Taipei Shopping Log

I wanted to share with you the pictures I took in Sun Moon Lake, but the pictures are all up in flickr and flickr is temporarily down. BAH. Taipei is not just famous for it’s street food, it is also known for it’s street shopping! Here are the items I bought!

Day 1

We arrived in the late afternoon and only did some random shopping around Xi Men Ding! Bought 2 little bows for Barley, a dog socks (which is a little too small for her!), a cute vintage-looking thermal flask (which I bought another on the last day for a friend), a random accessories hanger and a pair of cute shoes! It’s turning winter in Taipei and most of the shoes on sale are covered shoes!

Day 2

Shopping around Shilin Market, I bought a pair of lovely shoes (which is really cute), a scarf, a belt, Hanskin BB cream from Watson (YAY! I don’t have to get anyone to go Korea to get them for me!), a cute specs for my sister, 3 Wu Ling Mi Ji notebooks and a mini scheduler for a friend who loves piano and cat!

Day 3

We were shopping at Wu Fen Pu (a wholesale street market) and I got a top, a skirt, a shorts, a pair of flats ( which I adore) and a cute vintage inspired bag! I also got some eye mask and face stuff from a departmental store near Taipei Main Station!

Day 4

More random shopping! Bought Barley a set of Kimono dress for CNY at Jiufen, some herbal sugar thingy for my granny, two pairs of cute kick-ass shoes, a whole lot of face masks for my friends and sister and barang bags to hold all these stuffs!

Day 5

There’s nothing to buy at Sun Moon Lake but I can’t resist theses cute DIY owl soft toy kit (going to try making them and will share how it goes!) and a froggie bubble blower to kill time at night! This bubble blower is huge and really good quality! I can blow streams and streams of bubbles in one breath! It cost slightly over 2 bucks and my sister claimed that this is the best value buy of my trip! HAH. I had to pursue him and survive his killer glares before he succumbed to my “child-deprived-of-sweets-like” expression! HAHA.

Day 6

We love Shilin Market’s Hao Da Da Ji Pa so much we had to go back there during our last night! I bought a winter coat, three pairs of shorts, a shirt for my little brother, a romper-like thingy, some random sweets, a pink scheduler for my exciting new year, and another wu ling mi ji for my mum. I thought it was funny, giving her “Yu Nu Xing Jing” which is erm for virgin swordswoman.  HAHA. Erm, ok, fine, not that funny.

We also bought a total of 7 boxes of awesome Feng Huang Su from an amazing bakery! It is that awesome! The best that I’ve ever tasted! I’ll share about the store another day! Friends who met me weeks later will not have the chance to savor them! The pastries will expire after 14 days! It is baked daily without preservative! Thus, to ensure the freshness it must be consumed within 14 days, not that it requires 14 days to finish them all up! Haha.

I also bought two set of cute stamps but I forgot to take a picture of them!

// Disclaimer: All these crappy pictures are taken from his not so crappy phone. In case you are wondering why the sudden change in picture quality. HAH.


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2 responses to “Taipei Shopping Log”

  1. steph says :

    7 boxes?? insane! i love that pastry too… so yummy!!! im gonna get alot of those if we really head over to TW next year. keep fingers crossed!

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