy I can die!


Barley got to thank her for the cake!! YUMMY!





Happy Birthday Barley! Stay cheerful and happy! Got to keep wagging your bushy tail!

// Please don’t turn into one of those emo teenagers we see on the news! I can’t handle a teenager! HAHA.

I made my own Owl

While cleaning up the items I hoarded over the weeks and months, I’ve decided to start working on the DIY Owl Craft kit I bought in Taiwan.

Please don’t laugh at me, but I once thought that I would pick up sewing as a hobby if I would ever become a stay home mum. Before I whack your head, no not the granny-like sewing, instead it is more towards craft sewing – making cute little plushies for my kids and perhaps selling them online, or making simple clothes or vintage items. Just a thought. Don’t laugh.

This mini owl sewing project is fun but it sure tested my patience. I almost wanted to get my house keeper to do all the boring stuff – cloth cutting and basic sewing – while I work on cotton wool stuffing and giving it the finishing touch. Thankfully, I resisted and single handedly completed this mini project! I was so proud of myself and am glad I did it! The result is sweeter when you do it on your own!

All the instructions are underneath the cloth.

With the cutting first, comes the sewing, then the stuffing and finally …

I feel happy just looking at it! Happy!

Archuleta’s Showcase at Zouk

My resourceful friend – SQ invited us to watch David Archuleta’s showcase at Zouk the other day and being a noob who has never been to one before, I’ve decided to go have a look! He sang 5 songs and I’ve heard 2 on the radio not knowing who the singer or what the song title is. All I can say is, I agree, most AI contestants can sing live!

We were seated at the VIP lounge which is at the second level, all we can see is his future bald patch pattern.

I must say he is rather small in size.

All David’s fan, below is the best picture and the closet I could get throughout the night.

*drum rolls*

Big Eater Seafood

Big Eater Seafood Restaurant

34 Jalan Pari Burong (around Bedok area)

Tel: 64498066

This is a long overdue post! Close to two weeks ago, we celebrated Jason’s birthday with his family at Big Eater Restaurant. The food was decent and their signature dish – Egg Yolk Crab never fails to disappoint.

Their other dishes weren’t mind blowing though. If you have not noticed, other than their food, the other thing that sets them apart is their crab décor!

The kitty is so cute!

Genevieve is so cute! Whoever wrote for their granny is so sweet!

Look at the robot! It seems like it is popular among visitors too! Since we are also given a chance to test our artistic talent we will try our hand drawing them too!

Did you see the resemblances? Haha. I think. I think I missed the nose and his chin though.

Can you tell what he drew? Very abstract. I will reveal the answer at the bottom of this post. I bet you can’t guess what it is because no one managed to guess it right the first time. HAHA.

// Ans: it’s a plane! Yes. Erm.

VW: The Fun Theory Campaign

This is a little freaky. I was using my sister’s laptop and this clip suddenly starts playing. HAHA. It’s not a ghost story but a rather fun marketing campaign. It’s nothing new but I think it’s cool. EscadaPiano

News that seriously won’t make a difference

I think I have at least 20 blog posts left to update my readers! HAH. Instead of updating the post to clear my logs, I’m posting random news here cause I can’t resist!

  • A long-haired Chihuahua named “Momo” has passed exams to become a police dog in Japan. (Source: here) See size does not matter! Hehe.
  • A Japanese company has made a realistic robot nurse complete with facial expressions that could possibly be used in hospitals in the future. (Source: here) This is freaky! If I’m ill, I do not want Sadako looking robots nurse to serve me!

Night out at Sun Moon Lake

There wasn’t much of night activities going on at Sun Moon Lake so we decided to ride around to explore the area.

We met a friendly family who is putting up a puppet show for their deity in front of the temple! Thereafter, we walked around the waterfront and started blowing bubbles!

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Pineapple & Egg Yolk Haven at Chia Te

Here is something that you have to buy when you are in Taipei! I am not kidding you; everyone who ate their Pineapple & Egg Yolk Pastry loves it and it is the best that I’ve tasted! The crust is firm and chewy and do not crumbles easily! It has a very fragrant buttery taste. The pineapple filling’s sweetness is just right and the egg yolk balance the taste of the pastry bringing you to “Feng Huang (aka Pineapple & Egg Yolk) Haven”. Mmmmm. The thought itself makes me hungry!


