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Portuguese Settlement, Malacca

We had our first and best dinner at Portuguese Settlement!

The Portuguese Settlement is a Kristang community in Ujong Pasir where Kristang are a Malaysian ethnic group with mixed Portuguese and Malay ancestry. This community was arose during the Portuguese colonial period. In this area, you can also see many household with a cross at their door!

This place is famous for all sorts of seafood and they had a lot of crayfish and all sorts of shellfish! But with only two of us, it is hard to try all different dishes without bursting our pocket and stomach! Our hotel concierge recommended Stall 1 and it is indeed a popular choice among the patrons there!

Tried their Portuguese style fish which tasted a little like our sambal stingray!

Tried their famous pepper crab! Unlike our local black pepper crab, this tasted like grill/bbq crab tossed lightly with black pepper!

And of course, sambal kang kong is a must in all zhi char eat out. HAHA

Exploring around Holiday Inn Malacca

Note: I did a quick edit of this post, he was too embarrassed to read my poor English. I blame it on my lack of time to fine tune it and my poor command in English doesn’t help.

The first day was spent exploring around the vicinity near the hotel we stayed – Holiday Inn Malacca. Other than the two malls opposite the hotel there was pretty much nothing except a beach and a mini swamp.

I had a lot of these “Monkey God” pictures!

He didn’t know what I was taking. The view and the mosque! Duh! He commented that whenever we go on a holiday, the photos seem that I am the only one on a holiday. HAHA. Cause I take sucky pictures and he takes all the nice pictures.

At the opposite reclaimed land, the apartments are all empty. The developer had some disputes with the government and now they refused to grant them the permit to proceed with the project. Wow. Now those buildings are all abandoned for at least 10 years. And this, we found out from a local (featured below).


This is a bad picture of me looking pregnant. But I had to share this to show you the swamp. BOO. We even spotted a monitor lizard! Hah.

Look at this field! Love the soft look.

Those grass may look soft but they are not exactly easy to walk on.

There were at least a hundred of crows there. Yikes.

The swamp is also the home of the egrets (yes, those tiny little white dots on the left). It was an amazing sight.

This local shared with us how the ecological system there has changed drastically over time and I can actually feel his sadness for the environment.

He took too many pictures without me realizing! Haha. But I love it!

Collecting shells is a past time I once had. Yes yes, I know, not exactly environmentally friendly.

Yap, that new hotel over there is Holiday Inn!

Spotted a tiny dead crab!


I have a million things to share, USS pictures, our trip to Melaka, our wedding updates and home updates among all the random thoughts ! But I just can’t get my butt seated to blog! Grrrr. I want my life back. My blogging life back.


50 Siloso Beach Walk
#01-06 Sentosa
Singapore 099000

T:(65) 6274 9668

At Sentosa, we dropped by Coastes for their thin crust pizza and calamari. With a live band playing at the background, sound of the lapping sea waves and unintentional (spoilt!) dimly lighted  area, it is the romantic moment for a lot of couple. Haha.

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Costa Sands at Sentosa

A while back we celebrated our Proposal Anniversary at Sentosa. I meant it as a surprised but I couldn’t contain my excitement and my fear that he will scold me for overspending! I intended to recreate our proposal moment at a theme park! So I’ve booked two night stay at Costa Sands Resort @ Siloso Beach and tickets for two to Universal Studio Singapore!

I’ll share a short review here about Costa Sands Resort @ Siloso Beach, Sentosa!


  • It is relatively accessible, a 15 minutes walk from Beach Station and it is just near the beach
  • Clean and fuss free
  • Package includes breakfast for two
  • The view from our room is perfect. It is facing the pool and we can actually see the beautiful sun set from our bed. (Picture in his phone!)


  • It is more like a chalet than a hotel! Before we reach the place, he kept complaining about our upcoming stay at a Chalet. While I kept assuring him that it’s a resort and it is much better than the one in Pasir Ris, I gave up once I open the room. It is slightly better than the chalet in Pasir Ris but it is definitely nowhere near being a resort. HAH. Thankfully I didn’t book the Kampong Hut, I think he will skin me alive! But hey, if you are Jason’s friend and you happen to read this post, maybe you can book the Hut for his bachelor night as a joke. HAH.
  • The breakfast is terrible. BAH.
  • It is a little far from Universal Studio. Hee.
  • There is no cable TV but there are Singapore’s and Indonesia’s free to air channels. BAH.
  • It is definitely not hotel standard toilet but at least it’s clean!


Restore Living Pte Ltd
124 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088533

Chanced upon ReStore during one of our wedding errands day! It is a quaint little café set up by Meg and Hwee Min. They hunted down old furniture in Singapore and restored them to their glorious state. Meg loves for gourmet food turned their little showroom into a café!

Love the cosy café and their works on the furniture.

How nice if I can have a little counter like this at home!

Nice warm lights.


How retro!

Owl Addi(c)tion!

Over the past weeks, I’ve added 3 owl items to my collection! Hee.

CW bought this little scrabble tile necklace from an online shop! Lovely! Love the colour too!

Got this canvas reusable bag from Cotton On! It is only $2 and part of the money goes to a charitable organization.

Wai Mun spotted this owl when we were shopping at Daiso! I had to get it! Love the big eyes.

I just got an incredulous bad news about my uncle. It makes my daily worries seem so trivial. Sigh.

Invite like a Luggage Tag.

I’m attending one of my church friend’s wedding on Saturday and thought her invitation card is kind of cute. The groom is a pilot-to-be and their card is the shape of a luggage tag! Cute.

The Heat is On

Looks like the fight between Burger King and Mac Donald is on! I love to see how marketeers outwit each other! After all, it is consumers like us who benefits in the end!

HAHA I like the “Flame Grilled, Not Fake Grilled”. HAHA

Hello March! It has been a long wait!

Our apartment just received TOP! YAY! One huge step closer to key collection!

Nespresso Wonder

nespresso machine delonghi

He came back from Toulouse with a beauty for our new home! Anyone wants to drop by the east for a nice cup of coffee? It costs SGD548 in Singapore but half the price in France! Of course, he had to get the pretty coffee cups which George Clooney used in th ads and it costs SGD16 each! Can you believe it?