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Udders’ Ice Cream Workshop & Buffet

If you love ice cream like I do, you may want to try the following recipe to make your own homemade ice cream! I pick it up at Udders’ workshop and thought it was really easy! You should bring your kids along or try it with your friends or family! Otherwise, try it yourself with the following steps and make your kids work for their own ice cream! Haha.


Our company’s SRC organized a Ice cream workshop cum buffet event at Udders and what’s not to like to try making ice cream and eat all you want at a subsidized rate!


We tried making chocolate ice cream (which you are to choose from Vanilla, Coconut or Chocolate ice cream!)
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Gu jun pyo

A cute Korean supplier bought this bag of coffee to give us! I’m not much of a coffee drinker but “Gu jun pyo” is hard to resist. Haha.

Picture 008

Shanghai: Qi Pu Road

A must go shopping area in Shanghai is definitely “Qi Pu Lu”! It is the closest you can get for wholesale shopping in Shanghai and there are lots of lots of clothes! I bought some socks, pretty little things, dresses, leggings etc! Over here, you’ve got to bargain really hard! There is one trick though! Tell them you are a blogshop owner, ask for their name card, and tell them you are sourcing for designs! You also need to inform them that you will buy one or two of their pieces for photoshoot.  If their clothes are shortlisted you will call them and arrange for shipment. HAHA. It actually works! The wholesale malls operates from 7am to 5pm, so you got to start really early to shop the entire mall!


Look at the amount of stuff we bought!


We stepped out of the  mall and realized that once the mall is closed, many vendors lug their goodies out and start laying them out for sale! We discovered a whole new world! Their BBQ meat is not as good as the ones we tried in Beijing though!



I succumbed to fatigue and bought a trolley to lug my harvest! Haha.

Creepy Crawlies

As I was watering my plant in the dark I spotted two caterpillars on my plant. I don’t know if I should be happy about my nocturnal eye power! OMG. I hate creepy crawlies! I am going to judge a caterpillar by it’s look and I bet it’s a moth! Eek!

Specimen 1

Picture 002
A tiny green caterpillar on my mint leaf plant!

Specimen 2

Picture 003
This is damn ugly! It’s fat, brown and ugly! I know I’m not supposed to judge God’s creation but OMG.

I am going to consult three experts that I came across and hopefully they have an answer!

The three experts I am consulting are:-

  1. My all time favourite gardener Ms Green Fingers who previously helped identify my dying Carnation
  2. Another regular gardening blog I read, The Curious Gardener who has many years of gardening experience
  3. A random blog I found which was aptly named Butterflies of Singapore – Butterfly Circle. Looking at the name of this blog I am sure the blogger has the answers!

Helped! Can one of you please help? This is an emergency! Thanks a million!

Neighbour Blogger

I found another neighbour blogger and I’m glad! These days people blog less, stalk more, talk less, tweet more, write less, tag more.


// You may realize I’ve been blogging a little too much, because I am BACK! Haha.


I just got back from a product meeting and was given a whole lot of freebies from the presenters. I missed the old days when we first started out in this industry. Carefree (and sometimes care less) and guilt free when attending such meeting. HAH.

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Finale: Female Hulk


I have finally completed the Western Painting class in NAFA and here is my last painting! We were asked to pick either Warm or Cool colours! The entire class picked warm (red / orange / yellow) but all I wanted was a painting that fits my home decor and hence I picked a cool colour – green!

We were tasked to paint a female torso and it was the most interesting painting of all. If you have seen my other paintings (here,here and here), you would have agreed! My latest painting looks like a female HULK haha and I could have painted a female Avatar if I picked blue!

photo (2)

I am glad I persevere to the very end! We started off with eight students but ended off with five. It does require a lot of commitment to hang in there and patience to paint with colours. My instructor asked me to stay on but I doubt I have the time to commit in it! This class was slightly painful (You’ve got to stand for 3 hours or choose to sit like me – the only slacker in the class) and really does trains one’s patience. It is also a self realization process where my perfectionist streak, attention deficient personality and the inability to bear with low productivity really shows. But it did pay off in the end and now I’ve got three ugly paintings and one female HULK in my house. Haha.

Anyone interested in buying my masterpiece? Starting bid at $20 (I am just aiming at breakeven price for the canvas and paint!) HAHA.

