Scootering around at Sun Moon Lake


It’s finally the post on Sun Moon Lake! I love this place! The weather was perfect when we got there! Bright and sunny!



Some local vegetables which we’ve never eaten in Singapore and some wild boar meat!


Our first stop was to go get lunch! We walked into a random restaurant which serves President fish – their local freshwater fish! The meat is tender and sweet but there are a million bones in there! URGH.


Thereafter, we went scootering around! It was really fun! The auntie who rented the Helio electric scooter to us was so worried and kept asking if we have riding license and if we rode on a scooter before! We just pretended and went on with it! The first twenty minutes was nerve wreaking! It was quite fast! Imagine travelling on a bicycle at the speed of 50km/h. HAHA. The many tour coaches around the mountainous road (something like traveling up Genting / Cameron highlands) didn’t help either! But after a while we got the hang of it and that was when the real fun began! I’ll post a separate post on “How to ride the electric scooter” another day! HAH.



We visited a temple along the way and stop by to drink a free cup of hot red tea in the temple! At the bottom of the temple, we ate herbal tea eggs and drank more tea!


Can you see a small island in the middle of the lake? The little island – Lalu Island – is considered to be the home of the Thao ancestral spirits and every year, only their head of the tribe who is the considered as the most sacred can enter the island! Oooo. In the past, tourists were allowed on the island, but after an earthquake, it was no longer allowed as it will surely sink if tens of thousands step foot on to it yearly!


We also took a ferry tour around the lake!

Can you see the little “Kelong” – fishing hut, at the side of the lake? It is where the President fish comes from!


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