Hangzhou: West Lake

Up next, I will be sharing about my Shanghai-Hangzhou trip! It was really fun and there were a lot of crazy shopping! Six girls just love to have fun!

// All pictures are from the talented Eliza (the cool girl with pixie hair!). Thank you Eliza for the wonderful picture!



We arrived Shanghai at dawn and you can probably tell from our sleepy face!

There after we were dumped into a coach for a few hours of bus ride to get to Hangzhou. Midway, we stopped for our toilet break and chance upon their famous rice dumpling chain!


Then we were herded back to the bus and back on track towards Hangzhou!


Our first stop at Hangzhou was “Xi Hu” (West Lake) and it was a beautiful place with a lot of sad stories.


We went for a boat ride to bring us around the lake and it reminds me of Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan (but of course, this is nothing compared to Sun Moon Lake. HAH)


We also get to walk around the lake a little.



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