No.88, Sec. 5, Nanjing E. Rd., Songshan District, Taipei City
Opearting: AM7:30~PM9:30
Tel : 886. (02) 8787-8186

Founded in 1975, Chia Te Bakery commits itself in providing fresh pastry (daily baked!) and natural goodness (no preservatives!). This place is not just a tourist’s favourite, it is bustling with business from local alike! Each Pineapple & Egg Yolk Pastry sells at NT30 (approx $1.30 each)!

Guide to renting and riding a Helio Electric Scooter


For readers who are going Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan and are going to try out Helio Electric Scooter (You should!), here’s a mini guide for you! Sun Moon Lake is encircled by a long scenic road which gives stunning views on the lake and surrounding mountains. Riding an electic scooter is the most enjoyable and convenient way to explore the area! It is not as dangerous as riding a petrol scooter it is also comfortable and less exhausting compared to riding a bicycle! Helio Rental charges NT$150/300/500 for 1/2/24 hours! We rented it for 24 hours and it costs slightly more than SGD20! Awesome! One of the booth (within a hotel) is behind the visitor center in Shuishe Village!


Here’s a guide on “How to rent an Electric Scooter”

  • Smile confidently and give the auntie/uncle your driving licence / photo ID
  • If the auntie asked if you can ride a scooter, say yes. This is not the time to be honest unless you want to peddle a bicycle up the slope! Gosh, I’m bad.
  • Follow the following guide on “How to ride an Electric Scooter”Confidently grab a helmet and walk to your scooter.
  • Reassure the auntie that you can ride a scooter (at this point, don’t panic, DO NOT PANIC, if the auntie appeared exceedingly worrisome and gory images come to mind)

Here’s “How to ride an Electric Scooter”

  • After you’ve worn the helmet (Please just put it on, a flat head is better than a crushed one), stuck the keys into the keyhole and turn it to the right. This is to allow you to travel on a regular road, turn to the left when you are traveling up slope. This is not necessary if you are as light as a feather because it won’t make much of a difference.
  • Familiarize with the lights and left/right signal switches which are on the left handle
  • Adjust the side mirrors so that you can see the cars at the side
  • If you do not own a driving licence , please drive slowly, drive at the side, be careful and pray.
  • As the scooter runs on electricity, rider needs to change their scooter after 30 minutes of riding at the next pit stop. It is also not recommended to squash two people on a tiny scooter as this consumes the electricity very quickly.
  • When you are all ready, gently, GENTLY (I nearly flew and crashed into a poor dude when I turned too quickly) turn the right handle down.
  • Release the right handle to slow down and exert pressure on the brake to stop


Here goes! Have fun and all the best! HAHA. Stay away from the tour coaches! They are nasty! The cars are generally quite patient with the slow pokes on the road (US!) but be considerate and let them pass whenever possible.

Diana Mini Roll #1

I finally received my first roll of pictures from my Diana Mini and I can’t express how excited I am to share! I was so relieved that it turned out alright! I’ve heard a lot of disappointing results from other’s “First Roll”!

I did commit a blunder in my Taiwan trip though. While trying to roll back the film after my last shot, it refused to budge because I forgot to press a button. I thought my film was stuck and was terribly worried. To prevent the film from exposing to lights, I gave up on my Diana Mini after the first roll!

Diana Mini’s half frame is so cool! I like it’s unpredictability! I would like to thank Diana Mini Love for the autumn + winter guide shared! Thank you Elle! It came in really handy even though Singapore’s weather is nowhere near autumn or winter! Haha. Here are some tips I have for Diana Mini newbies too!

  • Diana Mini loves colours!
  • Enjoy the tension and excitement of not knowing what you’ve taken until you’ve develop the film!
  • Diana Mini loves the sunny day! But don’t fret if you’re bringing her out on a gloomy day, there’s always flash!
  • Enjoy her magic!

Here are some of the half frames which I like!


One of my favourite! Looking at this picture with the music “That’s When I Love You” playing in the background makes me smile!



Left: He tried to do a jump shot but ended up looking like he saw a snake. Hee.


Love the picture on the right! I didn’t expect it to be overlapped when I took the picture!


The other square shots!


We wanted to do a kissing shot with an old man at the back scolding us but it turned out so spooky! Haha. We will that again without the uncle the next time! Haha.


At St Andrew’s Cathedral!





I love Barley!











I hate Mondays!

// It feels good when the cab driver you booked greets you by name in the early morning!

Timid Barley

It was dark and pouring earlier on and our timid cat dog refused to move an inch away from us! For the first time we allowed her to hide in his room and one of her favourite spot is under a chair and near the paper bin! HAHA. Another is under the table or below his bed!

