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Urgh. I hate working on Saturday morning.

The Continuity of Magic Bean

Picture 018

Nine months ago, we were stuck in an office room working on some mind-bogging complex system project and a tiny magic bean was all we each had to keep our sanity. Nine months later, all five of the stalks / bean (WM’s bean never grow) all died or abandoned to the wild except for ZN’s. Today, he gave us this. One bean each. These beans were from the same beanstalk he planted nine months back. One pod with six beans (ZN kept one at home! Thus the picture only has five!) in it. What a coincident?! Just like us back then. Six blur dudes/babes stuck in one room. HAH. I’m going to plant this little seed in my new planter box.

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“What’s in my trash bag?”

I was tagged by Miss Ene to write a “What’s in my bag?” post and I was a little skeptical how this post will turn out because (1) I don’t have a nice bag (that’s why you won’t see my bag in this post) and (2) I carry random things which are really not that interesting. So, I’m going to label this post as “What’s in my trash bag?”. Unlike most female bloggers, I hardly put on any makeup (which I really should!) but because of my job nature, it’s not practical. HMPH. Just an excuse I guess.

Here goes and first the boring stuff  (It’s not like it will get any more interesting than the first one. HAH)

Picture 009

My trusty pink water bottle! Had the exact same one almost 8 years ago but lost it 2 years back. I’m not a water tank but I just thought it’s painful to not have any water with you when you’re thirsty.

Picture 004

A Mango wallet my sister got for me last Christmas. Was using a Kate Spade before this but it got bulky and heavy when I start stuffing random cards and receipts in it.

Picture 005

My granny specs. I’ve not posted any pictures of me with my specs but the fact is, I need to wear my specs when I am driving, in a meeting, ordering food in food court / fast-food restaurant, in church and yes, practically everywhere. I am one of those who cannot poke my eyes so wearing contact lens is a no-no. If one day, you happen to see me on the street and start waving at me, don’t be hurt if I don’t smile or wave back because I can’t see your face. HAH.

Picture 008

My bunch of keys is getting heavier because I have my own sets of key to my parent’s place and his house’s keys and I’ve not even add the keys to my new place to this bunch!

Picture 006

Picture 007

I ‘m one of those girls who continues to use traditional notebook, organizer and table calendar in this day and age despite the availability of modern technology such as iPhone. This particular notebook in my bag is for my wedding planning and random scribbling.

Picture 010

Yes I know. My bag is a trash bag and I simply throw these random stationeries in my bag for work. Heh.

Picture 011

Yap, my “modern technology” and it’s peripherals. I got the phone case when I convert my plan from Sucky Singtel to Mediocre M1! It’s the anniversary case and I thought it was pretty cute.

Picture 012

My notes for the wine course I’m currently taking. I just dump it in my bag this morning because I’ve got a mini quiz today.

// Steph! Your turn to reveal what’s in your trash bag! Haha.

Owl Addition.

We were supposed to go Ikea to look at the lightings but look what I cart home! And it’s at an unimaginably affordable price! Haha.

Picture 021


You know I’ve always been ranting to my friends about the lack of interesting local blog read?! It is not an easy task to find decent blog reads in our tiny island! I enjoy reading blogs with pictures that tell stories, an intriguing write with a fascinating humor and all these in perfect English (which I’m lacking of!)! And I think I found one! All thanks to bookjunkie’s link. I found Yannisms! I love her introduction!


“Hello, my name is Yann. I live in Singapore and I am the quintessential wordsmith. My brains are always filled with words. These days, I try to complement my words with pictures. I’d like to be a better photographer.”

Listening to Feist’s Mushaboom and reading Yann’s posts gave me a warm cozy feeling. It’s perfect for a cool Sunday night. I know… the topics discussed may not be relevant to most of you but I’m sure you can’t resist her charm and wit reflected in her writing!

I am having blog diarrhea and I can’t stop it! Hee! Enjoy friend!


Was told by Cheng Wei that Typo is here in Singapore! It is from the same parent company that operates Cotton On and it is extremely popular in Australia! There are many beautiful things that I want to lug home from this store but Jason stopped me! He predicted that there will be a periodic sale just like Cotton On. BAH. See! I told you engineers are tough cookies and tight on your purse string!

