“What’s in my trash bag?”

I was tagged by Miss Ene to write a “What’s in my bag?” post and I was a little skeptical how this post will turn out because (1) I don’t have a nice bag (that’s why you won’t see my bag in this post) and (2) I carry random things which are really not that interesting. So, I’m going to label this post as “What’s in my trash bag?”. Unlike most female bloggers, I hardly put on any makeup (which I really should!) but because of my job nature, it’s not practical. HMPH. Just an excuse I guess.

Here goes and first the boring stuff  (It’s not like it will get any more interesting than the first one. HAH)

Picture 009

My trusty pink water bottle! Had the exact same one almost 8 years ago but lost it 2 years back. I’m not a water tank but I just thought it’s painful to not have any water with you when you’re thirsty.

Picture 004

A Mango wallet my sister got for me last Christmas. Was using a Kate Spade before this but it got bulky and heavy when I start stuffing random cards and receipts in it.

Picture 005

My granny specs. I’ve not posted any pictures of me with my specs but the fact is, I need to wear my specs when I am driving, in a meeting, ordering food in food court / fast-food restaurant, in church and yes, practically everywhere. I am one of those who cannot poke my eyes so wearing contact lens is a no-no. If one day, you happen to see me on the street and start waving at me, don’t be hurt if I don’t smile or wave back because I can’t see your face. HAH.

Picture 008

My bunch of keys is getting heavier because I have my own sets of key to my parent’s place and his house’s keys and I’ve not even add the keys to my new place to this bunch!

Picture 006

Picture 007

I ‘m one of those girls who continues to use traditional notebook, organizer and table calendar in this day and age despite the availability of modern technology such as iPhone. This particular notebook in my bag is for my wedding planning and random scribbling.

Picture 010

Yes I know. My bag is a trash bag and I simply throw these random stationeries in my bag for work. Heh.

Picture 011

Yap, my “modern technology” and it’s peripherals. I got the phone case when I convert my plan from Sucky Singtel to Mediocre M1! It’s the anniversary case and I thought it was pretty cute.

Picture 012

My notes for the wine course I’m currently taking. I just dump it in my bag this morning because I’ve got a mini quiz today.

// Steph! Your turn to reveal what’s in your trash bag! Haha.

About somethingboutrenes

A lady with many random thoughts and braving this whimsical world with a simple faith. In love with all things vintage and pieces with a story to tell. Loves blogging, enjoys Yoga and has an urgent need to travel to maintain sanity.

11 responses to ““What’s in my trash bag?””

  1. Cheng wei says :

    I got e same iPhone case!

  2. steph says :

    I just posted it! Although I confess that I did a mini spring cleaning prior to blogging about it. HAHAHA, which means you’re alone on this “trash bag”! :p

  3. missene says :

    Oh yeay! Thanks for doing the meme Serene :) I have a pink water bottle too (I love all things pink) and try and remember to take it along with me when I’m out. I always buy mineral water from Guardian/Watsons whenever I’m thirsty and then regret not bringing my water bottle. Heh.

    And babe! You carry ALL your keys in ONE bunch? What if you lose them?! That’s the paranoid me speaking. That’s why I carry separate bunches for work and home because I fear losing them. And wow, your keys look like a really heavy bunch.

    Your M1 cover is nice! Didn’t even realise that it was from M1 until I read your post and noticed the small logo. I also agree to Mediocre M1. Their coverage is really mediocre lor…..

  4. somethingboutrenes says :

    Haha! I got two bunches! The one with a cross keychain is one and the other is the rest! And yes it’s getting heavier!

    This case is the nicest among the three they gave us! :)

  5. Lady J says :

    I have that same bottle!! ;) Oh, would you be able to share the wine course that you’re taking? Sounds interesting…

  6. steph says :

    HAHA. Serene, we ought to post what we learn about BURGUNDY and its AOC. I think we’ll get everyone confused lol :p

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