Shanghai: The Bund


This is something that represents Shanghai. Exclusively Shanghai. If you have never been to The Bund, you have not seen Shanghai. How the national progresses, the story and fengshui behind each building and all. Hah, We had a chance to take a river cruise along The Bund and it was freaking cold.

Shanghai: Xiao Fei Yang

Back when I was interning in Shanghai almost 6 years back, I frequent this steamboat place – Xiao Fei Yang – which was really awesome and when we were in Shanghai we went back for it! Yummy! It is a chain store and it is value for money and really good!


This picture tells a funny story at the restaurant! I ordered Sprite and Steph ordered Orange juice. Their price was a dollar difference and she probably thought it was freshly squeezed juice and hence the price difference. But minutes later, I got my can of Sprite and Steph got her 1.5L orange juice! Never judge a drink via the price in China! Haha. Haha.

DIY Wine Glass Marker


You would probably not have guessed what this is! It is a mini DIY project for my home! Since we have hosted our friends for a couple of times we realized that it’s really irritating when the wine glasses are all mixed up and at times we have to pour away precious wine just because our guests can’t tell apart which glass is theirs!

So I got some colourful beads, earrings hooks and tadah! It’s a wine glass marker! It is really simple and it costs close to nothing!




Between Hangzhou and Shanghai: Zhou Zhuang


I love Zhouzhuang too! And all for it’s well preserved ancient residential houses! This place is a popular tourist destination between Hangzhou and Shanghai and it is one of the most famous water townships in China! I love wandering around old buildings, exploring the odd bits of a tiny town!




A horror story though! We saw a woman washes her fishes at the river and just downstream say 20 metres away; another woman was washing shoes in a lot of soap in the river. GASPS! Thankfully, we didn’t eat at this place! Haha.

// All pictures courtesy from Eliza!

Shanghai: Oriental Pearl Tower

At Shanghai we got a chance to get up to the Oriental Pearl Tower! Even though I am not a fan of cityscape, the glass panels and the company of the girls made the visit a lot of fun!






Marimos Giveaway


Taking a break from the countless posts about Hangzhou, to share a great piece of news! I got 3rd for the Marimo contest and won myself two Marimos in a beautiful apple bottle!

As promised I wanted to share this Marimos with my reader and I have picked Joieil as the winner of this Marimo! It wasn’t a difficult decision because it seems like most people don’t fancy Marimos! What a pity!

marimo pick

So Joieil! Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a pair of beautiful Marimos! I hope it brings you great joy everyday while looking at it!

Hangzhou: Ling Ying Shi

We also visited another famous temple in Hangzhou, Ling Ying Shi, which was founded in 328 AD during the Eastern Jin Dynasty by monk Hui Li, who came from India. This temple is huge and has a lot of smaller temples within with many Buddha statues, according to Wikipedia it is the largest and wealthiest Buddhist temple in China. I’m not surprised!




Hangzhou: Impression of West Lake

My favourite part of my Hangzhou tour was the outdoor musical staged at the West Lake directed by Zhang Yi Mou. Needless to introduce, many has seen his amazing production at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and countless of movie films. To say that I was impressed was an understatement. I was in fact awed, it felt almost magical.


Outdoor seats beside the lake. Thank God for good weather!


The opening was freaky with a small white figure floating across the lake.



The entire setup was huge and very grand!


The number of casts on the show was countless!

Hangzhou: Yue Fei Temple




Just along the West Lake stands the Yue Fei Temple which was built in the year 1221. There is a statue of the national hero Yue Fei and we were told that we can take a picture of him but not with him. How bizarre! At this place, we also found four particularly interesting statues of Qin Gui, Zhang Jun, Wang Si and Wan Siguo, who caused him his death, kneeling down in front of Yue Fei’s tomb. In the past, tourists and visitors were asked to spit at them but as the country progresses and prospers, they stopped this practice. Hah.

It has been a long long while since I last blogged. I know. I failed as a blogger. Work life is getting hectic with the new role expansion. My home does not have a computer yet (will be moving this very PC over and I can’t wait to get my own Mac). We have added a few additions to my new place and I will share more in the next few posts! Will also continue with my Shanghai – Hangzhou posts and other random posts! See ya!