Picture 008

It’s here in Wisma!

Picture 007

Pretty wall decals!

Picture 006


Random blue things I like!


This picture was sent to be from CW by the time I went to the store (24H later) this item is gone! Pff! Gone! Can you believe it? I wanted to get this for our new place and wedding decor since the colour is just right! Just not my day.

Picture 004

This will be perfect for my owl collection except that it is a tad oversize and my tiny loft (I know oxymoron here) may not have a space for it. BOO.

Heritage Sites in Malacca

Here’s a backdated entry of some sites we went when we were at Malacca! I know, it was a long time ago. HAH.

There are a lot of history in Malacca, but a quick introduction would be, (1) founded by a fleeing price from Sumatra and developed into a major trading port in 14th century, (2) Portuguese conquered in 1511, (3) Dutch took over in 1641, (4) later British took over and finally, (5) Malacca obtained independence in 1957.

// All pictures courtesy of my lifetime photographer!


The oldest Protestant church in Malaysia!

Wow! Being a typical tourist, I was all eager to visit all these sites all over again! It gave me a different perspective compared with the vague memory I had when I was on a school trip and the more recent trip during our church retreat! I love the fresh perspective and the fact that I now know St. Francis Xavier’s contribution to the Christian community among the Portuguese and locals in Malacca!


This is obviously very European influenced! Water fountains!

At the foot of St Paul’s hill. The climb began! Be prepared to discover more than what you expected!

St. Francis Xavier’s statue!


This is the church!


This was where St. Francis Xavier was buried in 1553 before his body was moved to Goa in India




The A Famosa fort!

King & King Wong


I first read about King & King Wong at bookjunkie’s blog and thought I must visit this shop someday! A few days ago, I happened to be around Serangoon for work so I decided to pop by and take a look at this much raved about store! I was not disappointed. When I stepped it, it feels as though I’m in a warehouse filled with random stuff, some really pretty items and some really bizarre items. There are items which gives out different vibes, you have the country and cottage style, the vintage and old school feel, glitzy glamour and some items which you can’t exactly pinpoint a style to it.


This is the perfect place for brides getting items for their dessert table!


Whimsical British Glamor?


Great for my little “corridor”!


Pretty candle holder!


I told ya there’s country / vintage!


I’ll end it off with a rear view! Heh.

A Quick Lunch at Bollywood Veggies

Picture 223

Bollywood Veggies Pte Ltd

100 Neo Tiew Road
Singapore 719026
Tel: (+65) 68985001

In between church and work on Sunday (yes, I work on Sunday), we popped by Bollywood Veggies for lunch. Many people have heard or read about the court case of Bollywood Veggies and how Ivy the owner of Bollywood Veggies shaved her head after winning the court case. But reading about her and seeing her life in action is a world of difference.

We happened to chance upon her giving a group of children a small introduction talk and her sharing about how we should all be warriors (to love and protect) and how a knife in itself is not evil but depends on how you use it. For instance, a knife can be used to save one’s life if you use it to cut a piece of cloth off your clothes to stop someone from blessing excessively or if you need to amputate someone’s finger to save his hand from being stuck in a machine. Cruel as I may have written, but the way she delivered it was inspiring. It is something I would like my future children to hear it too.

At the café, she also hired someone with disabilities, but her disabilities did not stop her from providing excellent service. Her warm wide smile and her constant checking to ensure that we enjoyed our food, truly make her an excellent service professional!

Picture 224

It was an enjoyable trip minus the heat! The meal was simple yet seemingly home cooked, even though it’s a little pricey for my pocket but it is an experience I very much enjoyed. We each received a keychain after our meal as a souvenir!

Picture 218

Picture 222

Picture 221

Curry and Jackfruit lemak with brown rice.

Picture 220

Tempura something.

We even bought some seeds at a little booth and if we succeed in growing these seeds, you will see a new guest blogger our in house gardener! I have a closet gardener! Just wait till he has his hands on our little planter box!

Picture 227

CW & Plumber

CW & Plumber got engaged! Congratulation girl! 3 of our SSSS girls are now part of the engaged club! Sue, when are you joining us?Read about their proposal here! Awwww.