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Dogs eat their own poop

I’ve sometimes heard of other people’s dogs or pets eating their own poop and do you know why? Even though our Princess Barley who is very much lady like do not do that, I bet some animals do that! Haha.


His Green Fingers

Remember a while back I mentioned here that he found a pot of dying looking plant near the lift landing? It was abandoned and looking pitiful. He took pity of it and decided to adopt it. Also, he is a firm believer of not buying things but adopting things (hence Barley!). Haha.

With lots of love and care, daily watering and lots of sun, the plant actually bloomed! WOW. He definitely has got green fingers! Now, we need to identify this plant! Anyone has any idea?

Picture 040


photo (5)

Jakarta: National Monument & the Polis

One of the other three tourist attractions we visited is the National Monument. The National Monument stands in the centre of Merdaka Square and it symbolizes the fight for Indonesia’s independence. This was build in 1961 and the idea was conceived way before that in 1950 by then President Sukamo after Dutch recognizes the Indonesian independence when the Indonesian government returned to Jakarta. It was a simple monument which is topped by a “flame” covered with gold foil.

photo (2)

This was not the highlight of the trip for Jingwei. The highlight happened when he get his ass on the police’s motorbike. Yes, you must be wondering why he can do that! That’s because the conference organizer hired Police Escorts to send us around the city, stop all traffic for us to pass, clear the one way road for us to travel in an opposite direction just to avoid the infamous Jakarta jam. HAHA. We felt like the Asian delegates for a day!


photo (1)

This toilet looks interesting! I’ve not personally tried it but I guess it kind of camouflages well in the forest or in the dark? Haha.

Lesson 1: Actual sizing and angle drawing

I forgot all the technical names my teacher taught me yesterday! Yes, I’m a bad student! Haha. But the first lesson was all about observation skills, actual sizing, angle and drawing it life like at the actual size and angle. It was basically the fundamentals of drawing using a wet medium. It was tough for someone who can’t really draw a straight line. In the 8 lessons, I will draw 4 paintings. This means that I’ll have four large ugly paintings which is totally not Scandinavian at my new place. HMPH. Jason told me to put in more effort and concentration then. Haha.

photo (3)

This is the classroom environment.


I was wondering where to put my brushes if I am sitting on the stool. Turns out, I had to stand for 3 hours straight while my paint brushes and palette gets to sit on the stool. BOO.

photo (2)

My first few line was quite accurate and I was quite happy with myself. Off to a good start!

photo (1)

But I got impatient and got all the angles all wrong. You will realized that my drawing is bigger than the actual size and certain position and angle of the cubes are all wrong. HAHA. I told the instructor it was a good drawing given my first attempt. He told me I’m in a delusional state. HAHA.

photo (4)

The cool instructor who sounded just like Lennel (in terms of tone, accent and voice). That peaceful voice. He is very low profile and claims that he does not own an email address or a mobile phone. The only mode of communication other than face to face is a land line at home. WOW.

SSS told me that I’ve been blogging too much about my home renovation! Sorry if I seem to ignore my other loyal readers who love my other more interesting posts! I just need to document my renovation journey somewhere! I’ll try to keep to one reno post a week! Good reminder from SSS though! Haha.

H&M is coming!


OMG! H&M is opening in September! Yay! But looking at this magazine feature, the price seems a little on the higher side compared to the price we saw in other countries! I’m going Shanghai in early June, hopefully I can get some goodies!

Lesson 0: Preparation for Acrylic Painting

When Steph first mentioned that she is going to take up Sketching course from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), I thought of signing up too! I am in need of a creative outlet to balance my mundane life! As I rambled on while pouring out my interest, I found out that NAFA conducts an array of part-time enrichment courses which are suitable for beginners (or so they claim)!


Instead of Sketching, I signed up for Western Painting (Acrylic / Oil) and opted for Acrylic Painting! (He wished me luck in my attempt to fly before learning to walk.)  I always wanted to paint something for our new home. Whenever we see beautiful acrylic paintings, which often cost an arm and leg, I always imagine myself painting it! But the technicalities involved (e.g types of paints, flat / round brush etc) set me back.

Now, with all the tools purchased (I’m $100 + $300 poorer), I’m all set for my class come next Tuesday.

Wish me luck!

If my arts teacher from my primary / secondary school knows about my intention to sign up for this class back in the 90’s, they will surely stop me or my painting trainer. HAH.

// If I survived this 8 weeks course, I may pick up Lifestyle Sewing! I always wanted to sew my own summer skirt! Haha.

Jakarta: Taman Fatahillah Square

Enough of all the home renovation posts which may bore some of my other readers, here are some pictures I took in Jakarta! We had a quick city tour and this is one location we visited! The most interesting out of three locations we visited. One conclusion, that is nothing tourist worthy in Jakarta! Haha.

Picture 042

Located in the historic Old Jakarta Kota area, the Taman Fatahillah square offers three of the city’s most interesting museums. Once the heart of the colonial administration in the 18th century the square underwent a major restoration in the 1970’s. A fountain in the middle of square once as the main water supply for the former colonial capital. The Portuguese cannon on the north side of the square is reportedly an impressive font of fertility.


We didn’t visit the Jakarta History museum there but we did spend 20 minutes walking around the Taman Fatahillah Square!

Picture 051

Huge cotton candy!

Picture 044
Colouring drinks!?!

Picture 050


Picture 053

Man waiting for a challenger!

Picture 046

Picture 056
Bicycle renting which comes with a matching hat! Haha.

Picture 058
Cute yeah!


Wedding Cards

I received six wedding invitations this month for weddings in May and June. Yes, SIX! There are two that caught my eyes and which I thought was really cute!

Here’s the one for Wei Yang and Sijia! They are both teachers and that explains the theme of their card design! What is cute is the signature at the end of their report card! God’s signature! Haha.

Picture 001

Picture 002

Love Alp and Phil’s wedding card! Totally adore it and love the vintage look too!

Picture 010

Picture 013

Picture 011



I’m flying off to Jakarta tomorrow for a work trip! Back on Tuesday! Ciao!

Urgh. Cramp on a light fixing day can be quite a chore.

After my wisdom tooth extraction, I am perpetually hungry. I can’t wait to eat a cow but my gum hurts like crazy. I think this is like a force-slimming-program for me.

// Researching about fennel, artichoke and cabbage for work is not helping. URGH.

Strangelets @ Amoy St

We read about Strangelets in Squareroom and decided to check it out since it’s having a sale! According to the magazine, it is affordable. There are many pretty things but a $500 side table (which I love) after 70% discount is affordable? Haha. According to him, “It’s affordable my ass!”.




nuffnang_bid = “cc2264b000f96c2e5fe3797afb26020f”;

I just had my two wisdom teeth extracted yesterday! The dentist was good, the whole process was fast and rather painless but she is expensive! I was given 4 days of medical leave and I am glad. This give me ample time to oversee the lights installation on Friday and other random things that I need to catch up on. I have a few work stuffs that I need to work on but am feeling really lazy about it.

Marimos and Terrarium!

photo (6)

I bought these Marimo from a stall set up by Give a plant at Clarke Quay last week and I love them! Give a plant is set up by a guy who has green fingers and who strives to convince people to own plants! Marimos are sort of self sustainable with little effort required except to change the water once a month! I am going to put this in our Masterbed room’s toilet! He thinks it’s a waste of money to buy a moss ball! Haha. These Marimo are from Hokkiado!

photo (7)

I also bought a Terrarium from they same store! This will be in the guest’s toilet!

I did my root canal yesterday. Painful! Next week I’m going for my wisdom tooth extraction then another 3 sessions of root canal treatment. GOSH.