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Scootering around at Sun Moon Lake


It’s finally the post on Sun Moon Lake! I love this place! The weather was perfect when we got there! Bright and sunny!



Some local vegetables which we’ve never eaten in Singapore and some wild boar meat!


Our first stop was to go get lunch! We walked into a random restaurant which serves President fish – their local freshwater fish! The meat is tender and sweet but there are a million bones in there! URGH.


Thereafter, we went scootering around! It was really fun! The auntie who rented the Helio electric scooter to us was so worried and kept asking if we have riding license and if we rode on a scooter before! We just pretended and went on with it! The first twenty minutes was nerve wreaking! It was quite fast! Imagine travelling on a bicycle at the speed of 50km/h. HAHA. The many tour coaches around the mountainous road (something like traveling up Genting / Cameron highlands) didn’t help either! But after a while we got the hang of it and that was when the real fun began! I’ll post a separate post on “How to ride the electric scooter” another day! HAH.



We visited a temple along the way and stop by to drink a free cup of hot red tea in the temple! At the bottom of the temple, we ate herbal tea eggs and drank more tea!


Can you see a small island in the middle of the lake? The little island – Lalu Island – is considered to be the home of the Thao ancestral spirits and every year, only their head of the tribe who is the considered as the most sacred can enter the island! Oooo. In the past, tourists were allowed on the island, but after an earthquake, it was no longer allowed as it will surely sink if tens of thousands step foot on to it yearly!


We also took a ferry tour around the lake!

Can you see the little “Kelong” – fishing hut, at the side of the lake? It is where the President fish comes from!

The head store said something…

I’m always tickled when I see signs like this overseas! Haha. Basically, it is asking people not to bargain.

// I have a feeling my neuro system is wired up wrongly. My fingers and eyes failed to communicate with my brain. Whenever I typed a sentence which my mind conceived, my fingers will typed something else, my eyes will then read the sentence as though it is in accordance to what my mind thought. I’ll then save and publish the damn post. A minute later when I read it again, I’ll always spot some glaring mistakes. Someone please save me!


Taipei Shopping Log

I wanted to share with you the pictures I took in Sun Moon Lake, but the pictures are all up in flickr and flickr is temporarily down. BAH. Taipei is not just famous for it’s street food, it is also known for it’s street shopping! Here are the items I bought!

Day 1

We arrived in the late afternoon and only did some random shopping around Xi Men Ding! Bought 2 little bows for Barley, a dog socks (which is a little too small for her!), a cute vintage-looking thermal flask (which I bought another on the last day for a friend), a random accessories hanger and a pair of cute shoes! It’s turning winter in Taipei and most of the shoes on sale are covered shoes!

Day 2

Shopping around Shilin Market, I bought a pair of lovely shoes (which is really cute), a scarf, a belt, Hanskin BB cream from Watson (YAY! I don’t have to get anyone to go Korea to get them for me!), a cute specs for my sister, 3 Wu Ling Mi Ji notebooks and a mini scheduler for a friend who loves piano and cat!

Day 3

We were shopping at Wu Fen Pu (a wholesale street market) and I got a top, a skirt, a shorts, a pair of flats ( which I adore) and a cute vintage inspired bag! I also got some eye mask and face stuff from a departmental store near Taipei Main Station!

Day 4

More random shopping! Bought Barley a set of Kimono dress for CNY at Jiufen, some herbal sugar thingy for my granny, two pairs of cute kick-ass shoes, a whole lot of face masks for my friends and sister and barang bags to hold all these stuffs!

Day 5

There’s nothing to buy at Sun Moon Lake but I can’t resist theses cute DIY owl soft toy kit (going to try making them and will share how it goes!) and a froggie bubble blower to kill time at night! This bubble blower is huge and really good quality! I can blow streams and streams of bubbles in one breath! It cost slightly over 2 bucks and my sister claimed that this is the best value buy of my trip! HAH. I had to pursue him and survive his killer glares before he succumbed to my “child-deprived-of-sweets-like” expression! HAHA.

Day 6

We love Shilin Market’s Hao Da Da Ji Pa so much we had to go back there during our last night! I bought a winter coat, three pairs of shorts, a shirt for my little brother, a romper-like thingy, some random sweets, a pink scheduler for my exciting new year, and another wu ling mi ji for my mum. I thought it was funny, giving her “Yu Nu Xing Jing” which is erm for virgin swordswoman.  HAHA. Erm, ok, fine, not that funny.

