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Blogging keeps me sane and reader’s comment makes my day! Sigh, how I wish I can spend more time for you!

Mattress Shopping: Sealy Posturepedic

We took close to two weeks of mattress shopping before deciding on the brand which we will be getting. Another week of shopping to decide on the model and type of mattress and another week to decide on the store to purchase it. I’m so glad we bought our mattress, one item off our To-Do list!

Bed (or rather, mattress) buying is one of the biggest and most important purchase for a new home. Unlike a dining table or a TV set, you spent close to 6 to 8 hours a day on it and it either energizes you the next morning or gives you a backache. Here’s a quick breakdown of our decision making process of mattress hunting. HAH

(1) Brand

We wanted a mid range mattress which gives us a luxurious sleep without an outrageous price tag. With a 3K budget for a queen size bed (our room is puny!), we went around trying brands like Spring Air (good mattress but decided that with that price we could have bought a more reputable brand), Simmons (a little too firm for us) and lastly Sealy! Alright, maybe we are a brand whore but isn’t “branding” the most convenient deciding factor? HEH.

(2) Type

I slept in a soft (closed to zero support) mattress all my life and it gives me backache every morning without fail. He slept in a medium-firm mattress all his life. DAMN. Talk about opposite attracts. In the end, we decided on a soft-firm mattress. Sounds like an oxymoron? The mattress is soft on the top layer which gives the luxurious feel but firm on the inner layer which provides ample support to the neck and spine.

(3) Location

Would our money goes to Courts, Robinson or an independent distributor? It was an easy choice for us because we bought the 60th Anniversary model – Diamond Jubilee – which is available at all channels. Unlike other models which are often exclusive  for different channels (or rather, Sealy gives a different name of similar product for all channels, e.g Rose, Tulip, Lily for similar product say at Robinson, Courts and Distributor), Diamond Jubilee allows direct comparison of the deals offered. Eventually we picked Robinson because of the great service (we are a little bias because it is our favourite departmental store), Post Christmas offer and a free throw in of 4 pillows and 2 mattress pads on top of the wool quilt!

At the end of the day, I learnt that to select “The Mattress” simply hop on to the mattress, lie there for at least 10 minutes in your favourite sleep position and give it a rating of 1 to 10. Try not to test more than 3 mattresses in a day, otherwise you will end up very confused.

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I am enjoying my off today! Finally my well deserved rest! Work has been stressful and physical demanding but I am hoping that the tough period would soon be over!

Sorry for being out of action in the blogosphere. I’ve been hard at work 14 to 16 hours a day, seven days a week. Will be back once I get a life!

Post New Year Gathering

We had a SSSS (plus One) gathering at CW’s place last night (after work!) and I am so thankful for the girls! I still find it amazing that we became such close friends despite not knowing each other in the first few years of university. We were acquaintance until we went to SA’s bbq party! Haha. Thank you girls!

They became an important source of support and it is not a “want” but a “need” to share with them! We emailed each other daily and I guess it is through these email chains that kept us sane between the time we didn’t meetup! It is also amazing that these girls don’t judge and are really nice people despite our many flaws and shortcoming! I love you girls!

I went to CW’s place after work and took a shower at her place! HAHA. We totally ignored the guys in this picture! HAHA.

Look at the food! CW packed the best prawn paste chicken in Upper Thomson Road and I was so glad that she loves yam ring and fried baby squid as well! Haha.

SQ came back from Taiwan and SA came back from South Africa!  Love pressies from overseas! SA and SQ also prepared Xmas presents for us! Thank you girls! Sorry for not bringing any presents! Work was crazy and last year’s Xmas is the most Un-Christmasy for me. Haha. I offered a big hug and a coconut flavored (SQ’s Paul Frank lip gloss present!) sloppy kiss though but all the girls rejected my gift! HEH.


We brought Barley to the groomer and had a hair cut myself over the weekends. His hair stylist decided to give me a temporary perm just to see how I look with “Korean Curls”. But I realized shoulder length curls made my head looks big and aged my face! BAH. Barley looks white and happy though! HAHA.

Christmas Grinch?

A long while back (before Christmas) during my Christmas shopping I spotted this at one of the mall. Someone is feeling like a Grinch during Christmas? Haha.

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Loots from Rockstar by Soon Lee

Over the weekend we watched Tron in 3D (he loves the graphic effects!) and bought a print by Blanca Gomez from Rockstar by Soon Lee. It is extremely expensive (definitely an impulse purchase) but it makes me happy! Blanca Gomez is a graphic designer and illustrator from Madrid, I love the clean and cheery looking prints!

I also bought a wooden ribbon brooch by mein also from Rockstar! I love her creation!

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You know hell is here when you have to work for the next 16 days without rest and when you get off work at 920pm today.

New Year Resolution 2011

1. To enjoy my wedding preparation and home renovation.
I foresee the year 2011 to be the most exciting year (and possibly the most stressful year) of my life. Hence, I am hoping that I’ll enjoy the planning and execution without losing focus of the ultimate goal, to plan a wedding for myself, him and my love ones and that the wedding is just a prelude to a blissful marriage. The marriage should be our ultimate focus. As for home renovation, it is to build a place we can call home..

2. To enjoy my wedding despite all circumstances
Even if it rains, even if the caterer screws up, even if my florists screws up, I shall remain happy because I will be married to the man I love, the man who cherishes and cares.

3. To build a blissful marriage
Marriage takes effort to build and I am sure both of us will have a lot to learn.

4. To build a strong spiritual life for both of us
This is one area which I have neglected for the past years and I resolve to make our relationship closer to God.

5. To enjoy work and learn to excel in enjoyment
Year 2011 will be a challenging year in terms of work and I resolve to enjoy and excel in work!

I realize my resolution this year is really immeasurable. Hopefully, at the end of 2011 I will be honest while evaluating my 2011 achievements.

A review of 2010 New Year Resolution

In my previous post, I wrote that I only managed to attain 20 percent of my 2010 New Year Resolution and 20 percent came from the sum of 5 percent achievement of each resolution. HAHA.

1. To be lean and healthy.
I am still flabby and pudgy. Grrrr.

2. To put in extra effort in my dressing whenever I’m out of the door.
I guess I am dressier in 2010 than 2009 and I attribute that to more blog shopping! Haha. All that is going to change because in year 2011 I am wearing uniform, yes, you heard me.

3. To write compliment letters for praiseworthy service personnel.
I wrote four compliment letters in total for year 2010.

4. To stay positive.
I guess I am rather happy in the year 2010, except for a few grumbles at work and a few bicker with him, all else is wonderful!

This year, I am writing a New Year Resolution again, a more achievable one.