A few hours at Wulai.

We also went to Wulai – which is pronounced as “Wu (1) Lai (2)” and not “Wu (2) Lai (4)” (HAHA) – a small town in Taipei County, famous for its hot springs and aboriginal culture. It is a pity that we did not get to see much of this place as I was really keen in knowing the aboriginal culture.


P.S. Without the river, it actually looks a little like Jiufen right? Haha.

We did however spend some time at an exorbitantly priced resort for a hot bath. I can’t remember the name of the place but imagine paying NT$2500 for a private room where we could have paid NT$400 each for a simple one. Gosh. Till this day, I’m still rather pissed with the decision and money spent. OH WELL. Don’t ask me how we arrived to this decision. After going through a breakdown analysis of the NT$2500, here’s what I think we are paying for.


NT$250 for the sexy glass shower


NT$750 for germs infested bed and muted TV


NT$250 for this nice dresser which comes with water and worst than hotel amenities.


NT$250 for the clear and odorless hot spring water in Mr Algae’s (not kidding) home. It felt as though we are soak in hot tap water. Haha. But I have verified from our trusty wikipedia.org, the springs at Wulai is indeed clear and odorless. Another NT$500 for the view.

We are missing NT$500. Probably just for the sake of punishing naive people like us. HAH.

It is a really nice place – a nice big spacious loo and for this price we could have paid for a night stay at our hotel. BAH.


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