Jakarta: National Monument & the Polis

One of the other three tourist attractions we visited is the National Monument. The National Monument stands in the centre of Merdaka Square and it symbolizes the fight for Indonesia’s independence. This was build in 1961 and the idea was conceived way before that in 1950 by then President Sukamo after Dutch recognizes the Indonesian independence when the Indonesian government returned to Jakarta. It was a simple monument which is topped by a “flame” covered with gold foil.

photo (2)

This was not the highlight of the trip for Jingwei. The highlight happened when he get his ass on the police’s motorbike. Yes, you must be wondering why he can do that! That’s because the conference organizer hired Police Escorts to send us around the city, stop all traffic for us to pass, clear the one way road for us to travel in an opposite direction just to avoid the infamous Jakarta jam. HAHA. We felt like the Asian delegates for a day!


photo (1)

This toilet looks interesting! I’ve not personally tried it but I guess it kind of camouflages well in the forest or in the dark? Haha.


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