Diana Mini Roll #1

I finally received my first roll of pictures from my Diana Mini and I can’t express how excited I am to share! I was so relieved that it turned out alright! I’ve heard a lot of disappointing results from other’s “First Roll”!

I did commit a blunder in my Taiwan trip though. While trying to roll back the film after my last shot, it refused to budge because I forgot to press a button. I thought my film was stuck and was terribly worried. To prevent the film from exposing to lights, I gave up on my Diana Mini after the first roll!

Diana Mini’s half frame is so cool! I like it’s unpredictability! I would like to thank Diana Mini Love for the autumn + winter guide shared! Thank you Elle! It came in really handy even though Singapore’s weather is nowhere near autumn or winter! Haha. Here are some tips I have for Diana Mini newbies too!

  • Diana Mini loves colours!
  • Enjoy the tension and excitement of not knowing what you’ve taken until you’ve develop the film!
  • Diana Mini loves the sunny day! But don’t fret if you’re bringing her out on a gloomy day, there’s always flash!
  • Enjoy her magic!

Here are some of the half frames which I like!


One of my favourite! Looking at this picture with the music “That’s When I Love You” playing in the background makes me smile!



Left: He tried to do a jump shot but ended up looking like he saw a snake. Hee.


Love the picture on the right! I didn’t expect it to be overlapped when I took the picture!


The other square shots!


We wanted to do a kissing shot with an old man at the back scolding us but it turned out so spooky! Haha. We will that again without the uncle the next time! Haha.


At St Andrew’s Cathedral!





I love Barley!












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