We also bought a total of 7 boxes of awesome Feng Huang Su from an amazing bakery! It is that awesome! The best that I’ve ever tasted! I’ll share about the store another day! Friends who met me weeks later will not have the chance to savor them! The pastries will expire after 14 days! It is baked daily without preservative! Thus, to ensure the freshness it must be consumed within 14 days, not that it requires 14 days to finish them all up! Haha.

I also bought two set of cute stamps but I forgot to take a picture of them!

// Disclaimer: All these crappy pictures are taken from his not so crappy phone. In case you are wondering why the sudden change in picture quality. HAH.

In the next post, I’ll share with you my favourite place (other than Taiwan Storyland) that we went during the trip! Sun Moon Lake!

Till then, good night world!

A few hours at Wulai.

We also went to Wulai – which is pronounced as “Wu (1) Lai (2)” and not “Wu (2) Lai (4)” (HAHA) – a small town in Taipei County, famous for its hot springs and aboriginal culture. It is a pity that we did not get to see much of this place as I was really keen in knowing the aboriginal culture.


P.S. Without the river, it actually looks a little like Jiufen right? Haha.

We did however spend some time at an exorbitantly priced resort for a hot bath. I can’t remember the name of the place but imagine paying NT$2500 for a private room where we could have paid NT$400 each for a simple one. Gosh. Till this day, I’m still rather pissed with the decision and money spent. OH WELL. Don’t ask me how we arrived to this decision. After going through a breakdown analysis of the NT$2500, here’s what I think we are paying for.


NT$250 for the sexy glass shower


NT$750 for germs infested bed and muted TV


NT$250 for this nice dresser which comes with water and worst than hotel amenities.


NT$250 for the clear and odorless hot spring water in Mr Algae’s (not kidding) home. It felt as though we are soak in hot tap water. Haha. But I have verified from our trusty, the springs at Wulai is indeed clear and odorless. Another NT$500 for the view.

We are missing NT$500. Probably just for the sake of punishing naive people like us. HAH.

It is a really nice place – a nice big spacious loo and for this price we could have paid for a night stay at our hotel. BAH.

Release Sky Lanterns at Pingxi

We were at Pingxi Township – a rural township in the eastern part of Taipei County – to light and release the sky lanterns. Every year during Lantern Festival, thousands of people will write their wishes on sky lanterns, and release them to the sky.


I enjoyed it but he thought it was cheesy. HMPH. We managed to release the lantern before the rain started becoming heavy!

Step 1

Pick a colour! We picked purple because it signify “Tian tian mi mi, yi sheng yi shi” which is loosely translated as, “Sweet sweet honey honey (HAH, or lovey dovey?), for our entire life and forever and ever”. Gosh I’m bad at this.


Step 2

Write your wishes or anything positive on all sides of the lantern. I wrote a simple prayer for us!


Step 3

The lady boss will then stick up the kerosene soaked joss paper.


Step 4

Grab the lantern and go to the train platform! This is a good location to release the lantern because of it’s unobstructed area.

Step 5

The boss will then light the kerosene soaked joss paper.

Step 6

Step on the edges of the lantern while it is lighted. Then smile and your picture will be taken by the boss. This will allow sufficient hot air to fully fill up the lantern in that twenty seconds.


Step 7

Lift up the lantern and beware of the fire! Damn it, I should have sucked in my tummy too. I looked pregnant.


Step 8

Release the lantern and watch it fly up up and away! Then end the night by saying, “Welcome to Taiwan!”. HAH.


The “mysterious” couple picked a pink lantern. GASPS.


Survival Rates of Cat Fall.

There is an article on the survival rates of cats who fell from a height and I can’t help but wonder how they made the cats jump in the study! Or perhaps they look through all the cat jumping cases reported to the police / civil defence / SPCA? Let’s hope it’s the latter.

According to the study conducted by Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, with a sample size of 132 cats falling from an average of 5.5 stories and as high as 32 stories, the latter have a survival rate of about 90%, assuming they are brought in to treat their various injuries that may occur because of the impact with the ground.  Of those 132 cats included in the study, about 2/3 required some sort of medical treatment as a result of their fall, and about half of those that required treatment (1/3 of the total cats brought in) would have died without medical aid.


I’m not a fan of cats but still! Russell, a reader, commented, “This was probably the result of stimulus funding in part to study cat survival statistics and in part to reduce the feral cat population.” It’s shocking but also funny. Gosh. I’m sick.

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