Guide to renting and riding a Helio Electric Scooter


For readers who are going Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan and are going to try out Helio Electric Scooter (You should!), here’s a mini guide for you! Sun Moon Lake is encircled by a long scenic road which gives stunning views on the lake and surrounding mountains. Riding an electic scooter is the most enjoyable and convenient way to explore the area! It is not as dangerous as riding a petrol scooter it is also comfortable and less exhausting compared to riding a bicycle! Helio Rental charges NT$150/300/500 for 1/2/24 hours! We rented it for 24 hours and it costs slightly more than SGD20! Awesome! One of the booth (within a hotel) is behind the visitor center in Shuishe Village!


Here’s a guide on “How to rent an Electric Scooter”

  • Smile confidently and give the auntie/uncle your driving licence / photo ID
  • If the auntie asked if you can ride a scooter, say yes. This is not the time to be honest unless you want to peddle a bicycle up the slope! Gosh, I’m bad.
  • Follow the following guide on “How to ride an Electric Scooter”Confidently grab a helmet and walk to your scooter.
  • Reassure the auntie that you can ride a scooter (at this point, don’t panic, DO NOT PANIC, if the auntie appeared exceedingly worrisome and gory images come to mind)

Here’s “How to ride an Electric Scooter”

  • After you’ve worn the helmet (Please just put it on, a flat head is better than a crushed one), stuck the keys into the keyhole and turn it to the right. This is to allow you to travel on a regular road, turn to the left when you are traveling up slope. This is not necessary if you are as light as a feather because it won’t make much of a difference.
  • Familiarize with the lights and left/right signal switches which are on the left handle
  • Adjust the side mirrors so that you can see the cars at the side
  • If you do not own a driving licence , please drive slowly, drive at the side, be careful and pray.
  • As the scooter runs on electricity, rider needs to change their scooter after 30 minutes of riding at the next pit stop. It is also not recommended to squash two people on a tiny scooter as this consumes the electricity very quickly.
  • When you are all ready, gently, GENTLY (I nearly flew and crashed into a poor dude when I turned too quickly) turn the right handle down.
  • Release the right handle to slow down and exert pressure on the brake to stop


Here goes! Have fun and all the best! HAHA. Stay away from the tour coaches! They are nasty! The cars are generally quite patient with the slow pokes on the road (US!) but be considerate and let them pass whenever possible.


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  1. james says :

    Yes you are exactly right , Thanks for sharing such great information about scooter, it was really helpful

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