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Old Horny Layers

I found this in a local supermarket. HAHA.

He is in Toulouse, France for a week! I miss my baby! We are supposed to celebrate our 1 year Wedding Proposal Anniversary on 23 January but we will do that on 4 March instead! I am planning the celebration and I hope he loves it and will not kill me for overspending. Hee.

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At Piedra Negra with Sharon

Met up with 36F with Jason and I, and we had Mexican dinner at Piedra Negra at Haji lane. It was awesome! We had fun meeting up with her and learning about her love life! HAH.

Bad picture. It goes to show how hard I work during the day. HAH.

The ground breaking news! Siqi and HK are engaged! Congratulation girl!


SSSS CNY Gathering

We had a SSSS CNY gathering at my place last weekend with lots of yummy food and fun company! We were trying to pull off a Korean BBQ with lots of pork belly, Korean chill paste and lettuce. We so need the griller for our future house but it’s going to be at our balcony! HAH.

The Spread

The Chef

The Patrons

CW & L


SA & T

We also celebrated SQ’s birthday in advance!

Pretty cupcakes!

Us girls! The best news heard that night has yet to come…

CNY Celebration at my Granny’s

First up it’s CNY celebration at my granny’s place. Yes, that’s how dated my blog post is.

We brought Barley along dressed in her Japanese Best to terrorize my sister. HAHA

But of course, some people just have more fun than the others! Look at my brave nephew! That’s the way boy!

The closer female cousins!

I’m working in the afternoon shift today to oversee the installation of a new project! I’m happy because that means I can catch up on some outdated post! HAH

My company is bringing us to Tokyo for this year’s incentive trip! It will be some time between April to June ! Gosh I can’t wait!

The Last Regular Lunar New Year

How’s everyone? I’m glad Lunar New Year is over at work and I’m looking forward to a more regular work life. There are two new projects coming up at work and my manager is on reservist for 18 days! It’s really going to be a test for me this time round!

This lunar new year is a bittersweet one for me! I’m so going to miss the following family traditions.

(1) I will no longer eat with my family for reunion dinner! After getting married I will have to eat at his family side and only join my family for after meal wine and snacks! BOO.

(2) I will no longer wake up to loud ching chong CNY music on the first day of CNY! My dad makes it a tradition to wake all his sleeping babies with LOUD CNY music at 8.30 am without fail every year! I’m going to carry on this tradition (against his violent objection) in the future when I have kids!

(3) Instead of receiving red packets I will be giving them out next year! AHH. I can see that sinister grin on my sister’s face already!

(4) He is a CNY grinch that means my CNY will be a more peaceful event compared to previous years.

(5) I’ll miss the random chit chatting and keeping each other company during visitation with my sister! She will finally appreciate my presence! HAHA

(6) Spring cleaning my room alone is not enough next year, I have an entire apartment to clean up! Three rooms, a living room, a kitchen, a storeroom and a balcony! AHHH

On the other hand, I’m looking forward to decorating my new place during CNY and inviting my friends over for steamboat (minus the cleaning up) next year!