Lesson 1: Actual sizing and angle drawing

I forgot all the technical names my teacher taught me yesterday! Yes, I’m a bad student! Haha. But the first lesson was all about observation skills, actual sizing, angle and drawing it life like at the actual size and angle. It was basically the fundamentals of drawing using a wet medium. It was tough for someone who can’t really draw a straight line. In the 8 lessons, I will draw 4 paintings. This means that I’ll have four large ugly paintings which is totally not Scandinavian at my new place. HMPH. Jason told me to put in more effort and concentration then. Haha.

photo (3)

This is the classroom environment.


I was wondering where to put my brushes if I am sitting on the stool. Turns out, I had to stand for 3 hours straight while my paint brushes and palette gets to sit on the stool. BOO.

photo (2)

My first few line was quite accurate and I was quite happy with myself. Off to a good start!

photo (1)

But I got impatient and got all the angles all wrong. You will realized that my drawing is bigger than the actual size and certain position and angle of the cubes are all wrong. HAHA. I told the instructor it was a good drawing given my first attempt. He told me I’m in a delusional state. HAHA.

photo (4)

The cool instructor who sounded just like Lennel (in terms of tone, accent and voice). That peaceful voice. He is very low profile and claims that he does not own an email address or a mobile phone. The only mode of communication other than face to face is a land line at home. WOW.


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